Gamest 6th Grade Jerry Easter II

Gamest Easter 

IMG_3279Sixth-grade, Jerry Easter II from Ohio is a humbled momma’s boy, yet he’s hardened like his pops who was a high school “scoring machine” and who played two-guard in prison.

“I feel blessed to have my parents’ genes because they both were competitive athletes,” 10-year-old Easter smirked.

Instead of a thuggish pre-college dropout, Easter aspires to be an elite, athletic stud.

And, lil’ Easter rather eat at the free throw line than a Chow Hall and build camaraderie with teammates, not inmates.


Posed third from right, Jerry Easter Jr. incarcerated (1991-’93)

Last weekend, Easter’s team captured a tourney championship title in Indiana, where he avareged a triple-double almost each outing.

We don’t know what the future holds for top-ranked Easter, but he’s hyped-up to learn more about LSU’s student-athlete program.

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