Tantalizing 2025 Luke Thompson

Tantalizing Thompson

FD579E1E-C8A9-4285-87E1-2C1CDCFADB012025 Luke Thompson was born and raised in Northern California, but has relocated to Texas.

He became fond of basketball at two years old. 

Nowadays, Luke occupies small or power forward for the well-established Denton DC Kings. 

“He is tenacious on boxing out and rebounding along with being the fastest kid on the court usually.”

Thompson attends Sanger Middle School as a 4.0 GPA student.

Not to mention, Luke plays running back, wide receiver, kicker, and linebacker in football.

He’s also a highly gifted track athlete, who competed for a state championship the past two years and who runs an excellent 12.4 100 meter.

Luke hopes to hoop for Texas A&M University in the Southeastern Conference one day.

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