Defeater 2022 Silas Demary Jr.

Defeater Silas 

F58BB90C-CC7C-4095-9CB8-51444C3823FCRising 9th grader Silas Demary Jr. from North Carolina, has departed middle school at East Millbrook to attend Millbrook High School.

Combo-guard Demary is an A/B honor roll student and has received multiple Student of the Month awards. His Favorite subjects are math and English.

People who’ve watched him compete on the court “like his style of play.” A coach said, “he’s a solid two way player who can play at both ends of the court.”

Silas’s 5’10” mother says her “son might stretch to 6’4””, an inch taller than his 6’3” father.

UNC is Demary‘s dream college, and off the court, he expresses an interest in politics. This 2022 middle school stand out may get there.

Stay tuned, the best of Demary is yet to come!

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