Steel 2nd Grade Billy Stanfield

Steel Billy 

781A0498-3740-472F-8A5C-D371F21E29102nd grade power forward/center Billy Stanfield III from Baltimore, MD, produced off the bench for Team BBC in 2017.

5’0” Billy is one of two students at York Township Elementary who mastered multiplication and advanced onto division — while other classmates are still getting the knack of subtraction.

“He excels in math and has matured in his writing abilities.”

A & B student Stanfield, a gregarious and friendly mathematician, relishes reading about astronomy and learning startling history facts.

Billy’s skillfulness and astuteness should propel him to The University of North Carolina.

Besides solving mathematics, Stanfield wants to major in communication, then become a sportscaster.

This is precocious Steel’s first year playing AAU sports as a starting five player, and he drools in anticipation of developing his precious skill-set.

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