Bodacious 8th Grade Presley Bruskotter​

Bodacious Presley

IMG_3219San Diego SharpShooter Presley Bruskotter continues to impress with his “perfect” shot form and eye for precise knock down jumpers.

At the Jr. NBA championships he was statistically in top form scoring an average of 14 points per game with 100% Free Throw average, 71% 2 point completion average and 50% 3 point completion average.

IMG_3234Presley was invited to attend the Under Armour/Jr NBA Top 40 Combine recently and showed off his ability to score against opponents no matter their age or size.

Bruskotter masters his shot form with weekly shot training using the NOAH Analytics system that analyzes his arc and depth of the ball going in the basket.

IMG_3217His most recent record was 25 3 point shots in a row.

Presley’s grades continue to soar along with his shot, finishing off the year with a 4.0 average and being awarded “Thinker of the Year” at his upcoming 8th grade award ceremony.

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