Jokers Are Trump: 6th Grade Aaron and NBA Dad-Coach Jasen Powell

Throw Out The Bloody Dues

IMG_3226Searching the World Wide Web for hidden basketball talent, Aaron Powell, an untapped student-athlete from Los Angeles, California, had surfaced.

Now, Powell is exposed nationally for being a skilled combo-guard, who has commanded competive camps across the country.

Judging his offensive and off-court body language, Powell viciously slaps away defenders in the driving lane, has a super quick release jumper and is a superb ball handler as well as a crafty no-look passer.


Jasen Powell consoles former LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul

Little Joker, Aaron, is infatuated with sports like his soft-spoken father, the Big Joker – Jasen Powell – Los Angeles Clippers Head Athletic Trainer.

Presently, fresh-faced Powell is ranked top-five nationally in class-of-2024, sharpley behind No.1 Jerry Easter (Oh.), on Middle School Elite.

The Powell’s family hoops saga continues through middle school, high school, college and the NBA.

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