Archer 2025 DeZhon Hall

Archer DeZhon

2E73860F-CE12-4A76-B882-5770E14893BF5th-grade point-forward DeZhon Hall (IN), whose byname is D2, possesses the total package as a concluding Division I prospect.

He draws back, aims and releases ablaze three pointers like archering.

Predicted to grow 6-5, Hall needs to augment boxing out and rebounding. His overall game, nonetheless, is as good as his word.

A pupil headmost and jocky next, down-to-earth Hall harkens teachers at Sandcreek Intermediate School. Listening has entitled him to As & Bs.

Hall, Sagittarius fire sign, hankers a scholarship offer from Indiana University, Ohio State or Kentucky University.

“He loves the game and dreams of playing in The NBA someday.”

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