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IMG_2450In grassroots basketball, MSE’s job is to make intolerant (AAU) parents and players cooperate with the emotionless recruiting process.

Two things parents must accept:

1) If player isn’t ranked on ESPN by 9th or 10th grade, he will not be a NCAA one-and-done prospect or NBA lottery pick.

2) If parent doesn’t personally know the ESPN Director of Recruiting/100 Rankings Paul Biancardi, the player will not be ranked on ESPN.

New Ranking Challenge 

Last week, ESPN created a 2019 potential NBA draft list for ’11th graders’. As a result, this top 25 ranking prevents parents and players from putting a spin on their capability of succeeding in the game.

Parents: Your player’s sports journey is and will be extremely difficult unless you have a working, friendly relationship with Paul. Not the AAU coach.

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