Fearless 6th Grade Tommy Vaughn Jr.

Fearless Tommy

IMG_14456th grade Tommy Vaughn Jr. from   Newark, Delaware, is the son of a coach and a student of the game. He’s aggressive on offense and defense.

Tyler Ulis, Phoenix Suns NBA player, is Vaughn’s older cousin; Vaughn’s parents have athletic backgrounds as passionate basketball coaches.

Class of 2024 Vaughn goes to Alfred G. Waters where he’s a straight-A student, and wants to attend Ohio State or UCLA, play in the NBA and become a scientist.

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  1. DAD says:

    decent middle school players on this site…hopefully i can get Tommy Jr. some burn against them. anxious to see how he does cause here in Delaware he is an elite player….not that its no good middle talent here cause there really is!! but just curious to see him against other players from different states…but fun website to read up on young players

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