Sleeper Class of 2025 EJ Breland (IL)

Sleeper EJ

FE7277B9-7097-4B3E-A913-C2FF0F6C5E63“He moves while he sleeps” according to his detailed MSE scouting report.

At five years old, his self-fulfilling prophecy was to not be good in sports but to be “great.”

class of 2025 EJ Breland from Illinois can be described as walking buckets. From the perimeter, mid-range or paint area, he slows the ball through the net.

Last academic year, EJ accumulated a 2.5 grade point average and picked up Principal’s Award. He’ll embark onto sixth grade at Brooks Middle School.

“He must finish all homework and read for an hour before any basketball activities.”

 EJ’s lofty expectations to emblematize a powerhouse college athletic program, such as Kentucky, Duke or DePaul could manifest.

Thereafter, Breland longs to be an one-and-done first NBA draft pick.

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