ESPN Tracks Athletes’ Character Traits

3-D Recruiting 


AAU parents and coaches alike live-and-die by this tall tale slogan: “Work hard and earn it.”

Earn exactly what?

Basketball is more than simply AAU boys/girls sprinting up-and-down a 74 feet long junior high school wooden floor with whistle chirping referees, or crowd ambience.

Notwithstanding ESPN Director Paul Biancardi‘s (coach B) wise council, players desist to “chase the C.A.T” (character, academics and talent).

Furthermore, Coach B imparts that “talent doesn’t always pan out.”

In addition, players unabashedly Play Their Hearts Out as George Dohrmann’s book attested concerning Demetrius Walker’s fruitless journey.

Worse yet, student athletes are “required to adhere to amateurism requirements” in the NCAA.

There is more than meets the eye in the game.

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