Sleeper 6th Grade Mason Schweitzer

Sleeper Schweitzer 

2F11DF22-A0AE-4646-9DC9-3C4DC278B799Mason has aspired to attend his father’s alma mater, the University of Oregon, for NCAA sports.

6th-grade, guard, Mason Schweitzer abides in glitzy Las Vegas, Nevada.

Schweitzer confounds defenders, and spectators, with his calculatory handwork and footwork momentum.

“Coaches consistently compliment his high basketball IQ and coachability.”

With astronomical size as a persistent three-point spot-up-shooter, Mason can man the fort of all five floor positions.

“The ultimate teammate willing to play any role on the team that helps them win.”

Mason currently retains a 3.8 GPA situated at Faith Lutheran Middle School.

This youngster rehearses his game performance in a five-to-six days time period.

Without exception Mason “puts his schoolwork first.”

Humble Mason’s family wholeheartedly supports him while God takes priority over family, school, and basketball.

Besides the hardwood — Mason delights in playing PS4 and Xbox; Fortnite and NBA 2K are his best-loved games.

And Schweitzer appreciates watching NBA and College basketball.

Schweitzer’s adorable one-year-old nephew — Tre — exclaims him Uncle.

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  1. Congratulations Mason Schweitzer! You are amazing. You work so hard in everything you do. I am so proud to be your grandmother!

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