KJ Farfan Florida Kindergarten Phenom!

 KJ Farfan 5 Years Old 

“Here is a picture of KJ Farfan at one of the camps. This year he won several awards at all the camps he attended.  He won 2 MVP’s, 1 Camper of The Week, 2 Hustlers of the week, 1 Best Defensive Player, & 1 All- Around Camper.
He was always placed with the older kids in the camps, starting from 4th grade, some middle school, & even some JV High School kids.

When he was at AAU Nationals in Orlando,FL this year (just watching not playing) he got approached by a lot of Coaches even some Head Coaches from big Universities & they invited KJ to their camps next year.
 Many of them had said KJ was too young when we called. They mostly told me, KJ won’t be able to attend since he is just 5 yr’s old & he needs to be at least 8. 
So the Head Coaches & some Asst. Coaches that invited him, said they would take care of that. He would be an exception.
Just to name a few (Kansas State, FSU, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisville, FIU). KJ is looking forward to starting Kindergarten Monday 8/23/2010.
 He cant wait till next year. It will be a lot of fun KJ said to be at one of your camps. Until then he will be playing in local leagues & cont to work hard in school & on the courts.
Thanks again for the love & your time. KJ told me to tell Middle School Elite to keep up the good work. Keep it up”
Alex, KJ’s mother 

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  1. Dante Jackson says:

    Go to Youtube to see young Born Ready… Check out “Evolution on the Morning Show & you be the judge who’s better!

    • Mark says:

      Are you serious. I saw the video on YouTube for Evolution on the Morning Show. First of all he doesnt even have a game situation video. All he is doing is dribbling the ball. Any kid can dribble the ball. But can he play ? You gotta check out KJ’s 2 newest video on YouTube :kj5ballin #1 5 YR OLD BASKETBALL KINDERGARTEN PHEONOM PART 1 & 2. Now thats what you call SKILLS !!!! Now you be the judge of that.

    • Tim says:

      KJ is better…Way better.

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