PHD 6th Grade Charlie Robin

Surgeon Charlie 

IMG_33636th grade, Charlie Robin from Chicago, doesn’t have to beat the odds for he’s a winner on the court and at heart.

End line to baseline, young gunner Robin throws outlet passes on fast breaks to display basketball IQ and court vision.

In rhythm Robin dictates the pace and uses his imagination to predict game situations.

On defense the muscular practitioner decamps over the backcourt line after missed or made shots and shouts for teammates to “get back.”

But Robin previously got trigger-happy in eight travel league games, averaging 25 points and 7 assists.

Admid schoolmen, Robin is an academic virtuoso, and in real-world decision making — he withdrew from baseball to concentrate more on “soccer and basketball,” but most important “school.”

Charlie’s dad, Jason, a physician, predetermined his 5-4 son, eleven years old, will shoot up to 6-3.

“You have to feel PHD (Poor, Hungry and Desperate/Determined),” Jason always reminds resilient Charlie, who yearns to become a MD.

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