Can College Edits BACKFIRE on Athletes?

Can an Ace Beat the Joker? Straight Defeat Flush?

IMG_3057Do college prospects break rules in the recruiting and ranking game when they talk across the online-board, digitally move out-of-order, or show their true internet-persona hand — too soon?

Yes if they hold straight and no if it’s flush.

In a poker card metaphor, straight flush ballers are aware they won’t be ranked although still brag of free college scholarships.

Royal flush holders, I hate to say, prematurely boast about universities and amazingly end up on ESPN’s list anyway.

I strongly suggest that all players get ranked before having a self-gratifying body-of-work celebration.

For instance, would Coach Calipari of the University of Kentucky recruit an unranked high school student-athlete?

It’s not his cup of tea. He customarily recruits ESPN Five Stars… one-and-done studs.

Similarly, Coach “K” of Duke University conducts his recruiting.

My advice to straight (flush) and royal (flush) players: Count your recruiting cards, as well as, ranking blessings.

And remember, ESPN will always win with full-house flush – also –  the Joker is wild and even alone can’t lose.

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