Loner 2025 Class Alexavier Jordan

Loner Alexavier

Alexavier JordanThis is his first year playing AAU and he has already won three tournament MVP’s.

Entering the 7th grade is an impactful student-athlete Alexavier Jones from Mississippi the Magnolia State.

Academically, Jones blossoms at Fifth Street Junior High in West Point, producing A & B Honor Roll and the National Honor Society award.

On the court, this heady point- guard enacts an arsenal of moves developed in seclusive practices.

Exhausting hours spent in the gym honing his tools makes him stand out on the basketball court and in the crowd.

Sacrificing video games and hanging out with peers has increased his competitiveness, awareness, preparedness, and performance.

Alexavier’s father manages his son’s training whereas Alexavier’s mother handles schooling.

Both parents advocate “education before sports.”

Jones aspires to earn his college degree and play sports at the University of Kansas.

At the end of the day “he is just a kid out there playing his game and having fun.”

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