Double Trouble: 6th Grade MJ & Donny Yeager

One-Two Punch 

MJ Yeager

MJ Yeager (MI)

Michigan’s twin boys, Donny and MJ Yeager are adept at spacing the floor and sinking far-off three pointers with astonishing precision.

Pick your poison between brave hearts MJ and Donny, and despite the spitting image of one another, each is in a class by itself.

MJ delivers a deadly crossover and jumper whereas Donny’s catlike quickness and gluelike tenaciousness is toxic.

The street ballers’ parents own an asphalt company, so MJ and Donny not only rule the hardwood but also blacktop.

Donny Yeager

Donny Yeager (MI)

Mr. and Mrs. Yeager laid the ground work for their sons to have an indoor-and-outdoor home basketball court.

The lookalikes have been to the MSE Missouri and MSE Ohio camps.

Last year, these athletes were even NYBL’s best shooters while playing for the Middle School Elite team.

As a result, Donny and MJ nationally rank among the top-10 players.

Great minds think alike, but will Donny and MJ share backcourt for the same high major Division-I college?

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