Jay(lin) Fleming Is Best PG In Junior High School

Jaylin’s The Next M.J, Jabari Parker; Better Yet, Derrick Rose

Chicago Tribune anointed Jaylin Fleming ‘Best 10 Year Old Hoops Player In the USA’ and MSE ranked him #1 in the nation for class of 2017.  Fleming featured in Bloomberg Business News, “Million Dollar Babies” and ESPN, “Chicago Is Second To None In Hoop Talent.”

College’s hoping to recruit a major D1 prospect look no further than Fleming.  He’s equipped with a motor that makes his gears spin.  Jaylin’s a spiritual specimen on-and-off the bball court, but don’t fear him…fear God.

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  1. BBallFollower says:

    PAUL SCRUGGS…The kid dominates Indiana Basketball and is the heart and soul of The back to back National champs. To compare him and Jaylin Fleming is a joke! To even mention him above Paul is pathetic. I know 6th grade point gaurds better then Flemming. Has he lead any teams to any titles against other talented pg’s? Paul Scruggs is a MONSTER,anybody that has seen him and Flemings play would agree the talent and upside isn’t even close!!!!

    • love says:

      you got that right ive seen scruggs play 4 times and this guy is explosive he had like 27points and 9 rebounds and 5assist against eron gordons team

  2. BBallFollower says:

    …no way he is #1 in the class of 2017! No way…

  3. DaTruth says:


    Scruggs is a beast on the court, seen him play a couple times but the jury is still out on his age. On the streets word is that he is older. Easy to dominate when you dont play your age.

    On another note both have upside but Flemming is more skilled right now.

  4. Thetruth says:

    “more skilled” based on what? What big games has Flemming played in? What other gaurds has he balled against? Scruggs has always been legit. Hoosiers never had a problem with illegal kids, to much success and hard work in gym to do that. Hoosier 7th and 8th will play Flemmings team any time. 7th grade, Justin Roberts will kill Flemmings. 8th grade..no comment, you too little. Show me flemmings resume to warrent the hype, then lets meet up in chicago or Indy. Matter fact give me Darius Garland, Chase Adams or Marquise Walker over Flemmings anyday….yes, they are 6th graders.

    • Chris Green says:

      Dude,Jaylin UNDRESSED!!! Justin Roberts twice in Merriville Indiana,when his father was coaching NBA2B.Dude reclassed after that.Julian was in 5th grade playing up against there 6 grade team and had 20,and LITERALLY sent them home crying!!!! REAL TALK….THEY WAS CRYING !!!!! Justin Roberts and Paul Scruggs are old as HELL!!! Jaylin is 12 year’s old. JULIAN AND JUSTIN MET AGAIN AT LUCAS IN VEGAS.Julian destroyed the camp and was

  5. middleschoolelite says:

    Chicago hands down will destroy Indy anyday at all .regardless of grade level..don’t believe me jus come to the MSE national camp in April and witness it

    • Michael Lekic says:

      I’m sorry,but there’s better PGs in my tri-state area than Jaylin. We have kids who would kill him like Max Van Cliff Jospeh,Matthew Jean-Mary,Delroy Gayle, and a kid Reggie who can strip anybody’s handle and is a true point guard. The others I mentioned can be point guards,but are more of scorers than points. Watch out for these guys on NJ Team Triple Threat(except for possibly Reggie who plays for another aau team).Also all of them are in 6th grade excpet for Reggie who is in 7th.Remember NJ Team Triple Threat(8th grade aau basketball).

    • Xx says:

      Indy is way more skilled than Chicago g3 and Indiana elite will destroy these Chicago teams with kids ALLin the same grade level

      • Best Buy Classic says:

        Congrats George Hill Rising Stars 6th Grade Boys for invading Chicago and taking the Best Buy Classic Championship ti Indianapolis…. where that and all Midwest titles belong.

  6. IJS says:

    Until this kid shows up at nationals and puts in work he is all hype. Ok not even nationals how about LeBron, MIT, or Super 60, I mean anywhere. You can’t be considered the best until you play the best.

  7. Chicago says:

    why r u bringing up old news, thats 2 years old. jay(lin) as u call him is a good point guard, but to compare him to jabari, D Rose thats a joke. Good kid and player, but thats old news. You want ppl at your camp, dont use jaylen as a tool to get ppl there.

  8. RandomChick says:

    Every body STOP hating on him he go to my school and he can REALLY play ball. Jaylin is a really cool smart kid so leave him alone yall gone wanna meet him one day WATCH! -Jaylaa 🙂

  9. slap your mama says:

    @Xx slap your mama for saying some stupid shit like that Chicago will shit on Indiana and rape them with no protection lol

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