Headstrong 6th Grade Zander Jimenez

Headstrong Zander

IMG_3388Zander Jimenez, a 6th grade heavyweight guard who resides in Richmond, California, has a very bright future.

Straight A Jimenez excels academically at Montessori Family School; he loves Math.

Jimenez’s father told us that his son “thrives in a self-directed education system.”

This past fall, Zander led his 12U MVP Flight Elite Team to the Bay City Winter Jam Championship.

And Jimenez steadily maintained a solid 10-points after every jump ball at the 2017 EBC West Camp. Coaches jotted that he is a “high character player.”

When the time is ripe, Jimenez is going to announce his college choice.

Jimenez’s teacher recently wrote feedback on his progress report:

“Zander has a great desire to be a leader, and we’re looking forward to watching him continue to grow this skill set. Zander is such a strong academic performer. He loves a challenge, and doing math with middle school has been really great for him. He has a strong memory and is organized. He is working very independently right now, asking for help when he needs it, but is content to plow along, teaching himself all he can, until he hits a snag. When he runs into something he doesn’t know, he finds resources in the class to help himself before turning to a teacher. He is doing more challenging language work, reading a lot, and his writing continues to strengthen.”

The NBA lifestyle is right up Jimenez’s alley. He also desires to become a Scientist or Engineer. This way, he could pay it forward and cause a “lasting difference in the world.”

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