Young & Hannah Open Woodlawn Int’l Prep

Middle School Elite Illinois 

46F050B5-2C7C-40E2-B114-5EE08FC9C29FMSE would like to welcome Chicago’s Basketball Legend/Youth Basketball Trainer Stefhon Hannah to our family as Ambassador of Rankings in the State of Illinois.  

 After earning All Big – 12 Conference Honors for the Missouri Tigers back in 2007, Stefhon spent the next decade playing Professional Basketball overseas and for the NBA Development League, where he earned Defensive Player of the Year for the Santa Cruz Warriors in 2013.  

Stefhon has always had a passion for teaching basketball fundamentals to the youthand decided to start his own Basketball Training Program, where he teaches the game to various age groups/levels, from elementary school kids to college elites. You can also catch Stefhon Hannah playing in the Big 3 Professional Basketball League for team Ghost Ballers.  

Stefhon is also considering stepping into the Prep School arena and is one of the leading candidates for the Athletic Directors position at Woodlawn International Prep, which is a new National Prep School based on the south side of Chicago, at Harrison Heritage Community Center. When we asked the CEO, Dominick Young about bringing a new Prep School to Illinois,  he replied…

Dominick Young

“Our mission is to prepare these student athletes for a better Quality of life on and off the court through education, life skill training, and of course Basketball. The goal is to be a little more hands on with our student athletes verses how traditional public schools can operate with they’re student athletes. We are designed to teach relevant curriculum and improve self esteem through appropriate learning styles tailored to relate to our youth of today.

We asked another leading candidate for a position at Woodlawn International Prep, Lefty B. Boyd how did he feel about bringing a new Prep School to the city, he replied…

Lefty B. Boyd

The climate of Basketball is changing daily here in Chicago. We are witnessing a major population decrease here in our city.  Schools are closing down due to families leaving the state. Along with our talented prep basketball players who are also leaving the state to play basketball at National Prep schools. So I feel that it’s a need for a change. I’m also with these new grassroots systems coming here and shedding more light on our talented kids nationally. As long as everything is authentic.”

2022 MSE Illinois event calendar coming soon! 

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