Versed 6th Grade Elijah Walker

Versed Walker

image1Sixth-grader honor roller, Elijah Walker from Virginia, has the best of both of worlds, athletics and academics, at Kings Fork Middle School.

While gaining college interests or offers is not an easy-to-do task, Walker’s top-priority is being number one instead of taking a backseat to opponents.

He must battle his own weaknessess to strengthen his skill-set in spite of problematic defenders on the court.

Nevertheless, Elijah’s dad said his son is a student of the game and has a burning desire to succeed.

Wished Godspeed, Walker strives to attend the University of Kentucky, to become a Digital Video Game Creator and to compete in sports professionally.

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  1. Patricia Baker says:

    Elijah is a very intelligent young man. He’s very athletic and loves basketball. However, Elijah learned early on that academics trumps all else. Elijah works hard in the classroom to excel and do his best. He puts that same effort in on the court. Keep up with all the hard work Lijah. I guarantee you it will pay off for you in a big way.

    Love you lil man, Aunt Pat.

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