Bigwig 2024 Joshua Jones

Bigwig Jones

CEB8FF8A-6505-4E39-9C0D-A5ED3749A9FCLeaping high and hustling hard, 2024 G Joshua Jones (VA) plays all five positions on the basketball court.

He demonstrates proficiency at attacking the basket, swooshing mid-range jumpers, and applying hard-nose defense.

However, Joshua must recalibrate his twenty-three footer shot.

“People say ‘he plays like Russell Westbrook.’”

Eighth-grade Josh goes to Virginia Academy, where he brings home a 3.75 GPA. No academic laurels yet, nor will he rest on his laurels.

“School is first,” says Jones’s parents {6’2” dad and 5’4” mom}, “he doesn’t play if he gets a C.”

8F0DBC7B-910E-4D60-8894-D817FB491D64Jones’ dad projects that his son will spring up to 6’4”.

“He has a great spirit and is always smiling. Loves to help smaller kids with their homework and loves to play football.”

His dream schools are preeminent UNC and UCONN, and he journeys to become an attorney or a marketing executive.

“He is well rounded and loves to travel out of the country to see new things. Loves school and playing sports.”

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