Playful 7th Grade Evan Phelps

Playful Evan

IMG_4411“He’s an independent thinker and leads his team with a winning spirit; encourages others to be better,” said his dad, who also instructs other youth players in his spare time.

Extra effort from Evan Phelps (TX) helped him evolve into a consistent team leader and game winner.

“He’s self-motivated to be the best version of himself at all times.”

Averging B+, 7th-grade Phelps is enrolled at Nimitz Middle School. The scholar’s parents act as academic tutors at home.

Ultrasmart Evan envisions himself logging playtime minutes for either Texas Tech, Duke, or Kentucky, and gaining a masters in engineering.

The desire to become a long-term NBA or overseas athlete, despite difficulty/setbacks, burns within him.

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