Bad Azz 8th Grade Robert Diaz

Bad Azz Roberts

IMG_3382Standing 5-10, 8th grade, Robert Diaz from California is a nightmarish combo-guard show waiting to happen.

Pit bullish Diaz sits top-5 on the MSE national player rankings for class-of-2022.

Since aged 10, Diaz courageously battled up against experienced high school players.

His overall field goal percentage is 65 to 75, and 90 percent from the charity stripe.

With an appetite for devastation, Diaz eats off steals, loose balls, and postmen’s blocks.

And Diaz hungrily pushes his offensive weight around to score points in congested lanes.

Methodically, Diaz outperforms contenders, whether he be solo in a one-on-one or Iso in a five-on-five matchup.

Faith without continuous hard work counts for nada, so Diaz’s on-and-off court actions speak louder than words in order to accomplish his goals.

“His personality and skills can only be explained by a higher power,” Mr. Diaz said about his son, Robert. “His love and passion is indescribable.”

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