MSEverse 6th Grade Jerry Easter II

MSEverse Easter 

Jerry Easter JRYou will find Jerry Easter II  born and bred commodity of the Ohio megalopolis – in the metropolis, battling other super hero ballers at competitive showcases.

Bi-parental premeditation, effection and adulation begot the ultimate, junior student-athlete, who regularly chases the C.A.T.

Easter’s mother (Trena), a school’s principal, played basketball at Michigan University, and his father (Jerry) was an authoritive high school scoring machine.

IMG_4461Clark Kent learned the intergalactic culture, and his super powers, for 12 years. In almost the same time, Easter honed his all-around experiences and prowess.

Super Man moves planets, travels faster than light and withstands atomic bombs whereas Easter sets blind screens, makes four-point-plays and rains treys from downtown off the dribble.

IMG_4356Clark has super speed and strength and is able to leap a skyscraper. His stamina cannot die, only magnify.

Elite Easter scores buzzer beaters, yields quadruple-doubles and affects the game using supernatural psychokinesis.

Erstwhile, Easter had a feature story on ABC News. “. . . Jerry is the top player in his grade.”

Class-of-2024 Easter will hopefully someday provide for his family, uplift his community and save youth sports humanity.

But realize that being Easter aka Kid Dynomite is super — not him being superboy.

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