Out of this World C/o 2024 Christian DeBarge

Out of This World Christian

33DE983A-B8FD-47C3-8DBB-075CB462A7DDClass-of-2024, 5’11”, Christian DeBarge (Fresno, Cali.) surfaces as the prime post-grad student to attend Fresno International Prep School/Clovis Onljne.

One of the the most sought-after west coast 7th-grade scoring guards will compete up alongside 2020 PG Terrence Moorehead Jr. and 2019 PG Asrin Hacket.

Above-the-rim DeBarge caught the spirited eye of global basketball trainer Dexter Young, who then phoned his brother Dominick in Fresno and summonsed him to size up DeBarge. 

“I haven’t seen a kid like him in a long time. He looks and reminds me of Ben Simmons,” said Dom, a no. 1 ranked NCAA three-point record holder. 

Christian’s parents are James DeBarge, singing member of the R&B family group DeBarge, and Mahubie DeBarge. 

AD0DFAA1-0013-460A-B823-781A1C4DB562DeBarge’s weekdays’ workout schedule goes as follows: “Wakes up 6:30 a.m., dribble and runs until 7:30 a.m., push ups, sit-ups and wall sits until 8 a.m. Breakfast 8-9 a.m. Online classes 9 a.m. Sleep 11-2:30 p.m. DI college workouts 3:30-5:30 p.m. IQ, athleticism, rim finishes and passing skills 5:30-8-30 p.m. Dinner 9 p.m. Video games 1 hr. Light core body exercise and lights out 10:30-11 p.m.”

Blossoming DeBarge, whose sheer physicality for athleticism rivals ESPN 5-Star Jalen Green, sprouts as Central Valley’s new-faced, rising star. 

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