MSE Ranks High School Players Via ESPN

Linking Data 

IMG_2608MSE ranks players in 1st-through-8th grade, so we know who produces on this level.

However, we stopped thoroughly tracking athletes’ progress when they became high school freshmens.

As a result, there’s a lack of consistency with evaluation as student athletes transition stages.

The objective is to expose which players could be part of the 3.5% to compete in NCAA sports, or the 1% to play in the NBA.

To bridge recruiting information between scouts, we’ve decided to publish high school player rankings — created by our ESPN counterpart.

What does this new connected-trail mean?

MSE displays pre-high school player rankings, and links the ESPN 25, 60 and 100 to its website. Therefore, readers can click our menu’s tabs to view 1st-through-12 grade lists.

Prospects not ranked on MSE or ESPN will likely fall short of playing professional basketball.

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