MSE National Basketball Camp Rankings For 3rd & 4th Grade Divisions

MSE National Basketball Camp Rankings

Here are rankings for 3rd (Class of 2021) and 4th (Class of 2020) grade player’s based on their performance at the 2012 MSE National Basketball Camp in Indiana.

4th Grade Michael Saunders Class of 2020

Rank, Name, Height, Position, State

#1 Michael Saunders 5’0″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#2 Malcolm Britt, 5’3″, Forward, Woodbury, MN

#3 Brevin Jefferson, 5’1″, Guard, IN

#4 Dallan Coleman, 5’0″, Guard, Memphis, TN

#5 MarSaun Robinson, 4’11”, Guard, Oberlin, OH

#6 James Renfrow, 5’2″, Guard, Raleigh, NC

#7 Hunter Jackson, 5’2″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#8 Jack Townsend, 5’1″, Forward, Oden, IN

#9 Elkin Rameriz , 5’0″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#10 DH Dew, 5’1″ Guard, Morton, MS

#11 Aiden Gair, 5’0″, Guard, Williamport, PA

#12 Trey Galloway, 5’2″, Guard, Culver, IN

#13 John Poulakidas, 5’1″, Guard, Plainfield, IL

#14 Devin Tolbert, 5’0″, Guard, IL

#15 Nick Hittle, 4’9″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#16 Seth Wilson, 5’3″, Guard, Loraine, OH -3rd Grade

#17 Elijah Bull, 4’7″, Guard, Evanston, IL -3rd Grade

#18 Peter Moe, 4’10”, Guard, Zionsville, IN -3rd Grade

#19 Vincent Brady, 4’9″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN -3rd Grade

#20 Gus Etchison, 4’8″, Guard, Arcadia, IN -3rd Grade

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  1. Florida Fan says:

    Well Earned! Can he travel to florida more???

    • NEW G3 VIDEO.... says:

      Maybe but while you wait …check out his highlight video

      Lil Mike ballin:

    • suck a florida man florida fan hahaha ayeee


      • Mark Thomas says:

        Yeah…all of team takeover kids are holdbacks….not legit 9 year olds….lol…..cant win with your real teams!! I have seen your team in person!!!!

        • Randy says:

          George hill g3 program is doing such an injustice to the kids in their program. We have played their 5 grade 2020 team, theire is no way those kids are 10/11 years old. Majority of them have to be 13 years old. Skillwise they are not as developed as my 10 year olds, they are bigger and stronger that’s it. If that program thinks holding kids back to win or bully up on younger kids is helping the kids they are mistaken. When those kids have to face real life they will not know how to handle adversity. Programs like theirs is not preparing these kids for real life.. Isn’t that what youth sports really about , showing kids if you work hard you can accomplish and times you will fail. Let’s say George hills 5 grade team is legit why if you are that good would you not step up to an age group that challenges you? Because its about the coach or programs ego. That program is one of the many reasons this country is raising kids that are failing as young adults. For the parents to allow the injustice is the failure as a parent.

          • The Facts says:

            Randy you sound like an fool…..”If that program thinks holding kids back to win or bully up on younger kids is helping the kids they are mistaken. When those kids have to face real life they will not know how to handle adversity. Programs like theirs is not preparing these kids for real life.. Isn’t that what youth sports really about , showing kids if you work hard you can accomplish and times you will fail”… Everybody knows G3 doesn’t cheat. Your the one doing your kids an injustice by telling them because they got beat those kids are cheaters and too old. Did you ask the coach how old his kids are? Did you know there is teams like Metrolina, Wisconsin, WACG,and Leesburg that beat G3? Why should they step up to a different age group? Are you paying the tourney fees? If not, focus on your kids getting better and not a team that has been together since 1st grade. Newbie! Thats a punk move, you get your azz waxed and the first thing you gonna cry out is “cheater”. Your team is just garbage, don’t hate on the next team. LOL. Tell your kids to work harder stop acting like a rookie in the game. Your just a bad coach and should of prepared them better. With all this technology you could of called people or looked up some video and then step on the court and tell the kids…”I prayed for you last night”

          • Randy says:

            The fact the team score keeper did tell me that all their kids was 13! She also said that morrow and Hightower were both 14! That if a kid is homeschooled you could play at 5 grade level. If you read what I wrote it says my team is twice as skilled and way more developed than all of g3 kids. It’s funny 1 of their parents and 2 from peak want to come play for us because of the cheating they do.. As far as the programs beating g3 I just hope they are not hold back older kids. My comment to the score keeper was as follows if they are 5 graders and 13/14 then they are dumb! And if the parents are allowing it they are dumb also! And yes I do pay everything for my kids and my program league tourny and travel expenses. It’s not about winning basketball games it is about teaching life lessons. If g3 is about teaching inner city kids to achieve I promise you they are failing.

  2. Camp 2012 Observer says:

    I really enjoyed attending and watching the rising Stars at the 2012 Camp in Indiana. I paid particular attention to the 3rd and 4th graders. I must say that I am shocked at the way you chose to rate these kids. Most of the 3rd graders out perfomed the 4th graders, yet, they are ranked at the bottom five of the list. If you are not going to rank them according to their true athletic abilities, then you need to have separate rankings for the 3rd graders. All of them do not belong in the bottom five, based on their performance at camp.

  3. AAU says:

    Mike Saunders, Brevin Jefferson, and Hunter Jackson are no question the top 4th graders in camp and 3 of the top 4th in the NATION. How is Nick Hittle listed as a 4’9 gaurd..LOL..Nick is a 5’6 big man for G3, you actually have him as the smallest guy on the team. That tells how much the “rankers” watched the camp.

  4. mac says:

    I have to agree that saunders was the most talented and polished player at the camp but 3rd graders seth wilson and elijah bull along with 4th grader devin tolbert were all clearly top ten performers in skill stations and game showcases! A little confusing to put all 4th graders ahead of the 3rd instead of rating by actual orden of performance and overall ability.

  5. james says:

    Camp was nothing more than a money grab,did not see one person writing,evaluating or taking notes on a single player at any grade level.also if you wanted your son ranked high I guess you needed to work the camp(g3)

  6. james says:

    Aiden gair was the man I’m shocked he was ranked #11 I mean all he did was rebound,run the floor,pass the rock and hit some 3’s all the parents I talked with asked where are you from,I love his game,he’s plays physical all positives.MSE dropped the rock

  7. james says:

    I’ll give you my top players in no particular order seth Wilson,Elija bull,Aiden gair,mike Saunders,brevin Jefferson,and the kid with long hair.sorry buddy can’t remember your name but you could ball.

  8. coach. says:

    Yall crazy crying cause your kids rankings. 4th gr. Come on long way to go its about how they finish people. Kids get over looked because some kids hit the seen 1st or some are from In. I have everything from sign in to the drills. I thought the camp was nice what do you people want?. I also have the games . One kid I never hear mentioned stayed in front of Saunders out scored him in a game. This kid also scored 9 points in a game and had 4 legit assist while getting froze out by a ball hog cutting in front of him on the inbounds and everything. I dont know what yall was watching but I watch it over and over and over. The one on one drill only Seth sat down more kids them him Seth 5 him 4. Rewind the tape people. And he rocked them baby drills he been doing since he was a lil shorty but once again over looked when the big names are mentioned but somebody had some eyes cause he ranked ok could’ve been up 1 or 2 but Saunders is clearly ahead of the class.

  9. middleschoolhoops says:

    @coach I think the kid that your talking about go by the name of Devin Tolbert pg from Chicago…Mike Saunders is a great ball player along with the rest of his teammates but as far as him dominating his class especially his position you should think twice..Devin’s defense Will lock any pg up as I seen him clearly out match mike Saunders devin was too much for him on defense..devins fastbreak game is unstoppable whether he has the ball in his hands or not also great ballhandler and passer

  10. Florida Fan says:

    1 camp does not justify what any of these kids can do, my question is why hate on talent if a kid is good the kid is good. Mike has played all over and his team mates have so im sure people can have more examples of why they feel the way they do. who is Devin? I don’t know anyone who has even heard of him. The rankings probably were off to a degree but pound for pound I will put my money on that g3 squad agianst any other 4th grade kid in an orginization any day. Haters come in many forms and fashions sometimes from the same team. Good job mike you earned your ranking and Im sorry you have to be in a class where other rankings have to be justified. I will be waiting for you at mit!

  11. You can have the spot says:

    Devin, take the ranking and he can keep winning with his lil bros from Indy. I know Coach Mike and he never brags about his son. He is very humble and thats why his organization is Nationally know. Lil Mike doesn’t need a camp to show what he can do, ask the coaches that he plays against. He is apart of a great team and honestly if all the kids from the team went, they would all be ranked next to each other.

  12. middleschoolhoops says:

    @Florida Fan you must have miss read the comment..I clearly said that mike is a great ball player AS well as his G3 teammates I’m not hating on anyone especially on little kids who are innocent and that loves and enjoy the game I’m just saying that mike does have competition.does he stand out yes but there are other guards that Will cam go head to head with him ..I’m guessing you weren’t at the camp because devin was one of the guards that went head to head with can look up the top players in this class on 2020 ballers a new and devin is on there along with a lot of other good players you May not know the end of the day its not about a Damn popularity contest you don’t have to known to be a competitor!!!

  13. coach says:

    i thought Devin had real nice game. i became a fan of him instantly. mean handle and super fast. No disrespect , not talking about Devin. Its cool although the kid im talkin abut ranked hi never hear him mentioned rewind the tape folks ball dont lie. this kid was killin on the low. The kid has been trained nice and is not as hungry for fame as some of you other parents and kids. Talked to the kids people and they are doing him right. Even the kid is cool with staying off the radar for now. his folks told me he wanted to see how he measured against the big names and he did very well.

  14. ball so hard says:

    i think i know who ur talking about and to me clearly one of the best in the class.i seen the kid light them up at the drill station as well as 1 on 1 also game play. i also seen those guys from the camp going around evaluating talent. get back in the gym and fine tune ur games. i also liked Devins game but to me he seemed like he could turn it on and was very skilled with that rock,but it looked like he wasnt looking to score or dominate the ball and he seems like that type player. i never hear anybody talking about the ball hogs and how thats not good basketball. teach ur kids the game that may be why some didnt get ranked stop playing jungle ball and play the game

  15. Inside Scoop says:

    Honestly there were alot of kids that weren’t there (4th grade)and the people that are complaining about where their kid ranked probably would not even made the cut if these kids showed up. The kids that ranked high not mentioning any names showed high basketball IQ for their ages coaches are not concerned with how many shots you take now they are looking for how well do you play your role and make others better around you. Successful teams move the ball well and get easy buckets for their teammates. I watched time and time at the camp the dribbler ask for ball screen and the dribbler thought it meant for him to force himself to basket and just throw up shots. I don’t know of any program that wins with stuff like that. Lets be objective about the entire situation lets keep it real call any coach of the Top Ten 4th grade AAU teams and see how many of these kids names or descriptions come up. I’m going to say maybe 6 on this list. 4 for sure. I’m not as concerned about my son’s ranking I’m kinda startled by how selfish these parents are and how much they encourage the bad basketball style of play at such an early age for their kid. News flash your gonna kill your child’s chance for a high major college selection if you do not back off if you dont killed their high school chances 1st.

  16. X-MEN says:

    @middleschoolhoops Doesn’t Tolbert play for Chicago, kill yourself! He isn’t on the level of any kid for WACG, Metrolina Havoc, G3, Memphis, D.C Assault. One watered down camp doesn’t give you game. Play on the big stage and rep your city. Chicago hasn’t done that in the 2020 class. Namari Burnett balls hard but he playing for WACG because Chi-Town 2020 aint reppin! I don’t care if he killed Saunders or not in camp. I saw him and the Jefferson kid ball at Lebron James tournament and Tolbert is a baby to them.You talking about a one-on-one and some drill about heart and leadership. Memphis Wareagles gonna win Nationals this year and I know Tolbert won’t be starting or leading any team in Nationals we gonna have to face out of Chicago. You talking about WARGAMES son! The boys you talking about played more big games then you will ever play in your life! You think they worried about some MSE rankings!! This boys daddy has nationally ranked teams from 2nd-6th grade, his son plays for the Pacers, he got his own gym, full sponsorship, knows every magazine writer, every camp organizer, every tourney organizer, WARGAMES!! You think this camp gonna put Devin on the map, you talking about a kid whos daddy should be called Proffesor Xavier for all the mutants he has in his camp.

    • Florida Fan says:

      …………. man really nothing you can say with this. LMAO!!

    • mac says:

      Chi town aint reppin? Battlecats going upside raptors head in final four state! And we travel to tough tournments and start 2 third graders isiah holden and elijah bull first lossof year came at king james buddy we play our kids up we dont hop programs and BTW devin tolbert is the newest member of the Battlecats 10u..i love burnetts game but Chicago 2020 weak? Tell that to any team who plays us

      • X-MEN says:

        ..have you guys beat Professor X and his Mutants, Any team that starts 3rd graders against them might as well expect a 30+ butt whoopin. You good against humans, not against mutants.

  17. middleschoolhoops says:

    At the end of the day everyone did well at the camp and I hope that everyone continue to work hard and stay on top down the line but to me its just something about Illinois players and their swag that just stands out from other states not taking anything away from other states ..class of 2021 we got Elijah Bull 2020 we have Nimari Burnett, Devin Tolbert, Amen Timbers. 2019 we have Lance Jones Ray J Dennis Fred Cleveland Marcus Wright Sean Q Willis Class of 2018 we have Chanse Adams Marquise Walker Jordan Simmons Zion Young Marquis Brown 2017 we have Nojel Eastern Jaylin Fleming Alonzo Verge Octavious Parker David Hunt Jamal Nixon and many more!!!

    • indianafan says:

      you are taking plenty away from other states like indiana for instance class of 2021 we got vincent brady ,2020 is loaded with players like mike saunders jr,brevin jefferson,kenny tracy,trey galloway,roy higgins jr,nick little. 2019 is loaded too with isiah moore,simon banks,aj white,james franklin jr,cameron maul,dexter shouse.And 2018 is elite for real kevin easley,kj coleman, antwaan cushingberry,deon stewart,zion conway.. and 2017 we have the hoosiers! justin roberts, paul scruggs, zach gunn,ethan merriweather, back to back national champs! case close!!!2016 all yeah mr eron gordon little brother of eric gordon who plays in the NBA. SO i rest my case state of illinios Indiana is loaded!!!!!

    • Indyreppa says:

      I’m sorry Illinois but the way you talkin’ you are late to the party pimpin. Indiana has the next 4 or 5 classes (maybe more) on lock. Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022 are in the lab daily. Class of 2019, and 2018 are going to make serious noise at nationals. They are exactly MUTANTS. They are BEAST!!! GOONS you feel me? I’ve observed AAU hoops closely the past five years and if your name is not G3 or HAVOC your organization has question marks behind it. Whether it be fighting parents, coaches playing older kids and getting away with it, and any dirty trick you can use to win at the end of the day it doesn’t measure up to the rep G3 and Havoc walk with. Even when G3 loses they win. If you go to their website ( and you scroll to the bottom, you will see the ripped abs of George Hill with a tatoo of the state of Indiana on his ribs and under it is says “its more than basketball, its a movement”. You cats are babbling about this kid and that kid but at the end of the day …how do you stop a MOVEMENT! Man who new Professor Xavier was black and walking around with a basketball bumpin pac.

  18. middleschoolhoops says:

    @x men and how do you know this…have you ever seen devin play not you stupid dumbass fool at this level camps and rankings won’t mean shit…you obviously don’t know Nimari either who plays with Illinois Raptors not wacg..fuck wacg cheating ass team get the fuck off mike Saunders dick and wake the fuck up..devin currently plays for Evanston BattleCats who just went 3-1 I’m the lebron James tournament in Ohio..we from Chicago you bitch ass nigga you can hit my line at 312-259-2210 and we can set shit up then you clown ass fuck boy!!

  19. X-MEN says:

    Nimari plays 4th with WACG, you got your facts wrong..WARGAMES, he isn’t playing with any sad Chicago 2020 teams. Who is BattleCats? Did they win Lebron James? Have they beat any ranked teams? Devin not bigtime thats why he aint playing on a bigtime team. Hit you up for what? Your son aint a baller. Nobody on Saunder’s D@#$K, I just know he will eliminate your whole organization with the connections he got..WARGAMES. BattleCats, more like PUSSYCATS..X-MEN!

  20. Florida Fan says:

    “Battle Cats, Im sorry I was at the camp they played easy teams and when they had to play with decent talent they lost… DEVIN… would not of stood out if you put a target on his head.. Thats really funny. Hopefully the “battle cats” go to nationals then they can see just how talented “Devin” really is….

    • mac says:

      We blasted the team from florida and we dont have NBA money to get any kid and play in any tournament but we do have is kids who love the game and want to be better. The team we lost to had a huge kid who played more mature then a fourth grader and went to the final four. So we gonna keep washing cars and doing what we have to so our kids can compete. Thats what aau is about. Its easy to win and cheer for a team with great coaching and talent. Like coach mike said theres a long road ahead for these lil boys only a few have a legit chance at playing in college. Kids from indiana and chicago should be forging friendships and bonds so the midwest can takeover the country.

      • G3 reppa says:

        As a G3 cohort, no problem forging bonds cause at the end of the day its about all children succeeding. Chicago we can forge friendships and bonds by continuing to support each other on message boards and tournaments. Rather than arguing whos kid or team is better, we should be talking about how great all of them are, who needs work, and how can we coordinate more meet ups for development sake. We have to remember all the positive intangibles organized sports bring to a childs development. They don’t need added pressure by overzealous parents spreading hate. I hope none of them read these messages. Again, G3 doesn’t mind forging positive relationships but if others have ulterior motives and really just want to get a inside competitive advantage against G3 then …. we’ll see you on the court. It does help having a NBA player involved in our organization but our founding principles won’t allow us to sit back and let him do all the work. These parents, coaches, trainers, and kids work hard and put in the time to be great. They host fundraisers for their teams like any other organization from car washes to selling candy etc., and pay annual dues. Yes George has done wonderful things on behalf of the organization him and Mike Saunders created and they are only getting started. Its easy to cheer for a team and coach that put in the work. That is what you are witnessing. But, keep up the excellent work cause just like your kids, ours also love the game and want to get better. They just started sooner and now getting dissed instead of praises on message boards for it. All this hard work didn’t start when George entered the league. Quit using that as an excuse when you can’t find any other kink in the G3 armor.

  21. middleschoolhoops says:

    @Florida fag and jock-men fury isn’t a big time traveling team so therefore we have not seen everyone..what gets to me is how can you judge or a program or player that you never seen play consistently..the king James tournament was devins first tournament with the battlecats and that was the teams first lost of the season..the battlecats have a good program that trying to develop kids to the next level..the Ive never judged any of the teams you keep harping and dick riding..I seen g3 for myself and yes they are a very talented group of kids..all I’m saying is that devin individually and the battlecats program can compete with anyone never said they number 1 I’m the fucking nation you stupid cluck fucks and what tournament did you see Nimari with wacg he clearly plays for the Raptors fucking idiots

    • Florida Fan says:

      cluck @#$%^@@ where did you go to school, or did you even go to school? stop making excuses for the team and the kid… You don’t compare you are beginners to people who have been in the game.. you guys aren’t even in the same ranking… “battle cats” 1st time the name has even came up period… its ok, I know your just trying to make a name for yourself good luck buddy…

  22. Chiiilllldd Pllleeeasssee says:

    All everyone else is saying is Devin, individually and the battlecats CANNOT compete with anyone… but some That is where you need to be corrected. G3, Havoc, and all the other elite teams have been doing this for a while now and you are sitting here saying Devin locked down Saunders? I know people who were there and that did not happen. Plus if you want real respect for Devin and the Battlecats, get them to the big games/tourneys and make some noise if you want true respect. You guys go to a camp, pop up out of nowhere and start pissin on others success cause your kid was #14? To come from no where and be #14 is a great start! Embrace it as a measuring stick for him and build on that. Quit flap jackin your gums like Pat Sayjack.

  23. Florida Fan says:

    Nimari, the chicago kid.. I heard he was in a tournament in memphis not too long ago with we all can go, matter of fact he has there uniform and all.. sorry chi town you guys lost another one…….

    • United says:

      I hope you heard that Memphis Wareagles beat WACG twice for the AAU State. Once in pool & the other for the State Championship. So whoever the kid your talking about didn’t make much of a difference for WACG. The War Eagles are gonna be hard to beat this year. They have strong presence inside, also they have a special addition to their team and the kid with ponytail shoots the ball very well for them. I was at the King James Tourney and I didn’t see any teams that I was wooed or awed by. I heard WACG & War Eagles were in Little Rock for Real Deal but I don’t know if they played again or not. Every team runs a course so I’m sure that the top 4th grades teams are gonna make the AAU Nationals quite interesting. I don’t know if any of the War eagles kids went to camp but I’m positive that their starting 5 would easily rank in your top ten and top 5 also. WACG players would rank high and Havoc. So I agree that if you are not on 1 of these teams you kid maybe not as talented or playing against the top competitors. Guess we’ll find out on July 13, 2012. I’ve followed alot of programs & just because of my older son playing AAU I like watching how the kids develop as they get older.

      • Not impressed says:

        Wareagles added a kid that should be in the 6th grade. He use to play for a team out of Georgia. He is the ONLY addition to a team who has NEVER beat Havoc, G3, or WACG. None of those other Memphis kids are any good. If any team added a “Should be” 6th grader to the 4th grade team then yeah your team is better. WACG won the Real DEAL but Memphis didn’t go because the 6th grader was playing somewhere else. Namari played against WarEagles and even with the grown kid they only lost both games by 5 and 7. Once there coach gets out of jail WACG will be fine.

        • Florida Fan says:

          The kid with the ponytail, is a one man show not impressed with his game at all.

          • United says:

            @florida fan everybody has their opinion of who can play or not but that kid can flatout shoot the cover off. Just saw a game he went 7 for 7 from 3pt in their State game that was 1st half. You know the funny thing is how well some of these kids do some things. Like I’ve seen kids that can dribble the hell out of the ball split traps get to the rack, but can’t make lay-ups…lol doesn’t mean he can’t play hell he just can’t make lay-ups. What about the kids that have no “O” but just helluva “D”. I think every kid has something special about their game if they’re on an AAU team the coaches need to do a better job of making the team utilize each kids strength which in turns means more wins & each kid shining across the board. Like I’ve said b4 I follow 4th & 5th no team in particular just curious about how these kids will turn out esp the 2020 class, since it’ll be a new decade. Good luck to your team. Lol about ur post about kids going to school

          • 4th Grade Rep says:

            @florida fan most guards have that label especially the ones that score, but I’m gonna disagree with you about his game but you’re entitled to your opinion. Nationals should be quite interesting

        • United says:

          @Not impressed where do you get your info. The War Eagles did go to Real Deal they played in 5th grade Pool & the kid your talk’n about did play with them. Also, strong strong rumor has it that the same supposedly 6th grader you are talk’n about WACG was begging & is still begging him to play for them. I hope that you are not boasting about WACG winning the Real Deal since the 4th grade comp was so weak that’s probly why the War Eagles played 5th grade. According to AAU the margins of victory were 1 & 10 pts with the War Eagles winning both games over WACG. I really hope all the teams success in the Nationals as it should be interesting. For the record I follower 4th & 5th grades not just 1 team. Good luck to whomever your supporting

        • 4th Grade Rep says:

          @not impressed I’m confused you said War Eagles have never beat WACG but at the end of your post you wrote that Memphis beat them by 5 & 7. Memphis has never played Havoc. Now its a good chance that this years 4th grade Nationals will go thru Memphis or G3. Is the coach gonna play for them when he gets out or something? Lets not talk about 6th graders b/c everyone knows WACG cheated last year 3rd grade. With 2 kids & lets not add that a year book with Ray Ray in 4th grade in it was passed around. Guess we picked up another Detroit Elite (by product)

          • yes sir! says:

            TO correct all of you WACG only lost by 1 in pool play after being up by 15… and lost y 5 in the Championship Game after being up by 12.. True facts..

          • yes sir! says:


          • All about hooping says:

            Are serious, when he get out of jail!!!!! What asshole parents will allow their child to play for AAU or any organization where as their head coach is in jail for hustling in the streets!!!!!! I heard the same thing, a kid name Ray is old, & #1, a kid name Juwan. I’ve also heard some of the kids on the team can barely read on a 1st grade level. I’m so glad to that my child only plays football & run track!!! This shit is crazy!!!! Its not that serious!!!!! You parents are worried about sports more than the kids education. I’ve been reading this crap on this site for quite some time and what I’m gathering from all of this is certain parents and coaches are hating on the Memphis Wareagles, G3, & Havoc!!! If you coaches or parents are tired of these elite organizations winning, then got dam it do something about!!!! Quit bitching, crying, & making excuses everytime your team loses. For example: WACG win they win nothing said, but when they lose, its always something: they got cheated, the referees were horrible. Listen take your ass whipping like a man!!! If you were up 18 & 14 against the Memphis Wareagles and lost, you got a dumb ass coach!! You ought to feel real ignorant for putting that on the website, I know the Middle School Elite Rep. ROTFLHAO on that shit. Ladies & Gentlemen remembered I said this WACG will be the next Detroit Elite!!!! Also I heard the kid the Memphis Wareagles have on their team, WACG is trying to suck his daddy dick to get him!!! So quit hating on the Elite programs like Wareagles, G3, & Havoc. Great job to those coaches who runs their organizaiton like a business & not like a drug deal on the corner!!!!!!!! I bet I call the AAU office this week to report this clown that is locked up for dealing drugs, and simply out here coaching kids (literally still babies) what kind of example is this FOOL setting!!!!! This has gone to far!!!!

            Ladies & Gentlemen something will be done, by AAU rules he does not suppose to be coaching period, better yet he is not allowed to sit on the bench!!! If somebody dont watch out for our future, dont worry. I WILL!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!! WE CAN NOT LET THIS LINGER ON FOR A WHILE LIKE DETROIT ELITE HAS DONE!!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW ALL THE RULES TO AAU BASKETBALL, BUT I HEARD YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 3 BORDER STATES KIDS, THEY TELL ME THE WHOLE TEAM ARE FROM EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY THE 6TH GRADE TEAM!!!!!! DON’T WORRY TOMORROW MORNING, I’M ON IT WITH THE FLORIDA OFFICE, NOW BOBBY DODD IS OUT, HOPEFULLY WE CAN GET SOMETHING DONE!!!!!!

            WHEN HE GET OUT OF JAIL!!!!!!!! THATS SOME SICK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

          • Balling Hard says:


          • Havoc Nation says:

            Ok, so my partner called me and said was some crazy $@#* being posted on this page, yall are as crazy as the haters on our north carolina message board! Nice to see some other fools on this side of the map! Much love to the George Hill Nation they are a positive group with class act coaches and staff Havoc has nothing but respect for this group and can’t wait to get our chance to see them again this weekend. That’s what we do we traveled all the way to them 2 years ago to measure ourselves to them and lost. Lost again at Mit and finally caught them slipping at d1 nationals. Its a new year and they have came well prepared in 2012. Looking forward to the challenge 1 nation everyone else just a side salad I won’t waste my time breaking all the stuff surfacing around all these other teams that claim they are ready to play in their correct grade. I say let’s go back to age only then that will cut out 80percent of these so called teams playing. Haaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvoooooocccccc

          • G3 Nation says:

            Havoc in the house!! Much love to a class act organization. Always love, no hate! Keep ballin and let’s keep bringing these babies up the right way. Anytime you can see a G3 Havoc game you in for a treat.

      • If u was at the Lebron James Tournment, you would of witnessed why the WarEagles didnt show up… Team Takeover ran the Lebron James Tourn..and was the highest point scoring team and allowed the least points scored on them. We play on Sundays, so u have to be there around on Sunday to see Great Basketball! Team Takeover 9u (3rd Graders) won the most tournments, and scored the most points in the country.. Check our Tournment Stats, numbers dont lie

  24. james says:

    I’m glad my son plays football in the fall baseball in the summer,maybe your kids should do the same.playing one sport year round is not good for the body or mind,seriously my son went to the camp and hadn’t touched a basketball in 2 weeks because of baseball season and still out shined many if not all the kids there.Like I said before it was a money grab 100 kids equals $20000 cheap ass jersey with no # and they charged $5 at the door.what a joke

  25. youngbaby says:

    @ james keep in football and baseball cuz basketball all year around sport

  26. middleschoolhoops says:

    @bitchpleeeasee CAN you all hop off G3 dick…Lmao I guess that’s the only good team out here they the only fucking kids that’s gonna get scholarships and who else thi s havoc team lmfao they must be the Damn Miami heat lol the way yall sucing their dick is ridicoulous and ohh lol they must all have Kentucky scholarships offered to them already also

  27. juswatchin says:

    Middle school hoop don’t forget Demari Grant class 2019

  28. juswatchin says:

    Yall really need to stop arguing bout these babies.whole teams don’t go pro so judge them individually. Right now who is what doesn’t matter just focus on yours becoming the best he can be. Someday one will be at Duke another at carolina one at central whatever and the rest at jucos. Relax, stop blog arguing.

  29. Lol says:

    Can’t believe grown people are blogging about 8,9 and 10 year olds. These were camp rankings not overall daily rankings. Get over yourselves!!! Do you honestly think there is not a kid in new York new jersey , va, Carolina or out west that is the same or better than the anointed mike saunders??? YouTube your sons grades stop showing us that you spend more time on the basketball with him than helping him read. May God Bless all these young men 1-30 they can all play. Last I knew there was enough d-1 scholarships to go around…..Well that’s if they mature in the next 6 years

    • Florida Fan says:

      Sounds like another Hater has emerged….

      • Silly says:

        Saunders has been present at every nationals finishing in the top 4. Team was 3rd last year, Second the year before that. Just took Lebron James, St. Louis before that. Has state of Indiana on lock. So no there is not a kind of player in New York, Jersey etc unless they playin their comp in Cambodia, overseas somewhere. True followers know who the best players are. Saunders goes to a private school, A’s and B’s last time I checked. Humble and good luck finding anything significant of him on you tube. You have to catch him live. STATE, H.I.T, M.I.T. HAVOC tourney. KENTUCKY, tehn NATIONALS. Just came from ST. LOUIS, OHIO, will be in TEXAS, CALI next year. Saunders gets talked about because like him and other guards of his caliber they face stiff competition and play on the big stage. No ridin no one team, facts are facts, numbers and titles do not lie. Period. Other than that, all these kids are great and keep up the great work.

        • Lol says:

          Ha ha every nationals geez the kid is what 9 get over yourself. I don’t give a darn about the rank of a 4th grade kid. Tell me what Kobe, Lebron, Wade heck how about even Anthony Davis ranked while in 4th grade????….exactly have fun the ranks are bias and no D-1 coach cares at this point. I was nit ripping mike he can play but I also saw him turn the ball over tKe bad shots just like a 4th grader would …FYI he is human and still has to develop because guess what there is a kids that’s not even playing aau that will be better than most of these kids

          • Silly back in this... says:

            So I guess he should send back those IU sweatshirts and hoodies. D1 cares. Earlier and Earlier every year son. Again no one cares about rankings we all know this. But if a kid has the titles to prove it, travels around the country for three years battle the best comp and everyone is validating this then yes #3 Mike Saunders is ahead of his class. No ish he still needs to develop. Not ripping someone? Then chill with the “annointed” crap. That’s hater talk. He was just validated one more time why he is at the top of his class at MSE. If anyone wants to come on here and rip any Indiana kid there will be a defense prepared. They all work too hard and travel too far. My point is parents send their kids to a camp, get ranked then argue why their kid isn’t higher or want to take shots at the throne like these boys haven’t been in the gym since day one. Raking don’t mean nothing. Hard work does young hater. Again all kids great work and keep up the hard work.

    • billybob says:


  30. OABC says:

    Rankings For Class Of 2020 A New Beginning Will Be Up Soon So Nobody waist Their Breathe. If You Think Youre Son Or Class Is Good, It Will All Come Out At Nationals, If They Go. We Have A Team Devin Can Come Play With At Nationals If Interested. We Will See How The 4th Graders Do At Nationals.

  31. OABC says:

    No Love For Minnesota’s Jalen Suggs Or Langston Boogie. Wow. Truthfully Jalen Is Better Then Every Kid On This List. He’s A Real Deal Prospect So Dont Bash Other Players In This Class Knowing That Your Son Is Not Better Then Jalen.

    • Not impressed says:

      Just because Jalen plays up on a sad 6th grade team doesn’t make him better then everyone elso. Just because he guns everyone out doesn’t make him a prospect.I seen his game not impressed. Teach him how to pass the ball dad/coach. High scoring gaurds come a dime a dozen.

      • MREZ sports says:

        Just an update. Jalen ran away with the HIT tournament MVP…if they gave one. He and Langston played with the Wisconsin playground Elite and they beat every team mentioned on the list while Jalen played like the best player on the list. All documented and viewable by all. Shortly after they were invited to Vegas for the John Lucas Camp with the best 6th graders in the country where again he and Langston were among the best campers there. So good they were ranked ast 6th graders a few spots behind Gavin Schoenwald, Jordan Simmons, and etc. Here is the deal, just because they are good doesn’t make your son or daughter not good! Love everyone, but hate on no one. Those hated on always end up going far because it motivates them! Good luck to every kid out there!

    • Florida Fan says:

      OABC stick to your Ohio state BLOGS your Rankings mean nothing… Part of the Ohio Basketball Club…. Jokes….

  32. middleschoolhoops says:

    Congradulations to Illinois’s own Nimari Burnett #16 in the nation Devin Tolbert #20 in the nation and Amen Timbers #46 in the nation way to represent Illinois 2020

  33. middleschoolhoops says:

    2020 ballers a new

  34. Florida Fan says:

    lol made your own website put your own rankings you are a joke noboby cares about your 2020. Anybody can do that…

  35. CMAC says:

    rising stars r the only kids whose pics were posted and the only kids who got the high ranks. This is not fair to the other good players. All the kids should have had their pics taken.

  36. middleschoolhoops says:

    @ Florida Fag yo mama a joke bitch lmfaooo!!!

  37. OABC says:

    @FloridaFan and @middleschoolhoops. Please Stop Arguing Over So Called Stupid Basketball Rankings. If You Do Not Believe In The Rankings Dont View Them! Michael Saunders Is Ranked #3. You All Should Be Happy That Root For Him. Also We Are Not From The Ohio Basketball Club??? Namari Burnett And Tolbert Can Actually Play So Quit Bashing Other Peoples Kids And Quit Making Things Personal Because Of Kids? Its Sounds Pretty Childish To Me. So Just Forget About This And Let Your Child Enjoy Their Spotlight. They Deserve It!

  38. middleschoolhoops says:

    @OABC I agree with you but I have never bashed no ones kid or kids period I give mike Saunders g3 wacg and the other top players and programs I have nothing but respect for all the programs and players I never said one kid should be ranked over another I was just proud of the fact that our Illinois guys were able to compete with the other top players..never Will I judge a kid especially at that level whether their skilled unskilled ranked or not I would like to say congrats to all the teams and their programs for the success and wish them all Goodluck down the road

  39. billybob says:

    The bottom line is u have to be seen in order to go far or go to the top if your not seen whos gonna want you

  40. coach. says:

    What’s crazy is how these people lie about the kids height

  41. coach. says:

    I guess its cool when a kid 4ft 4 is listed at 5ft1

  42. Anonymous says:

    @coach Right . It makes kids who are 4’7-4’8 feel real short but really there not .

  43. ball so hard says:


  44. 4th Grade Rep says:


  45. 4th Grade Rep says:

    Wish people getting throwing stones when everyone else can see through your glass house

  46. 4th Grade Rep says:

    If Jalen Suggs isn’t a 12 year old 4th grader he’s a hell of a player



    No excuses, We bringing the best teams to Indianapolis. All you guys talking this and that, lets play! No false advertising. Indy Hoosiers and George Hill just dominated INDIANA AAU State winning 6 out of 7 State Titles and 3 runner ups! Add that to the National resume. Lets get it in!

  48. james says:

    Who cares any idiot can take the best players from a 50 mile radius and win

    • Florida Fan says:

      lol your son obviously not within the 50 miles radius, like Talk is cheap said Bring it, you know you can’t so you need sites like this to have a voice. Another Hater has emerged…

  49. Florida Fan says:

    I see the “battlecats” are traveling to this tournament can’t wait for the outcome on that one and where is the Memphis War eagles with the 6th grader playing 4th on the list??? I think with all the hype they claiming they have now they would come on down there to indiana to represent.. I don’t even see them on the MIT website.. Funny how teams claim they are great but don’t show up to any of the big tournaments. They went to MIT and got Spanked last year so I like to see how one player (6th grader) can help that team if they have the same selfish gaurds (pony tail) They wont make it far, or if they have some violent parents the will probably go to jail 1st. AAU needs to have the national gaurd at any event that team goes too.

  50. United says:

    @florida fan your funny!!!! Your kid must not be any better than you. I’m realizing you wanted so much more for him but just come to terms that he doesn’t have any skills b/c his daddy doesn’t have any. Maybe he’ll become a better blogger or heckler. If your a G3 nut hanger your hanging on to your own son’s nuts. Again as I’ve said b4 WACG, Havoc, War Eagles, 916 Select will win 2012 4th grade nationals. 4th grade Lebron James was watered down. I was there

    • AAUWatcher says:

      Funny how Havoc and 916 was at Lebron, but it was watered down…United? More like Hater. What team does your kid play for? I could care less about G3, WACG, Havoc, or Memphis. Could care even less about Nationals. I see a pattern, this class is full of over excited parents that use blogs to down other peoples kids/teams. How could you not include G3 in the national discussion when they finished 2nd and 3rd back to back? They beat Havoc 4 out of 5 times(including Lebron). “Watered Down” you had Havoc, G3, 916, TBNA(formally OBC),Team Toledo, Metro Sixers, King James, Team Glory..did you see last years Nationals results? You wasn’t there, stop being ignorant.

      • United says:

        @AAU Watcher my son plays 5th grade but I have an interest in the 2020 class. I said the tourney was watered down because overall 4 top teams out of about 35 4th grade teams that is less than 5%. If my memory serves me right the other teams you named didnt even finish in top ten last year, well OBC lucked up.Good luck to your team in Nationals. July 13, 2012. G3 had there chance to when 2 years in a row and came up short, that is why I’m not including them, but as you said I’ll stop being ignorant

        • Real Talk says:

          very ignorant,, because g3 finished in the top 4 last 2 years and still stomping and making their rep known as we speak.. team from wisconsin came down to nap tried to represent had some big boys that gave them good size only lost to WACG by 15 last week.. g3 beat them in championship game 47 to 7 today. Until you can beat them in 2012 stop hating on them. They advertise free games at their gym just pay 20$ for refs… if you got what it takes play them your son in 5th so get off 4th’s backs.. United go in the 5th grade site and find someone to hate over there…

        • Real Talk says:

          United..every team in Nationals the last two years except WACG anmd Metrolina came up short the last two years…ignorant. WarEagles and 916 both came up short also, why did you include them?

          • United says:

            Duh b/c neither of them have played in the Champ game yet, don’t get mad at me b/c G3 isn’t a closer. I’m just voicing my opinion. Everyone is Siskel & Ebert on this damn site anyhow

          • United says:

            July 13, 2012

          • United says:

            @real talk just in case you didn’t know or forgot Metrolina beat G3 for the Nationals 2 yrs ago. So in my opinion Havoc has proven….ignorance on your behalf doesn’t exempt you

          • lol United you must really be a serious g3 hater, must of not made the cut. They were in 2nd grade are you kidding me you still harping over 2 years ago championship game that your child probably never saw or will see….

  51. yes sir! says:

    @ United that kid from Chicago made a big difference he can Flat out ball i was @ that game.. THEY HAD A 15 & 12 POINT LEAD IN BOTH GAMES,BUT LOST IN THE LAST 2MINUTES OF EACH GAME! THE POOL GAME THEY LOST BY 1 POINT AND THE CHAMPIOSHIP BY 5 POINTS.

    • United says:

      @yes sir I’m not saying he can’t play, but when did he make the difference when they got the 15 & 12 point leads or lost the leads.

      • Balling Hard says:


        • United says:

          Again I didnt say the kid couldnt play I just asked where did he make the difference. WACG is a good team & I said in past post that the champion of this year nationals is gonna have to go thru you guys if you dont repeat

          • Balling Hard says:


          • Balling Hard says:

            Im not with WACG Program im just a Fan of Youth Basketball! im just tired of all the Crying and Cheaters trying to Blame somebody else for Cheating! If they Win nothing is said,but when they lose its always an Excuse!!! Play ball and shut up!!

  52. coach says:

    I would just like to add that the big guy #7 who dominated the King james Tourney from Mid Ohio Pumas was the best player in that tournament, and has to be one of the best in the nation. Every person there was saying he was unreal for his size and age…as the guy said above- from battlecats who played against him, very mature and patient. That team crushed KING James, and then went out and beat the Battlecats and TNBA. He shut down Seth wilson to 2 points and they lost to metro Sixers in final four, but the big kid(Jack pugh?) torn his calf in warmups and didn’t play, and the Mid ohio Puams still only lost by 2. I want to see the Mid ohio Pumas play George Hill! I had never heard of these guys, but if they go to nationals, they should be a top 4 team to win it all….they have a lot of nice players and the most fundamentally sound team I have seen.

    • MetroSixersParent says:

      Pumas beat King James by 11 and you consider that “Crushed”? Metrolina Havoc beat you by almost 30 points! I am not a George Hill fan but I know basketball. You have one big kid, they have 3. Look at the score of the games and you will see with the exception of us and Havoc, they had a running clock after halftime every game. That team is loaded and has been good for many years. They don’t hold back kids and the dad doesn’t play “Daddyball”. I have never seen WACG or Memphis and I wasn’t impressed with 916. I know people get tired of the “hype” surrounding George Hill, the loud chanting and the pregame drama, but those boys can play.

    • Dont worry If puma can survive their pool this weekend they will get their chance to play g3, but more competiton will be playing in HIT so I hope they will be ready.. Big boys don’t mean anything if they don’t have the footwork and can finish when you put that trap on them. just ask team from wisconsin that came down to Indy this weekend. Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend, heard battle cats got out of the tournament, if you want to make a statement you gotta to come out and play illinois… thats cool good luck at nationals…..

  53. Florida Fan says:

    what is that based on.. WACG is running scared, they have been pulling out of everything, coach is locked up, 1 of their players is too old and has to play with a older squad, 916 are a bunch of rug rats with 1 big kid (I was there) if Havoc dont’t get any bigs they are in trouble too but at least they are coming out to play out of that bunch Havoc and George Hill are the best of the best, I dont care what you have to say and there #’s prove it. War eagles have not defeated george hill until they do they don’t count and 916 is not a factor period akron ohio 916 was garbage and they played nobody and still lost…

  54. brothers in arms says:

    I jus checked out the HIT tournament list of 4th grade teams….damn…lookn good! WACG, HavoC, G3, Team Texas, battlecats and that MID OHIO pumas team ya’ll talking about, I seen a video from my cousin (tampa warriors)who taped the game against MID OHIO vs TNBA WEST with morrow, seth wilson and hightower…man Mid ohio is pretty good, there big men are nice! #7 and #40 can ball…and #1 plays fast….they got beat by the Havoc though I seen. Gonna be a fun tourney next weekend…

  55. United says:

    Good luck everyone I hope all have a successful circuit

  56. The game I witnessed in Akron OH. That g3 team was warming up and the battle cat team from ILL came in and almost had a heart attack when they seen them indiana boys were 4th graders! One of the coaches had to yell at them to stop gawking at the team looking fly in their orange gear. Much Love to Indiana for keepin it real in the streets nothing wrong with putting your best on one team and representing your state. Cant wait to see final results for the HIT and MIT in Maryland. I think the championship games should be streamlined on the web so we all can check it out if we cant go to the events.

  57. Balling Hard says:


  58. United says:

    So it won’t be mistaken it is clear George Hill 4th grade will not win 4th grade 2012 AAU Nationals. They have proven that in the last 2yrs so why would this year be any different. This isn’t hate or ignorance. You’re the ignorant ones b/c ur validating what I’m saying. Also, don’t get it twisted they have some helluva players I’m giving them their props…….very talented

    • United, please make sure you are a witness and come to Cincy july 13th.. you better have a squad with your 6th grader memphis or you 5th graders we all can go to think you just walking out with that national title.. Im sure teams will do whatever they can to cheat as always but only 5 can play at a time and Indiana will be ready.. let goooooooo The sucessful thing g3 has they are a sucessful nationally known team without nationals.. when you got teams in texas, and wisconsin driving down just to play you and you have even won a title yet.. whats that say.. they have accomplished much more than any cheating holding kids back tournament can ever do. but i know it hurts, I know people hate what they cant have or become like… 2nd through 6th including 2 girl teams.. Sucessful at school and on the court you can’t take nothing from them. They can decide to go to the vegas tournament at nationals if they wanted and not even go and they still will have teams traveling far toplay them next year…

      • United says:

        @nationals2012 thats great, you guys keep up the good work I hear alot of good things about your program nothing bad as stated before I just dont predict you guys winning the nationals thats all. Thats not a knock to the positive things you guys are doing or how well your organization is being ran. That doesnt make me a War eagle, havoc 916 or WACG parent b/c I didnt say G3 wouldnt win. People are pissed at what I’m saying, that means you have strong supporters Good Luck again to all the teams participating in the 2012 4th grade AAU nationals only one can be the champion

        • you know united the great thing in the g3 squads nationals is just 1 tournament we have put a stamp on every tournament every city we have came in like locusts we come in raise havoc kids do their thing and we roll out. Next thing you know we got teams traveling all over to battle us. and you know what nobody is the best you can lose any game but we have showed up and represented this year with a no fear attitude and out #’s prove it. We gladly accept anybody to come to our dojo that wants to battle us, shoot we offer free games and can’t get a game sooo we travel all over looking for some comp but at the end of the day your right only 1 champion for 1 tournament which we have finished many already in 2012… ask maryland’s finest 5th grade squad nationallY ranked AT 4TH) about our 4th grade squad we beat them by 10+ plus points and there whole team bigger than our squad so it really does not matter about size, its heart with determination and skills that can beat any team.

          • you keep bringing up 916 you must not seen them latley dawg they are not a factor the team they brought to akron they should of stayed in the lab in cali. I wouldnt fly all the way to a tournament and get beat like that unless you know you can represent. I know their big kid from arizona didnt come but still thats 1 player you think a team with 1 player can really get respect enough to even talk about them… We actually forgot about 916 but love the chant they have its killing chants this year!

        • @united your predictions suck shut up already! Your team obviously does not play big tournaments so you need sites like this to fuel your anger! Please don’t be from Mephis because you give us a bad name, dude shut up!

        • Chefforty says:

          Ok look. The “6th grader” you keep talking about is NOT a 6th grader. He’s a 4th grader. I know for a fact because he’s my son. I retained him last year so if anything he should be in 5th grade. Some of you are really stupid talking about kids. I wish everyone good luck and Warrr Eagle!

          • Hit says:

            People going to hate regardless what you do with your kid is your business don’t need to explain it, looking forward to seeing yall tho. why ant yall going to mit??? if you want to be the best yall got to play the best.. come out and play war eagles danng!!

    • Coach hill says:

      Somewhere theres a kid thats not playing basketball just waiting for his chance to shine but its coming,this kid will be a pro one day while these kids here are being rode by grown asz men dreams and arguing like they are the ones playing …so sad……

      • Balling Hard says:


    • Titles says:

      @United aka Wareagle parent, we don’t close?..3x’s State Champs, M.I.T Champs, 3x’s Coach T Champs, Lebron Champs, 2x’s Gymrats National Champs, 2x MYT National Champs, 2 Final 4 Finishes at Nationals. We not closers? BTW we wax the Wareagles ass every time we play(3-0), beat you twice in your own state. Only came to Indy when you knew we wasn’t there. We not worried about your little 6th grader. Remember we was the last team to beat Detroit Elite’s cheating ass after we spanked you at Nationals.

  59. All about hooping says:


    • Balling Hard says:


      • george hill rising star kids are honor roll kids, as im sure other orginizations are too, don’t get confused because they are athletes they stay in the books and some go to elite schools that have to keep their grades up to survive. you the one here dogging and being a hater every comment you have posted you try to do some inside shot to a an orginization.. do your homework 1st before you critizce someone else and get all sensitive about it when somebody has something to say. W A C G folks are the one that put his business out there along with other Tennesee teams, dont get mad because people have a problem with it. If a man did time and is selling in the streets I wouldnt want him coaching my kid too, I dont care who it was or what orginization and how he helped the kids or what$$$$ did he help the kids with is even more of an issue.

        • Balling Hard says:


      • @balling so hard your a clown you spend all this time focusing on this site and you have a girl?? I dont believe that, but if thats true then focus on her and her goals and stop hating on here orginizations on here that are doing something with these babies.

      • All about hooping says:


  60. AAU watcher says:

    .@United, did you know 916 lost in championship last year. You must be ignorant or a hater . Not to mention they lost by 20. I can’t say who will win the 4th grade tourney but to count out a team that has won every tourney they have played in this season is foolish.

  61. 1 tournament, all this for 1 tournament this g3 team has won or even played in how many? and they have won all their tournaments.. whats the problem?? I mean what’s the argument really until somebody else beats them in 2012 stop talking about them.

  62. Balling Hard says:


  63. luv of the game says:

    What is up with Illinois battlecats, WACG, Team Hoya, Worldwide Sun Devils all dropping off the 4th grade HIT tourney list? See everyone else there!

    Prediction time(based on the the past few tourneys Ive seen of most of these teams)…so don’t hate just a guess to have some civil debate about versus the nonsense above….

    Final Four teams at HIT this weekend:
    Metrolina Havoc- speed, speed, speed- don’t press them
    George Hill- strong fundamental team, battle tested
    MID Ohio Pumas- new on the scene, got best big man Ive seen, remind me of George HIll team
    Team texas- haven’t seen this year, just a wild guess if you coming from texas better bring some good players!!

    Anyone else- thoughts?
    teams I wanna watch more of….Wisc Playground, Indy Elite, Mid ohio Pumas…

    • Yes I see maybe 3 being in that final 4, george hill Havoc will be championship game without a doubt unless Texas has some goons. Have not seen this team either but they are hungry to play midwest teams. I dont see puma’s making it because Havoc destroyed them in akron (lost by 30). Team Glory from maryland has a kid that can make almost every shot he takes. Heard he is a home school kid with no grade so they even play him on the 3rd grade team but saw him in akron and he can bang. Saw Indy elite no competition to any of these teams saw them in st louis and they lost all 3 games on saturday. Out of indiana for 4th george hill pretty much wrapped up that state with the players they have had since 1st grade and added 3 boys 1 from kentucky that has most impressive foot work to be a big man. I think they have their bigs running all the time not too many big men can run the floor with gaurds they have a #9 that moves and that kentucky kid forgot his # is a nice add on. Will be exciting tournament in all divisons looks like.

      • Luv of the game says:

        Yeah looking forward to seeing this tourney, the beauty of 10 year olds….you never know who is gonna show up. Pumas get beat by 25 to havoc, them go on later in bracket play to beat two undefeated teams back to back in Illinois battle cats and tnba west…

        I’m telling you though, dont count them out… son is on all Ohio red and we are coming to watch the pumas this weekend. Mid Ohio pumas are the best team in ohio, I’ve watched them for two years…they are like 115-7 in two years, most games they play up agaonst 5th grade …they won the state twice and have won 15/17 tourneys this year….they are good, maybe not watch George hill good, butbdont sleep on them. I watched the havoc game that morning….that was the worst I’ve ever seen the pumas play …credit havoc, but havoc hit three threes in 90 seconds to start game, and the pumas looked stunned….I’d say that the havoc is still better, but not 25 better…we will see…I’m just excited to see some good ball.

        • Yes saw that Havoc team pulled up on george hill too with the 3 ball’s thats what kept them in the game because Hill controlled it once they caught back up from a slow start. Can’t wait to see the schedule posted hope more teams don’t try to bail out the last minute. Don’t sleep on that wisconsin elite team they are not that bad big on size, george hill rocked them 1st time they played them last weekend but I hear they got in the tournament too. Thats positive to come back 12 to 13 hrs back to back to play competition thats what it is all about.

          • WI PGE says:

            Correction… there are two Wisconsin 4th grade teams with similar names. This weekend was Wisconsin Playground Elite. The team that lost to George Hill a couple weeks ago was Wisconsin Playground Warriors. Confusing… I know, but 2 separate organizations.

        • Joke!!! says:

          This is clearly not a parent from All Ohio Red because WE don’t watch the Mid Ohio Pumas play. They don’t play AAU ball, they play local Ohio ball…..that’s why they win LOCAL non-AAU tournaments. When they come and play real AAU teams like at Lebron in Akron and H.I.T. they get POUNDED. As we All Ohio parents say, Mid Ohio WHO???

          • Basketball Lover says:

            It sounds like the Mid Ohio Pumas and All Ohio Red need to play !!!

  64. AAU watcher says:

    @United, I got word your actually a Wareagle out the the bag kinda explains all the self promoting. So what you got an older kid. Maybe you can get out the first round this year. One player doesn’t change the fact that your kids can’t ball. Ran your mouth to the wrong person and they told your Wareagles ties. You ain’t in the National convo because you beat a WACG team with only 6 kids. That’s why your tournament doesn’t draw national teams because you ain’t relevant.

  65. United says:

    Aww hell look likes somebody got you fooled again dont be mesmerized by the smoke screen. If I self-promoted it was with unbiased intention I’ve just stated my opinion if you guys can’t accept that then hey i guess you’ll have alot more growing up to do no one agrees on everything. I haven’t disrespected anyone talked negative about any team or player, just basically again made a prediction. So make sure you go back and double check that. I will continue to follow this class because of the decade year so i have a special interest in them. My prediction doesnt make me a hater. In recap the national champ will be Havoc, 916, Memphis, WACG. If it makes you happy G3 by history will make champ game but wont….I wont go there but we all know how that story goes.

  66. United says:

    Oh yeah Ray Allen is a better shooter than Reggie Miller and Kobe is better than Lebron. Now all you Kobe haters take that

    • bigbaby says:

      lebron almost never shoot 9 for 40 in a game like kobe does james is a better all around playeras noted by his 3 MVPSSS and u cant take that to the bank

  67. United says:

    Oh damn almost forgot and Miami is gonna sweep Indiana…ooooo now I know thats gotta hurt….lmao Guess i just have something against Indiana but nope its just my prediction.

    • lol united you need a nba player is that the problem?? You think saying that hurts.. its the play off’s they made it fool who cares……

    • well looks like your 1st prediction is Wronng Indy won and actually should be up 2 games.. so now what united, you got some more predictions we want you to predict so people can see you really are cluess.

      • United says:

        @time for some basketball yeah I got stuck with that one. I believe Miami may be in a dog fight now esp since Chris Bosh got hurt. Indy should pull another game off at home. Series just got changed with that “W” last night

  68. Memphis United says:

    @United, you doing to much talkin. Easy to make predictions behind a fake name. But its funny how you got all this info on the 3 point shooter at the camp and you know all this info on there the Wareagles play and the margin of victory. Also funny how you never mention the fact 916 lost inthe championship game after in an earlier post you said they never been to the ship. Is it because your team got kicked out for acting IGNORANT? PEOPLE CHECK THE PREVIOUS POSTS, he talks about the scores of The Mephis/WACG GAME, how they tryin to get there player, then he mentions how a kid went 7×7 from the field and how he can do so much more, then he throws Memphis in the “Championship” convo not understanding how they never made it out the 2nd round . I don’t give a damn about Miami sweeping Indiana, when is the Grizzlies next game? Who cares if Ray Allen is this or Lebron is that? Your son is in 5th grade right? O.k, why ain’t you making predictions on that team or class? What team does he play for? Or is your child a girl and you just so happen to have all this WarEagle I know it hurts dad, but I tell you like this bro I got love for Havoc and George Hill. Neither one got the trophy last season but the respect that Coach Q and Saunders get on the national level is real talk. I know Saunders see people bloggin about his son and doggin his organization but he don’t comment. Matter of fact all I see is him give other people love. That’s how its suppose to be not a bunch of grown ass people doggin kids and throwing people business out there. United? Man if your a disgrace….

  69. United says:

    @united aka Wareagles parent, seems you have alot to say. Really too much but since you finally beat WACG I guess it makes you feel good. But answer this, the WarEagles 2020 class, what other major tournies has it won? Everyone knows WACG had 6 kids at the state and wore down late. Why haven’t you been playing against all the other top 4th/2020 kids? I know you a parent and based on the insight you been given I actually know who your kid is on the team. Probly need to tell your son to get off that 3 point line and work on his defence and dribbling. You making predictions but like stated B4, did you know 916 got beat by 20 last year in championship? Anyways much love to Havoc, George Hill, 916, Florida Force, Respect Game, ATR, WACG, DC Assault, KC Krunch and all the ballers in the 2020 class that don’t allow one parent to put a shadow on the organization.

    • United says:

      Dude, really its ok if thats what you think. You can have that b/c I see that you can read,but you lack comprehension skills. So if I broke it down to you in the easiest format you still wouldnt get it. Check back again my guy I havent thrown out any dirty laundry about anyone. I believe I’ve posted that all these kids are good and spoke good about their organizations also. The problem is that some peeps are p/o about who I said who I think will win the nationals. Now peeps trying to figure out who I am because of that or what I represent. If you are right so what if your are not oh well. The thing about what I’ve posted is that I can say it to each and everyone of you guys face, thats the difference. So remember that! So when I say lets keep it real lets do that. Hater? I really dont know how to, but if its a person that doesnt agree with the mainstream of the majority then I’m guilty. I can like a man tell each and one of you guys to your face who I think will the Nationals.

  70. Big Country says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Team from Texas play in tournament. There are a lot of good kids now coming out of the state of Texas which use to be considered primarily a football state. Now several programs from east coast and midwest recruiting state hard. Its funny reading these posts. When I travel to tournaments I see the kids playing and the excitement in their eyes to play on the big stage and it is such a great experience for these kids at 8,9,10 years old to be put under so much pressure at an early age. Life is a game and every day you wake up you either won or lost and got better or worse. The beautiful thing is if the good lord grants you another day on earth you can start all over again. Whats frustrating at these tournaments is you never have an issue with the kids. Even for the most part the older kids. They go out on floor and compete and let the game dictate all the props. But the parents in the stand are talking smack and at the younger kid venues 3rd, 4th, 5th the parents are actually trying to punk the little kids and talk trash and intimidate them. Nothing wrong with cheering your team on or getting on your kid but dont try and punk out a 9,10,11 year old kid. Let the kids play and may the best team win. I was a college athlete and my dad was never around to do anything with me. I never played on any elite team or travel team. I just busted my butt and had good coaches. I am glad you guys are excited about these kids and what they are being exposed to right now will only help them. Some could possibly get burnt out by too much training. But dont get it twisted there is some team in New York, Chicago, Oakland, LA, Atlanta, Memphis, New Jersey that cant afford to travel, that cant afford tournament fees….playing in YMCA with flip flops and wife beaters with duck tape on their back for numbers that will just beat the brakes off somebody. You have the kids like Anthony Davis from Chicago that was 6’2″ as freshman playing as a point guard who grew to 6’10” by senior year and is now a lottery pick. Kids grow kids dont
    and the hype of ranking a kid this early puts a lot of pressure on them…..sometimes its better to fly under the radar. If you are an athlete rankings dont matter…just like I tell my kids when they look up information on the internet…you have to consider the source. Just like these rankings…who are the guys doing the ranking….what are their credentials….consider the source. Get your kid out get him exposure and if he is good and a good person he will get recognized trust me. Look forward to yalls response….be good or be good at it…..

    • Big Country, Very good posting and your right a lot of parents are very cruel to kids not just in these divisons I have seen the older kids go through the same thing. We have witnessed the same thing in playing Detroit elite for 2 years of parents screaming during free throws cussing at our kids and trying to intimidate at 2nd grade nationals in the hallways. It didnt work but to many teams that played them it did. I wouldnt say that a large # of these kids in different teams not just g3 will get burned out. If its a craft and they are good at it (tiger woods started at 2) (john ellway 7) (steven kerr 5) then they cant help but shine and get better as the years go by. If they have dedicated parents and they are surrounded with positive people they can continue this until the lord thinks its time to take it away or they pick a new hobby. I dont think most of these kids went to this camp for a ranking I believe they went to play with the kids from wherever that think they have some game or to measure theirselves up to kids that they heard about and now im sure a lot are in the lab to say we gotta get where they are.. Nothing wrong with that. its supposed to be about the kids anyway and these kids will have more exposure in this craft later down the line if they keep playing. I commend all the parents that work with their kids and support their kids regaardless of this stuff. just dont take away from the ones that have put in the work just because they come from better up bringings or more fortunate to have somebody in their life that wants to give back and have what they didnt get growing up.

    • HIT tournament list schedule posted looking good!! Looks like Texas and g3 go head to head 1st game Saturday thats what Im talking about!! Cut out all the chase get right to it…

  71. United says:

    Quit reading so much into what is being posted and think outside of the box and you may get better insight. I didnt think I was saying too much by saying who I think is going to win Nationals this year but seems if you guys are taking offense to that. Read back again I havent knocked no player, coach, or team. I just acknowledeged what I’ve seen its out there. Again good luck. FYI I have made a prediction for 5th grade but I felt like it was inappropriate to post it in the 4th grade comments. Who knows since its common to hold your kid back may not be a bad idea to hold mine back & let him get some of this 4th grade action.

  72. Team Texas Elite 2020 says:

    Yeah baby….we looking at getting some work this weekend. They dont call me big they just call me back:) Hope to have some good runs and let the chips fall where they may….We are a team that has been playing together for a year now…we started last year about this time. My family moved from Louisville, Kentucky last year to the Dallas Metroplex. We went head to head with Memphis War Eagles and
    George Hill in St. Louis and then in Memphis. George Hill came down to Louisville and played us tough there also when we were with the Louisville Legends. I told these football guys we need to get back to the midwest and east coast to see the real programs. So we have scheduled this tournament and the MIT. We look forward to meeting everybody and playing some ball and hopefully we can get some teams back to Dallas next year to play some teams from Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Kansas City. We played in the Presidents Day tournament in Portland, Oregon and are trying to get some of the Cali teams also. I know that George Hill is a class program along with Coach Dions Louisville Legends. They care about the kids and truly focus on the fundamentals of the game. Lets just let the coaches do their job and the kids play ball. The world has enough drama…you would think that when it comes to kids it is an atmosphere full of excitement and fun….not drama and beef. Leave all that at the gate because it ainte about the grown ups…..its about sitting back and watching these kids compete. Again we look forward to meeting the coaches and parents and having fun watching these kids compete. What else could you ask for. Go Team Texas….

  73. NEW G3 VIDEO.... says:

    Check out the link. This is the kid that is ranked #1 in 4th grade. Lil Mike. George Hill Rising Stars point guard… BEAST!!!

    • Lol says:

      How many time you going to post the same link…we get the picture he is the anointed one, best in the world, no player can guard him he is too fast and is so strong.

      • Smh. says:

        Who said all that? You upset cause a video was posted more than once? Relax bum its called advertising, spreading the word.

        You get the picture? Well pic these…lol bum

      • Man, that was too many postings of video, I think his computer went crazy but never the less nice video!

      • lol stop crying, the boy looks good, Im not with any of these teams or a fan on this site, could care less about all this and can give this 9 year old his props. Thats some big boy moves he making and I have been all over this country and ant seen a 9 year old handle the rock like that. My son plays 8th and told me this video was on this had to check out. Haters will start yapping but the more they yap the more you know your son is doing something. Good job george hill and his flock you guys might be on to something if your kids are playing like this video. keep them together as long as you can might be sarting team at some d1 college somewhere. Im sure IU or them other colleges got an eye already.. MA in the house

  74. luv of the game says:

    anyone have the scores of the Metrolina vs Wisc playground game? Then Wisc vs george hill in championship?

    • AAU watcher says:

      Game could of went either way #3 had some nice shots brought the team all the way back. made a sweet pass to their big white boy #9 and he jacked the lay up! I know that had to hurt and you know they not used to loosing because they was hurt. keep yalls head up, yall got a nice squad yall put a beat down on that texas team! even george hill himself was in attendance teams that where there got autographs and pics with him. class act player to support his team like that. we will be back next year even though yall did mess up them brackets! lol its ok talent was good and now we know what we got to do to get better #3 we going to be watching you. a lot of our kids didnt like him because everybody always had something to say about him but watching him on and off the court gives you a new perspective on him. he gotta funny little brother name jon jon be looking for him he is a crowd pleaser!

    • Coach Money says:

      Wi. Playground Elite wins title at Hoosier Invitational Tournament over George Hill (G3) at 4th grade level.

      Finished 13th in Country last year at Nationals.

      Wi. Playground beats Havoc in Final Four to advance to title game.

      • question says:

        Did the big amazon kid they got now play at nationals last year where they came in 13th place?

        • The real HIT story says:

          Yes he did. He has gotten far better than he was last year and he played on a broken toe lastyear at nationals. As Coach Money says he has just improved a lot.

    • PGE says:

      WI Playground Elite (not to be confused with WI Playground Warriors) beat Metrolina Havoc by 9 and George Hill by 3.

    • H.I.T. Watcher says:

      Luv of the game…another loss for your Puma by 30 at H.I.T. Don’t have big men or guards to compete at this level. Not sure how they won 117 games & 15/17 tournaments but it must have been rec ball. They try hard but don’t have the talent as G3, Havoc, play ground elite.

  75. HIT Observer says:

    They beat Metrolina by 8 and George Hill by 4..I think

  76. Metrolina lost by 8 points we was therel, Havoc too small could not get any rebounds they clearly have better gaurds but too small. Playground had a home school kid for like 2 years they said boy looked like he was 15! Playgroun pulled it out beat george hill by 3 but hill was tough and they didnt have 3 players playing. saw one of their gaurds from the video on you tube sitting with a cast on and the bushy hair kid thats strong was not there. I didnt see that big white boy they have either but they still should of won that game. I think they gave up or tired bigs didnt do anything. from what me and my team said #3 carried that team through at least 2 of their games that tournament he is a strong little dude. we looking to see him play at mit.

  77. HIT Witness says:

    They had the brackets jacked up saturday night, but overall it was a good tournament with great comp! I was happy with the teams that we got to see, disappointed havoc didnt get to play george hill but i dont think havoc can beat that squad this year unless they grow quick! That 4th grade team is like a 5th grade in size and speed wisconsin pulled it out but they slipped that win out george hill had 7 players not sure who they was missing but we saw them in akron and they had like 10 there. We looking to go to mit too i hope that playground team goes to nationals looked like they not playing at mit. crazy how a team just pops up with a man child and wins a tournament. I wonder if teams went to wiscinsin to their tournament would he even play. dont like to say teams cheat its like a broken record but the kid they had playing was ridiculous.. dont go out of town and cheat just to get a win if thats what playground did.

    • Coach Money says:

      Is it an unwritten rule when good teams lose that people question another player’s eligibility. He is not home schooled or been held back. He is a legit 4th grader.

      Donovan played with Wi. Playground Elite last year and at AAU Nationals. He has just gotten better and improved.

      We have added some pieces and just cause they didn’t place in Top 8 at Nationals last year; we did finish 13th.

      We are hopeful to make a good run at AAU Nationals this year.

      • SWISH says:

        @ Coach Money that is so true.. Everyone knows basketball any team can get beat on any given day. Give WPE there Props that they deserves!!!

  78. No Problems says:

    If thats the big Dark skinned kid with short hair? He always play with them.

    • Hit Observer says:

      I was down at the tournament where we all can go beat this playground team a few weeks ago and no that kid did not play with them. i believe they won 15 plus points. I also remember this team losing a few times last season in tournaments and that kid did not play with them lets be real.

  79. The real HIT story says:

    Playground elite has played g3 tough for a year and a half now. Metrolina dominated the texas team on saturday night. G3 had two hard fought wins to get to the ship against playground elite. Playground elite dominated the pumas by 30 on saturday night in a game that got switched with the g3 game from late to early. The big from the pumas got dominated by the playground elite big. And the puma guards couldn’t handle the playground elite guards. The team g3 played saturday night was from southern chicago that game was a tight one. Actually that team got out coached and lost by 3. Sunday morning g3 had another tough game against team glory, that they won by 3. Playground elite had a good game against the havoc but when the havoc guards couldn’t hit the 3 playground elite controlled the game. Surprisingly the havoc didn’t do well against the press. The ship was just a really good game! Back and forth the whole time. G3 missed a lot of 3’s late when they were up. That let playground elite back in the game for the win. But as stated earlier those two teams have played pretty close for a while now.

    • Region Elite says:

      @Real Hit. The team g3 played on Sat night was Region Elite. Were an up an coming program comprised of kids from NW Indiana & Chicago. I agree with your observations and big props to Playground Elite and all the teams who accepted the challenge and brought their kids down to Indy. Keep Region Elite in mind as we’re a program that’s growing and learning. It was great for our kids to play against some of best talent in the country. I’m proud of my young guys but with that said, it’s back to lab.

  80. No Problems says:


    • Make It Rain says:

      G3 is not going to the Havoc’s tournament. We already talked to their coaches. Too close to the MIT.

  81. Hit says:

    I dont think so too close to MIT only a week’s difference…

  82. G3 insider says:

    Probably not. Their focus next is MIT.

  83. Mike Saunders Sr-G3 says:

    Sorry we will not be able to attend due to a commitment we have to honor in the community. Thanks for supporting the tournament. Classy organization. Good luck the rest of the season.

  84. Uncle Duckie says:

    WACG will be in Charlotte, NC June 1-3

  85. No Problems says:

    Good! now they need Memphis Wareagles and G3 ..

  86. All about hooping says:

    Does anybody know who won the Super 60 4th grade division in New Orleans, this past weekend?

  87. ATR was in championship game not sure who won

    • All about hooping says:



      • Was not paying too much attention to super 60 not all big names in attendance but very much waiting for the results of Havocls tournament this weekend. They might not have a everyone but they got wacg and that playground team going looking forward to those results. Too bad everybody not attending MIT next week. That represents a pre nationals if you can survive that you will do well at nationals for sure!

      • ranking says:

        these games mean nothin school and academics then basketball are the real deal ….

      • Stewart says:

        The Memphis Wareagles won the 2nd grade nationals in 2011, so it is obvious that they would have a current 3rd grade team this year. This is not the first year they have played together. Not sure about reports that they had 3rd graders on that winning 2nd grade team last year. There were 2 kids in particular who were purported to be in 3 rd grade. Unfortunately, same old story as with other notable programs. Hopefully it is not true.

  88. ranking says:

    school ball over aau because schoolball =academics aau= nothing

  89. There is a sleeper out there a team from georgia beat Havoc and We all can go.. dont get too cocky in everyones decesions for nationals, its a new year… Looking forward to MIT. I feel like if you are the best of the best you go to mit, if your coward or if you trying to stay hidden then you are not a threat this year in 2012!

  90. Hoopin Hard says:

    That Team was a good Team,but We all can go Beat that same team by 15 in pool play.They hit a lucky 3 to take the Championship game into over time and Won by 3.. No Worries!!!!!

  91. Hoopin Hard says:

    I heard We all can go is having a Tournament next weekend? i wonder if that georgia team and anybody who thinks its sweet will come…

    • MIT says:

      the 7th grade playing 4th will be their be ready for the little ghetto gangsta and his misfits. should fit right into it with we all can go.

  92. Mid Ohio Pumas vs All Ohio Red who will win

    • H.I.T. Watcher says:

      I haven’t seen All Ohio Red 4th play this year, but I think they would beat Puma. Puma didn’t look solid at H.I.T., look like a rec program. From comments posted looks like everyone has same opinion. All Ohio usually has solid teams. M.I.T shows All Ohio coming & Puma not, good programs go to tournaments where best teams are.

      • Puma says:

        Well..thats settled. Mid ohio Pumas and All ohio Red played last night. Pumas won easliy by 20…

        That makes the Mid Ohio Pumas undefeated in ohio against the top AAu programs…
        They have won against TNBA, Cincy Royals(4 times), Showtime, Hoopsters(2 times), King James, mansfield Cavs, Dayton metro, and others….and now the “infamous” All-ohio red by 20. Heck All ohio red had to bring in two ringers from other aau teams last night, just to keep at 20.

        It is probably a weaker class in Ohio this year compared to the states of IN and NC, but it is what is…

        Not bad for a “Rec program”… that finished 3rd at lebron…beat Illinois Battlecats and TNBA in lebron, and IN Elite at HIT, and yeah they lost to WPGE, but so did everyone else…this poster above is your typical un-informed numbnut.

        Not here claiming MId ohio is better than most teams out here..they are not. There are a lot of good teams..we respect them all… the ones we havent played or have played. G3 is great, metrolina love the press, WPGE, TNBA, NY gauchos, etc..all great teams..but these comments above are just dumb.

        Pumas got beat by Metrolina and WPGE. Their only losses of the year, and they are a “rec program”???….and to the parents from All ohio who stated above that you call Mid Ohio…Mid ohio who???…well i guess now you know who we are….20 plus better is who we are…and dont you draw from “All” of OHIO??? Where “mid” ohio is just a small area draw in columbus?? Wouldnt it make sense you guys should win…BUT ya didnt!

        Stay Classy ALL ohio Red parents…out here on message boards dogging 4th graders….NICE! Good luck the rest of the have great kids and a great coach in Drew Lavender.

        • Puma says:

          Good luck to all the teams on here at nationals…should be fun to Watch. Some teams have called to inquire on our attendace, or kids. Pumas will not be attending until 6th grade. Program standard to wait(as you can see based on “some” of the parents on this board), that it is to young to be in that type of exposure with the pressures, smack talk and hate by attending a tournament like this. Kids like Jalen Suggs and Mike Saunders getting ripped as 10 year olds…they dont deserve that, they both work hard,…and why would any parent want their son labeled like this at such a young age good or bad. It is like those beauty contests where moms submit their babies to be the prettiest baby in the country …all babies are ugly….all 4th grades are still growing, so what is the point.

          Pumas will continue to attend the HIT, Lebron, MIT and other regional tournaments next year to play good teams, meet good people and play good basketball. Just to much pressure for a kid at this age, to be thrown in a fishbowl arena like nationals. Their day will come to be exposed, if they are good enough. Agree to disagree, just a program standard that we are going to honor at this time.

          have a great summer!

          • Who Cares!! says:

            WHO CARES about Pumas coming to nationals….You sound like a dumb ass first you say it should be fun to watch and then you say it a fishbowl arena and insult us for taking our kids by saying whats the point…This point is its the NATIONALS what all hoopers work hard all year to get to and earn their respect, which PUMA dont got. We saw PUMA at Lebron but there was nothing to see…you can’t beat us G3, WACG, Havoc, Playground Elite or any other team that has earned their respect. you don’t have the talent, get rid of both your weak ass big men and guards then come back. Stop writing these long stupid ass blogs trying to justify your program, your wins dont mean nothing when there teams nobody knows….All Ohio needs there ass whooped if they let you beat them. The win doesn’t make Puma gain our respect it just lets us know All Ohio must suck this year. If you not coming to nationals until 6th grade stay off the blog until then because you sound stupid!!!!!!!

          • PUMA says:

            Thank you for the sound advice, and apologize for the misinterpretation and blog of program justification. We will work this offseason to try and compete better next year with the elite teams. Good luck Miek Saunders and to your G3 team in the tournament.

          • I know who u r says:

            Lyle…get real. I hope your not lending any money over there at the bank cause u trippin. Pumas nice…for I 270. If only peeps like yourself knew as much about sports as u think u do, this world would be full of Bobby Knights and Woody Hayes. Now that would be sweet, but instead its full of wanna be athletes like yourself

          • Trust me says:

            Mike Saunders who is only 9 parents don’t feed into anything negative they are positive folks and feed positive energy into their son and their teams. Negative talk only enhances him and lets them know he must really be doing something to have so much attention.

        • Who Cares!! says:

          All Ohio meant no disrespect to your progam. only try to let PUMA know that if your 4th team lost to them must not be as good this year. I know your 5th won the nationals last year as 4th and they look strong this year at M.I.T and won 5th championship. Your program has some good teams and have won national championships. Good luck to your 2nd graders see they ballin it at nationals made to final eight. We ballin it too and look forward to the competition.

        • u would love to know says:

          Hey Lyle…(Mr. Puma)what was the score of the last time u played All Ohio Red u dumbass. Its so funny to watch u make an ass of yourself at all sporting events. Everytime u open your mouth the STUPID just pours out!!I’ll speak for everyone…your an idiot. Let the boy play the sports and you keep your mouth shut…Hint- when u hear people say “man hes a nice player, but with him comes the baggage”…They are talking about u dumbass!!!

          • G3 ALMIGHTY says:

            dude you tend to call out this parent Lyle, but you hide behind this message board with big talk…

            I don’t know this Lyle guy…dont care, but man you sound like more of the baggage parent then he does….btw is this Lyle dude gonna defend himself or what?

            speaking of all ohio at the nationals…our G3 team played after them…they are sorry…..only had a few kids even show up for some games…

            If i’m all ohio parents i wouldn’t be out here on the boards bashing others….you guys got work to do brutha!

          • PumaLyle says:

            No need to hide behind a fake name. I was just given the heads up I was called out on this website by some of the Puma family. I thought it was a joke being played at first. Who would go out and post off the wall messages like that? God as my witness this is the first time I have heard of this board or visited it. Therefore, whoever is speaking “for all of us” is clueless and doesn’t know who actually posted from the Pumas. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. “I would love to know???” truth is…who cares? Sounds like you are tied to the Red and/or from Picktown(only a handful of you) Either way whoever posted earlier got under your skin pretty bad. Sounds like sour grapes. Coach Dave had an open gym tonight with close to 25 kids from Pumas and around the city showing up. Come out to the next one and tryout. He runs a great program and you might like what you see.

  93. ihoop24/7 says:

    So Nimari Burnett left his Illinois Raptors team while they were in the final four for the state championship to play with wacg…smh for what?

    • mr. billybob says:

      burnett lol who is he …why are u bring up players with no rep

      • SWISH says:


      • SWISH says:


  94. Hoopin Hard says:


  95. ihoop24/7 says:

    @hooping hard thanks I didn’t start a rumor and I didn’tbit was true also

  96. M.I.T. says:

    Does anyone know who won the M.I.T. for 10u/4th grade?

  97. Hoopin Hard says:

    Any results on MIT?

  98. MIT says:

    Yeah…. I dont know all of it but some bum ass cheating team called AIA Hoyas won 4th grade gold bracket. Heard they had 2 6th graders on the forth grade team smacking boards. G3 won 2nd grade championship and G3 4th won 4th grade silver bracket championship after losing their opening pool play game (didnt lose after that). Other than that the MIT website hasnt updated everything.

    ….. Let do do reign on all cheaters.

    • MIT says:

      turns out one of those kids is in the 7th grade someone has year book and school info on him on nc message board. when you get a chance check it out they are talking crazy on this site!

  99. MIT says:

    Craziness in 4th is the result! They had a team called AIA hoyas with so called 4th graders smacking the backboards and throwing up alley oops. the quarter final semi and championships werent played because teams refused to play them.

  100. mr dumbass says:

    @ Mr billybob umm fyi Burnett is one of the top 2guards in his class

  101. Hoopin Hard says:


  102. MIT says:

    sure not word on the street nationals this year everybody has to bring birthcertificates and report cards to regestration. each player will have to fill out their own information to sign it. you no longer scan anything. they will have more people working and each team has to go through it. that will be on the minds of many that try to cheat and think twice about bringing that player with them this time, we shall see. that hoya team is going to we all can go tournament this weekend lets see how they like getting a taste of their own medicine. they might as well let some of their 6th graders play with 4th.

  103. what memphis war eagles coming out finally???!wybs hope this is true yall might be rusty for nationals…

  104. so I hear Jalen Suggs plays with Wisconsin Playground seen the highlights he destroyed mike sauders and g3

    • Jalen (held back kid) has nothing on Saunders.. Stick to your you tube highlights the only kid that stands out on that team is the big kid. Was not impressed with jalens game at all. Spot up shooter come a dime a dozen.

      • MREZ sports says:

        Wow! Again just because he is good doesn’t make Saunders not good! One good player can’t play the game of basketball. We were there and Saunders did do some pretty good things. Has a nice handle, but you can not diminish what Suggs did! He was fantastic from start to finish! It really doesn’t matter how a player scores, he scores! Most importantly, he plays great defense! Really haven’t seen too many kids out there that play great defense! He is one of them! Lets not hate on the kids! It is what it is…and at this level spot up shooters are rare. Each team probably only have one and its for a reason. They don’t come a dime a dozen. American kids are losing the art of shooting the rock. We need more spot up shooters in this game so if they are out there please point them our direction because we would love to see them and get their videos out. Thanks!

        • MREZ sports says:

          By the way, the kid is in the 4th grade. We made a mistake a We thought he was older from the whippin he was putting on older players in last years nationals where he carried an older team that was two years older to the a third place finish. That is the films everyone can view and you be the judge! We were amazed! If you know any other kid that can do that please send us the footage. We would love to post it, but we need it before the Peach Jam where we will be taping the entire EYBL event. Thanks again.

    • TNBA says:

      Come on really Jalen who?? man jalen didnt even gaurd that kid he his the whole game and pulled 3 balls, how is that dominating or destroying.. Mike is a hooper plays real time games, real time events jalen can’t even hold mike’s water bottle! lol WPGE comes out to 1 tournament gets lucky with some wins and daddy want to boast about him like he did something.. Nationals everybody remember what Jalen does… funny

      • MREZ sports says:

        Wow! Looks like some one’s dad is taking this a bit serious! Again we specialize in finding the best players and highlighting them just like City League Hoops, Hardwood Elite, and so on. We have the entire film of the game and could post it because we have access to post entire game for everyone. Everyone should see what we saw. It was a great game! Everyone also will see who dominated and who didn’t. My guess is Mike didn’t do as well because his full team wasn’t there, which could be legitimate. Again, Mike is a great player…but the hating! Wow! No need! We will be filming Nationals and I got a feeling Suggs is going to be the name everyone will be discussing. Its just that we have never encountered so much negativity about one kid no one seems to really know or care for. Good luck to everyone in Nationals. Oh, not related to Suggs. Just related to the truth and good hoops!

        • Suggs daddy get off the blog nobody knows your kid…

          • what defense? I was at the game your son did not impress me we want that big boy you got Jalen on our squad would come off the bench JS…

          • MREZ sports says:

            Again, not related to Suggs but we will leave the blog because you really don’t know hoop! It’s a shame parents go after kids like this. I told you who I was and didn’t hide behind a made up name. You can go to site and contact us. You can do that because we know what good basketball is…and mark my words. You will hear the name Suggs again along with other great 4th grade players and you will remember the conversation. This is one reason why we only do high school kids like Wiggins, Mays, Tyus Jones because you don’t get overzealous parents hating. It is too early in the game to anoint anyone anything, due to size, academics, and love for the game. Some kids will drop off top player list some will be added over time. You just have to remember they are kids and will get better if they chose too! All we can really go on right now is the skill level of the player. His fundamentals and IQ. Top players like Saunders, Suggs, Bagley, Binns, they have it along with other kids no matter if you have heard of them or not. Remember, there is a kid out there no one has heard of right now that might outplay every kid on this list…its just we haven’t heard of him due to economics or what have you. You should probably leave the blog also because you are taking this too serious. Life is short and we do this for a living…you don’t and really shouldn’t speak to or for haters! We have to stay unbiased. Only the facts. Film don’t lie! You should probably check out his film at the Lucas Camp where he is playing along side Gavin Schoenwald the #2 ranked 6th grader and killing. Not too many 4th graders doing that! Good luck and God Bless…especially haters of little kids. Oh, everyone come to the site July 25th where we will have highlights of top High school players from the Nike Peach Jam 2012!

  105. HIT says:

    Yaaawwnn … please. 43-40 final score against a team that had 6 total players and their head coach was running registration. Lil Mike didn’t even know that was dude until the next day. But he’s waiting to see him again since he supposedly got destroyed. The full team will be there as well. Another team/player taking shots at the throne.. the highest form of flattery.

    • Real talk says:

      Check the ranking..Gavin ranked number 1 at camp. They did TOP 50, where was Jalen? not on that list. Then they did list of kids worth mentioning, Jalen Suggs 30 out of 35! I guess he was really is above. Also, once again listed as a 5th grader. So in a listing of 85 kids, Jalen suggs was ranked 80.

  106. HIT says:

    G3 4th Grade reppa Ice Mike


    #1 4th Grader in the nation

  107. jalen who says:

    he never gaurded mike, he plays no d and shoots the 3 ball. don’t sound like a killer to me.. Can’t wait to see this team come out to play agian.

  108. He needs some more exposure for his son so he has to come out from under the rock and start his little spill agian. Jalen has no influence so sorry for your trouble Mr Scrubs I mean Suggs…

  109. ihoop24/7 says:

    @ mr billybob your a dumbass lol

  110. middleschoolelite says:

    You all act like lil mike is the best player in the world..Jalen got in his ass and took the tournament..stop making excuses for him..I think that mike is a good competive player stop being sore losers and take the l’s lol

    • nobody said he is the best player in the world you came on here and dissed because somebody gave the kid a compliment.. Im trying to figure out what part of the 1 minute highlight shows jalen doing anything?? Jalen is a you tube hype man talk something when he actually is seen playing in real tournaments and not hiding behind the 3 point line.. go on somewhere with that! I will compliment any kid that has talent I dont know the george hill team but I heard they can play all of them can play not just shinning one kid out like many of you seem to be doing to yours….

  111. MIT says:

    I think the took the L and kept movin a long time ago bruh. They just finished MIT and now look up and see lil WPGE wants some attention. Aww. No one is acting like like mike is the best player in the world. He’s already been confirmed as the bet 4th in the nation. He doesn’t care about that though. You sure are focused on him. Sorry dude nice try but Jalen aint got it. Just has a over hyping pops. Sad.

  112. whack says:

    That’s got to be lil man’s dad…. sad.

  113. @mit hes the number 1 4th grader according to who? you lol you must havent seen the charts hes NOT NUMBER 1

  114. yall just mad because mike saunders and g3 got their ass handed to them Jalen is ranked #1 and Mike is ranked #3 nationally jalens team came out on top at hit against mike team ill take jalen over mike sorry.. Jalen > Mike

  115. whack says:

    Ok whatever you say. Jalen is the best, you happy now? We just can’t give you any attention. No matter how hard you try, just dont see it. Nobody was talking about Jalen after HIT. They were talking about that tall dude you have. Daddy keeps throwing Jalen in everybody’s face. Couldn’t wait to go home and make a minute and a half highlight reel of basically some kid chucking up threes callin him some destroyer. Please. No one is impressed with Jalen, no matter how hard you try. If you want to say lil Mike is not number one (scroll to the top of this page) then that’s you opinion. He nor G3 care about that. You will however be hard pressed to hear anyone say ANYTHING about Jalen Scrubs. Unless its his dad.

  116. WPGE attention whores says:

    You want us to be mad. Sorry just can’t get emotional over nothing.

  117. joe jack says:

    @ swish Burnett is a bum

  118. SWISH says:


  119. G3 killer says:

    Why does everyone keeps bringing up jalens he out on the court playing for Jalen I don’t think so don’t and by the way this mse ranking don’t mean anything its one camp bet if Jalen was there mike still wouldn’t be #1 lol and why yall dissin Jalen YouTube highlights..just mad because Jalen was lighting lil sorry Saunders up and his sad G3 team

    • He trying to blow his child up like he did something might as well be.. dont hate the product g3 brings soldiers whole team loaded and all can play. we dont have to hype one kid up all of our kids can play ball. the 1 game jalen has agianst g3 they win by 4 woope de damn do, everything got to be mike saunders this mike saunders that yall really intimidated by that lil 9 year old like that.. really… I gaurentee you jalen has at least 2 years on him. Lets see mike in 2 years. Stop hating the product and come out to play some basketball.. You are a funny clown…

    • Here is another GROWN MAN…trying to discredit the accomplishments of other KIDS because of envyness and the fact that no one mentioned Your Jalen Suggs KID…So therefore,your going to come on SOMEONE ELSES SITE !! And DISCREDIT THERE census and evaluation of talent…ALL TO ELEVATE YOUR OWN KID…Real MEN dont discredit other childrens accomplishments to LIFT THERE kid above them…REAL MEN teach there children to EARN there own NAME and to do it WITHOUT HAVING TO TEAR another CHILD down…YOU said your name is MREZ Sports (dad)…Coach your kids to respect the accomplishments of others while working to achieve there own…GIVE THEM THE VALUES THAT ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN A GAME OF BASKETBALL

  120. Jalen suggs daddy get in a tourmament… stop living off of 1 game and youtube highlights……..

  121. numbers don’t lie just you have nothing to prove that mike is might not know a lot about jalen because he played up the previous years and had success can do that i dont think so you all need to relaese the haterade and give the boy his props

  122. Twill says:

    Click on the link. This is likely the most promising 10U/4th grader in the nation. And there might be a few more out there like him, although probably not many. Some of you folks need to broaden your perspective, it’s not just about Indiana teams or kids who come to a local camp.

    • Local Camp says:

      This camp was in NY last year heard it will be on the west coast this year. Wouldn’t call that local.

  123. Put the whole game on the net says:

    Don’t put “Highlight” of the game on the net. Put the whole game on the net so everyone can see. From what I saw Suggs team won but Jefferson(#12) and Saunders (#3) was better then him. I know for a fact Hunter Jackson would of shut Jalen down had he played. I full George Hill team beats them by 30. Thats why WPGE came with a different team from March because they saw what G3 did to MD Finest 5th grade team. You talking about Lucas camp…lol…man every player and they momma goes to that especially if you willing to pay the high cost. FINE JALEN SUGGS is top 4th grader(you happy). You recognize talent, but MREZ, “lets get it on” stop talking I will get Coach Saunders on the phone, or you can email him([email protected]). You name the tournament. Lets play all G3 teams 2nd-6th you can get your teams and lets go. Jalen ranked below Jordan simmons playing 6th!!! George Hill ate Simmons for lunch. You play against are 6th grade team you would quit basketball!!! Ask Jordan Simmons, Marquise Newell, Jalen Brooks,

    …and any other gaurds if you want. G3 vs Izod video above. We got whole games bro we don’t “pick out” videos clips. So if you think you can play “up” 6th, please try.

    We waiting for the video..Jonathan Vilma gave the orders..G3 coming for MREZ

    full 5th grade G3 vs Hoosiers on net. We send are teams to D1 Nationals so stop saying you placed in 5th last year because it wasn’t D1. People never heard of MREZ till you start yappin about G3, now we about to clown all your teams. Be carefull what you ask for.

  124. Put the whole game on the net says:

    Put the Havoc vs WPGE up also..the full game and let everyone see how Jalen played.

  125. Kyle Gillard says:

    Congradulations to Devin Tolbert and the Illinois Battle Cats on winning the state championship over the Illinois Raptors. Im looking foward to seeing you on the smallfry circuit again this upcoming fall and winter.

  126. Ignorant says:

    you have to understand their our ignorant people that have no affiliation to lil mike or g3. the people who have posted all this are not from the g3 camp and our crew pay no attention to these blogs or anybody elses. Everything we do is on court and in the gym. We don’t need a hype man or anyone to speak for us. 2012 we bringing it, time to go to war…….

  127. Really says:

    Lets really see whats going on here. Jalen’s camp attacks Saunders on a random post a month after HIT:
    “so I hear Jalen Suggs plays with Wisconsin Playground seen the highlights he destroyed mike sauders and g3”.

    But the hating is coming from Saunders? Again they don’t care about rankings, they are just man enough to appear in all the major tournaments and camps if someone wants to rank him so be it. Obviously from the other post people disagree with you. But you can’t accept that you have to call them haters and demand they identify themselves. Why? All you are doing is hyping up your website on this one. You want people to go to your site and check out your players and Jalen? Just say that. Don’t have to start a blog dissing Saunders then create false hype like someone cares. sounds premeditated. We all heard the line “they are only 4th graders”, “its not going to matter when they get older but you got the highlight video and making unnecessary call-outs? Everyone seems to know that except you. Who wants the attention? G3 is getting ready for nationals. If they want attention they will just stare at their trophies. But they are sad and saunders is sad. Ok. You know a hater by their unnecessary offensive attacks…. “so I hear Jalen Suggs plays with Wisconsin Playground seen the highlights he destroyed mike saunders and g3” – sounds like a hater to me.

  128. west coast says:

    you know g3 plans on heading out west next season, we will be in portland and vegas so bring the west coast and let’s play love to see new teams and talent…

  129. congradulations to Devin Tolbert and the Illinois Battle Cats on winning the state championship over the Illinois Raptors. Im looking foward to seeing you on the smallfry circuit again this upcoming fall and winter

  130. Kyle Gillard says:

    Congradulations to Devin Tolbert and the Illinois Battlecats on winning the state championship against the Illinois Raptors. I’m looking foward to seeing you on the smallfry circuit again this fall and winter

  131. Overrated says:

    You all need to shut the hell up about G3..they obviously could not beat Jalen Suggs and all can say what you want you all havent beat yet and i dont think you all will..yall running around to all these tournaments with your chest poked out like those kids are the going to the league anytime soon chill the hell out its only 4th grade lil sike will have plenty of time and years t prove himself against the nations top class of 2020 player but until now you guys are wasting your time breathe and energy

  132. Well said says:

    @Overrated i have to agree that G3 program act like their king tut or something ..they have a good program but time they go up against tough competition whether they win or lose they like to bash other kids and programs just because they have had one really gives a rats ass about the tournaments you all won..and whoever stated that G3 ate Jordan Simmons for lunch kill yourself..Name me one player on G3 12u that is more skilled than Jordan. Name me someone from G3 11u that is more skiled than Lance Jones and me someone from your 10u that can contain Jalen Suggs..

    • Hater says:

      when has g3 bash a team that beat them? I see they get along fine with Havoc and despite with most think we all can go they are cool with too so who you talking about? Numbers speak for themselves if they didnt win all the tournaments theyy played then it would be see i told yall they wasnt good, man get off of g3 nuts get in the gym and work on your kid getting better Im sure they are…

    • Guess what says:

      From the looks of these folks nobody cares about Jalen Suggs so why do you keep bringing him up? Jalen is overrated but yet I can’t say that because I have not heard of him until now. Nobody is praising g3 but their rep serves them well. You guys have no Rep so its easy to try to knock another man down for doing something positive with 7 teams. Good job george hill for allowing these kids toplay good basketball and good choice of a leader. I saw Mike interact with folks at MIT and he is everything they say and more. Mike saunders jr #3 our kids love that lil dude what size are his feet!! dang as long as his arms are and feet he is going to be a big boy! Looking forward to watching him a few years for now. If any g3 person sees this message PA has mad respect for your group and wish you guys well on your national stretch. You guys keep doing what you have been doing taking care of your teams and teaching them the right way to play on the court. I googled this team and saw most of all their players still together as 1st graders playing on a team called progeny. You are doing what most want to do but dont have the knowledge or the $$ to so it can’t be like you guys! good luck!

  133. Jalen Suggs says:

    Jalen Suggs is not WPGE he is 1 player that shoots 3’s what are you talking about must be on that squad g3 squad dont have to prove anything their rep speaks for itself. We only hear about g3,not jalen since you guys keep putting him out there like he did something and not wpge kill your self yoirself dude…

  134. g3 12 u says:

    I can name 3 or 4 better than jordan believe that from the 5th squad don’t start hating on the 5th you must not seen them play latley… 10 under pound for pound has the best team, and team can get beat I don’t care who they are but I would still take my chances on a george hill team anyday. well trained, pass the rock makes smart choices all great kids put down your hatorade.. lol sounds like a bitter Ill. cat in the mist agian.. ha ha just can’t except indiana dominates…

  135. Other teams says:

    Damn, there are other teams out there besides g3 you guys that concerned about mike saunders and his flock that you got to start bringing them up agian? Dang mike, I might have to go to your nationals to check you guys out since you got some people that cant keep your son and your team out of blogs! ha ha Hey nice video of lil mike doing his thing keep him humble and off this trash he should have a great career if he keeps at it….

  136. Wegotvideo says:

    We got the Simmons, Marquise Walker killin Jordan Simmons. Video coming soon no highlight need, we show full games. BTW, you didn’t know Lance Jones reps G3 too? He is family and Coach Saunders has love for him so you aint gonna hear anything bad from the camp because Lance is a monster. We don’t bash kids but we gonna defend ours. We show real game video people win or lose.

  137. Sad says:

    You bums are using G3 to showcase your players. Just shut up and bring them to tournaments. You got the invite. You want respect by rappin on blogs? MSE made a ranking from what they seen on the court and you guys just want to bash. Please. Remember haters you attacked G3 first. But its cool. Hate on our confidence, chest will stay poked out cause we love all our kids and we cheer them on no matter. You don’t like what you see you can take these nuts in your hands and shake em. As far as I know, G3 works hard, all their teams can ball, they show good sportsmanship on and off the court. They defend when haters step up. I guess some of you see it as a opportunity to tell your true opinions about a winning program you can’t stop. Just work on yours we stay in the lab, you can keep taking your shots. If you want respect you got to earn it. Hating will not get you there. GGGGGGG3333333!!!!!! UUUUUUUUU KNNNNOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

    Remember where this all started: One of G3’s many talented players gets ranked number one. G3 takes it in stride. Other parents, coaches and players hate and send out snipes such as:

    “so I hear Jalen Suggs plays with Wisconsin Playground seen the highlights he destroyed mike sauders and g3″.

    G3 defends themselves then all the haters come out in drovers. lol.

    Keep ballin G3!!!

  138. CC FORCE says:

    Central Carolina Force Columbia SC 3rd grade 2012!!! REMEMBER THAT NAME, see you at nationals July 30- August 4!!! Number #10 and 12

    • Hoosiers Elite says:

      We played G3 third grade team twice this weekend in KY,their kids played hard and we played several other times before this and the games were are good games.The parents cry about every foul but they seem like great fans.However they had a big kid #34 that we have never seen before the first game, we could not handle him inside he also handled the ball and was a great passer,then we played them in the semi finals and he played pg and hit 4 big 3’s on us along with going to the basket strong and finishing!The talk around the gym was it was the Wilson kid from Ohio is this true ? If so what has AAU become when 3rd graders cross state lines to play !!

      • Legends?? says:

        Ohio is a border line state to indiana so it is legal and what it shows is g3 can bring in the best of the best! Seth goes hard and a great kid we are looking at nationals… Everyteam is trying to pick up and get ready for nationals. we got kids from Ill and kentucky that play on different teams boys and girls. Sometimes when you cant get it at home you have look other places.

    • D2 says:

      So why are you all playing D2 then CC Force?

  139. TMZ says:

    yes that was the top 3rd grader in the Nation playing with them! I talked to Saundrs last weekend and he was talking with some coaches about expanding the organization by not only adding more teams but looking to have all star teams with kids from all over the midwest that travel to big tournaments in Vegas, California, New York, Texas, and Florida. I over heard him talking to a coach from St. Louis about his kid. Tryin to give midwest basketball the recognition it deserves.

  140. G3 Parent 3rd says:

    Hoosier Express we played your team a total of 4 times with a record of 3-1. The only reason we lost to you the first time was because we were missing 3 of our starters. Then we came back in the championship the next day and beat you with all our players. This past weekend was the first time our “out of state help” as you called it played with us. We are excited to have him on our team because we are on an AAU championship run. Like one says the BEST always attracts the BEST!!!! Win some meaningful tournaments then talk. We are having a tournamnet the weekend of July 7th in Indy we would love to see you and your true third grade team not any fourth graders lol

  141. Mizhoopz says:

    This is of 3rd and 4th graders is not complete! There is not one player on there from the New York or DC area on that list! So Seth and those others kids will definitely have more competition if they were there!

    • as far as I remember a d.c. kid or New York kid did not come to the camp??? you can’t rank a kid if they don’t come out.. Next time make sure they are in a camp if you want recongnition…

    • mr. billybob says:

      seth is not that good

      • Stewart says:

        You must be high. Seth is ridiculous. Hater.

        • mr. billybob says:

          idiot at this stage with all being so young they all on the same levell ……when they get to high school then we will see wow what an ass stop seperating kids at this age please STOP THE MADNESS

  142. G3 ALMIGHTY says:

    You mean make sure they come out to CAMP George HILL where all their players get ranked high, and their program gets all the respect in the world whether they win a national championship or not, and no one else on here is allowed to be good but G3…all bow to G3…and all their glory….just listen to the parents from G3 on’ll learn…cant mess with big bad G3!!!


  143. Go Hard In The Paint says:

    Mr. Billybob, I disagree with you. I have seen and played alot of basketball, and I usually don’t blog, however, I had the chance to coach against him this past weekend! We had NO ANSWER for him and our team is good. I wonder how old he really is, because 3rd graders don’t do that many things. But the good thing is he came over to our kids and was very humble and told our kids good game. Seth Wilson added to the G3, that was already good, will be a treat to watch at Nationals.

  144. mr billybob its ok to hate on him we will let you keep thinking that 2012 g3 taking 3rd…

  145. Hey George hill orginization must be doing something right their girls are back to back final four with them playing championship game today in Tennessee!!

  146. Mizhoopz says:

    Well if they make it more national then maybe you will get the better talent out to the competitions! Let’s start now where is the 2013 MSE tournament! I will make sure my son is there! Look at the list of kids, there is not a great variety of kids from different places! It’s cool our kids don’t need this exposure to make them! Their talent is what it is! I guess that’s what the Indiana, Ohio, Memphis areas need to do to get their names out there! We will wait until the man who’s rankings count and mean something! If you don’t know who that is do some research because it’s not MSE!

    • Truthiztruth says:

      Haha more national. Who you fooling? Nothing is more national than MSE in middle school except AAU. Y’all just scared to come. MSE camp in NEW YORK had players from 45 states. So stop the tricks. Please stop it.

    • Miss America says:

      Fact: The 2011 MSE camp in New York had more than one player from over 45 states. You gotta hate us bc there never was a camp that huge in the history of America. Pls stop and just be at the next one in 2013. Thank you.

      • Miss America says:


  147. Mizhoopz says:

    All this damn talk about these damn kids and we all know that half of these kids won’t make it and half of the parents are living the dreams through their kids! Let’s just wait until it really counts and see who is still around! Like who makes the All-American game, the Jordan Classic, the Addidas Showcase, then let’s talk! Just like we all know many superstars are created in high school or over a great summer! Lol so everyone chill and let your kids be kids who like to play sports!

  148. Mizhoopz says:

    I change my mind I won’t be sending my son to this political bullshit y’all got going on! We are just going to stay where we are at! These people on here are crazy and need help! All y’all need to know there is someone out there always better and working harder! I guess we will soon see who is who when the time comes! I hope all these kids can read and write!

    • Stewart says:

      You mean like using words other than “y’all”? Perhaps correct pronunciation and spelling? Do you teach your son to say “y’all”? That will go over GREAT on a college application.

  149. Mizhoopz says:

    I teach my son to do as I say not as I do! I am very well educated but because I was talking to ignorant people I decided to refer to everyone as yall! If I’m not mistaken that is how you country folks talk! Anyway Stewart my son is honors classes in the 3rd grade and will be moving on to the 4th grade honors classes! With that being said lets rank the kids as scholar-athletes and see where these kids stand then! I bet half of these kids have been retained and should be in a higher grades! But of course no one will admit to that! Don’t make me go there on the ignorance that parents do just to make sure their kids shine in a sport! So sad! I’m done on this sad website full of ignorant people!

    • Stewart says:

      I don’t live in “the country”, and the do as I say thing doesn’t work very well. Congrats on having a smart kid. By the way, well-educated is a hyphenated adjective. You also left out three commas, which resulted in three run-on sentences. Finally, lets should be let’s. It’s a contraction. I know that many, many posters use abhorrent writing skills on this message board. I am picking on you because you are making fun of “country people” when you clearly need some grammatical help of your own. Have a magnificent day!

    • mr. billybob says:

      everyone may act the way or write the way they choose to dont make fun of them put it together by useing your own common sence just because u are useing made up words dont make u smart your uneducated because u try and be smarter than everyone else

  150. Mizhoopz says:

    Your not picking on me at all! Your just trying to cover up the ignorance! See what you say don’t make or hurt me! All I know is my son can read, write and play ball! Don’t try to take the attention off the real point here! By the way I am not making fun of nothing or no one! I am just speaking the truth! This website is the worse! They need to post the kids report cards with their basketball ranking! Then the truth shall be spoken! Stewart who ever you are go get a job you have too much time on you hands! I’m on vacation so I’m done on this website for good!

  151. These are my top five point guards in the class of 2020… #1 Micheal Saunders- This kid is the most complete guard in the class, full package Mike can drain long range jumpers as well as finishing at the rim at a very high percentage, his passing skills and court vision are above average for his age as well as his basketball IQ. It is rare to find players like Mike at this age…#2 Devin Tolbert- This kid is tough as nails. Devin creates havoc on both ends of the floor, he is arguably the best ballhandler in the class as he consistently breaks down his defenders with a variety of moves off the dribber with a blazing first step. He has heat on his passes which makes him an advanced passer for his age…#3 Ketaan Wyatt Jr- May not be the strongest and fastest kid in the game but this kid is a pure point guard, with an IQ that would make you believe he is ready to run a high school team already. Ketaan has a smooth crafty handle that allows him to create space for his shot or draw the defense to him for an assist to his teammates. He has a nice stroke on his jumpshot and he does a nice job of running a team by either scoring or assisting…#4 Juwon Carpenter- This kid is the most athletic point guard in the class. Juwon excels at rebounding for his position as he is a pest to the opposing teams big man. He shoots at a very high percentage inside the paint and he also racks up the assist by spoon feeding his teammates for the easy buckets, he may be the best on ball defender in this clas…#5 Marsaun Robinson- This kid has a lights out stroke from beyond the arc that attract the defense to him immdiately. Marsaun also knows how to get his shot off with a variety of shot fakes and hesitaion moves to give him separtion which makes him hard to guard

  152. I agree says:

    I saw mike and devin at the camp early spring I will agree with you on those two. you dont see kids that young playing like that so early. Have not seen keetan or marsaun yet what teams do they play on? Looking forward to nationals this weekend could be a good showdown between the elite teams> only one can pull it out!

  153. I saw mike the george hill kid at memphis this weekend supporting his younger brothers I think he grew another inch, long arms his dad looks about 6 ft 2 or 3 he is going to be a nice size strong gaurd in a few years. I know there are alot of george hill haters but thats a lot of talented kids even on the girls side.

  154. 2020 Point Guards says:

    @I agree Mike Saunders plays for G3 Rising Stars Devin Tolbert plays for Illinois Battle Cats Ketaan Wyatt plays for Team Toledo Hawks Juwon Carpenter plays for W.A.C.G and Marsaun Robinson plays for All Ohio Red.. and Marsaun was at the camp this spring also (high top fade kid)

    • I remember says:

      Dark skinned we all can go yeah, I remember him nice size combo player, Flat top kid was cool too. The 4th grade pool list is up and AAU not playing they spread talent around looks like the big dawgs will be taking each out early in the game! pool k looks to be the worst.

  155. ball so hard says:

    making up list again i see. just let the kids ball

  156. MSE says:

    MSE did an article on Ketaan Wyatt 2 years ago


  157. Coach J says:

    At the end of the day these rankings mean nothing! These are rankings based on kids who were present at a camp! This does not represent the whole 2020 class!

  158. guess what says:

    @ coach J theres a website called 2020 ballers a new begnning and on the site you will see all the up and coming prospects in the class of 2020 with no camp rankings involved

    • Twill says:

      What’s the 2020 blog ranking based on? Whatever it is, I hope the blogger is attending 4th grade nationals next week, watches the play and then revises this list accordingly. And goes to the 4 or 5 major tourneys in the country. Because it seems there are some players missing or over- / under-ranked, at least from what I know of the top national teams. Meaning…if you’re gonna get out there and rank, you better know of what you write. You better be expert enough and that means taking a long enough look at each player. Who’s got the time for that? (This still reads like camp rankings to me…)

  159. who cares says:

    keep your 2020 ranking it does not represent anyone and let nationals 2012 show you live who has game…….

  160. Play ball says:

    2020 website garbage I like real time baby nationals 2012!!!

  161. prove it says:

    who do you think is underrated..the list is not suppose to have every 4th grader that plays ball on it..that list contains some of the top players in 2020 right now and they may have missed a few..stop hating on these kids and congradulate them on their early success..and we will see who continue to stay on the charts for years to come

  162. Observer says:

    Just observering all of the 4th graders at all these tournaments, not to take away from Mike Saunders and Jalen Suggs, Devin Tolbert and Ketaan Wyatt they are all good players but I don’t see any of them playing in a higher grade like that kid that looks like Anderson Varejao, I think his name is Hunter Jackson plays with that 5th grade Indy Storm this kid is a beast. We saw him playing up in Michigan and he came out of one game with 35 points. He’s totally under rated putting on a show against 5th and 6th graders!!! I don’t think he’s playing on a 4th grade team!!! Ranked 7th on here by who’s ratings???

  163. mr. billybob says:

    suggs is overrated i seen him play and he only had 2 points

  164. beast says:

    I thought Hunter Jackson played with George Hill Rising Stars 10u

  165. Yes says:

    Yes. The beast known as Hunter Jackson plays for G3. Him and his 4th grade mutants are gearing up for Nationals as we speak. The monster also plays up and plays with a tenacity that will make a grown man take his ball and go home. . . I seen him take a ice cream cone out of a baby’s hand, lick it and give it back. No fear.

  166. Observer says:

    Yes he helps out G3 but he originally plays up with that Indy Storm team. He was in Cincy last year placing 4th with them at Nationals. That organization has a lot of younger players that can play up in grades, I think president’s son plays 13U and also plays 15U for the organization. I’ve even seen Hunter play with the 6th graders. He is a crowd drawer at these tournaments.

  167. baller says:

    You must of mistyped, you mean Indy Storm has a lot of 15U kids play down 13U. Didn’t they have a kid get busted at the Indy State Tourney? You rarely see them in big tournaments with other indy teams because you know what will happen.. you mean 4th at DIVISION 2. Sorry your keyboard must of been stuck. I also waas wondering who did who did Hunter origimally play for?

  168. Storm says:

    First off your need to know how to type because apparently you can’t. Apparently we didn’t get busted if we were still in the tournament. Just because we don’t go to the tournaments you think are big tournaments does not mean we don’t go to big tournaments. You so closed minded big tournaments are not only in the Midwest and East Coast. What tournament have you been on out west , none, we’re known country wide not in the small minded tournaments you put yourself in. When you get as many trophies as we got then step up to us until then GET YO WEIGHT UP. And yup that’s right D2 what place did you get last year, did you even bring home a trophy from the championship bracket????

  169. Observer says:

    Baller you seem like your hating because you get beat by that organization alot or is it the only tournaments you win are the ones you put on yourself. He started his AAU career with the IC Ballers 3rd grade, true, isn’t that the same team that got mad when he played up for the Storm at 4th grade nationals came back and played a game with the 3rd graders and the president and his wife came took the child’s uniform and made him cry. Who does that?

  170. g3 risingstars says:

    heeey i dont care what is what george hill rising stars 3 years in row final four playing championship tomorrow!! all the talk and they went down there to play good luck!!

  171. Parent says:

    I am NOWHERE NEAR connected to that “2020 a new beginning list” But good job to whomever created it. The top 5 players are each one of the marquee players on each of the final top 5 ranked teams! Thanks for ranking my son as well… Ketaan Wyatt

    • 2020 list says:

      Pretty legit. Not sure about the order,but the kids on the list seems legit

    • Coach says:

      These rankings are nowhere near legit! The two best player in the tournament are nowhere on this list! They were #1 From WACG and #32 from the Memphis wareagles! Hands Down!

      • They are on there says:

        #1 on wacg is the 4th ranked player on the list. War eagles kid is 57th.

        My top 5.
        Suggs – WPGE
        Morrow – TNBA
        Askew – 916
        Carpenter – WACG
        #15 (sorry forgot his name) – G3

  172. team we all should play with our age group allstars says:

    Honesty equals integrity

  173. proven says:

    For all you Jalen Suggs haters just know that he help lead his team to a divsion 1 national i said he is proven to be the #1 player in the class of 2020..its funny how G3 Rising Stars keeps coming up short with a well rounded and experince team..Look like those guys are chokes and jokes when it come down to the wire LoL..sorry guys maybe next year..but until you guys stop Jalen stop walking around with your chest poked out shouting that G3 you knowww..because the G3 i knowww lost three years in a row..G3 yo chokkkeedd!!! LMFAOOO

    • Coach says:

      Proven Lets be real! Suggs was not the best player in this tournament! True enough, he may have been the best player on his team, there you could say he lead his team, but he was not the best player in the tournament! Let alone top of the 2020 Class!

    • Play ball says:

      anybody want to know how old Jalen suggs acutally is?? 2020 liar…. another daddy that cant get his son to do it in his rightful age divison….

      • Coach says:

        I hear ya Play ball, but age really doesnt matter, if he is class of 2020 then thats what he is! But he is not the best player in the class!

        • I agree says:

          @ Coach I agree on that one he most definatley is not the best in 2020 class I seen a few good players in ohio a whole lot of stars that represented their cities. Let me give a shout out to #3 on GH team thats one lil cool dude saw kids getting pictures with him and he was respectfully talking to kids on all different teams thats really what its all it about. all these kids will grow up together no reason for it be negative parents are something else..

  174. Why says:

    Why? They are a dominant class A organization. I love when they poke their chest out. They have good teams all over. They deserve to. Not worried about a bunch of home school kids. Jalen has a three point clip but again thats about it. Again it came down to the big you had (rebounds). You should tout him and not Jalen. You have one team G3 has an army of soldiers at multiple grade levels. Something I doubt you can do. You been a G3 hater dog. Congrats to WPGE and that big dude. And whomever “proven” is …choke on these nuts. Three years in a row final four baby. 2nd in the nation. If you can’t realize all final four teams are the cream of the crop (except over hyped Jalen) you don’t know basketball, just another G3 hater. Keep ballin G3. The true respect remains with you.

  175. Coach Money says:

    Congratulations to the NEW – 2012 / 4th grade boys
    AAU National Champions – Wi. Playground Elite.

    Good run at Nationals and bringing home the Gold. We don’t worry about rankings just winning.

    Our program is a Nike sponsored team and have a bright future ahead of us with a lot of talent at every age group; boys and girls. Check the resume.

    We respect the opportunity to compete. Work hard – Play hard.

    • smh says:

      Dont care about rankings but beggin, wishin jalen was pictured above. Tell your crew Jalen is not number one in 2020. Its debatable but Scrubbs is not even in the debate circle. At any rate congrats WPGE. That TEAM is good. That big lead them to victory.

    • what resume says:

      what resume most of the elite teams have sponsers and as far as I can see what big tournaments do you have to show for a good resume? you won nationals with a 1 big kid woppe doo.. that big kid would of won nationals for any of the teams there.. your team as a team didnt show many anything looks like your more dis liked then we all can go now.

  176. prove it says:

    @why first off no one is talking about multiple teams we’re talking about one team and that’s the 10u second of all wpge is an elite program whom G3 can not fuck and your oraganization already choked on these nuts Jalen deserves credit as well as the their big stop talking about what Jalen can and cannot do and work on getting a national championship which Jalen accomplished. Again G3 you chokkked!!

  177. AAU D1 4th Grade says:

    Just wanted to see if everyone feels the same way I do about the AAU Division 1 Tournament that just ended in Cincinnati. The location they chose to host the tournament was a joke. It was the worst gym I have ever seen used to host a basketball tournament. Especially a tournament that you pay over $600 to attend and travel half way across the country. There was no air conditioning and the rims were about to fall off the backboard. The opening ceremony was a joke and 52 teams were crammed in a lunch room with no air conditioning to wait to be called onto the stage. Once all teams were announced the audience was forced to watch 2 hours of Simon Says which the winner was rewarded with a plate of chicken wings from BW3’s…..I about lost it….Obviously these events are not about the kids. If your going to host a D1 Nationals at least make sure the location is big enough to host all the teams and have some class and put the event in a location that is nice. The competition was great…there were a lot of good games to watch and several upsets. Look forward to returning next year. Just wanted to see what other people though about the venue.

  178. Get Big says:

    Just got back from Nationals. For all you point guard driven teams that have been running around with all those little kids who are naturally going to be more athletic your time is over. For all the teams with big heavy kids that look like they just came in from a buffet your time is over. From here on out it is about balance and size baby. I went to Nationals last year and there was one big kid that was actually built like a baller. That was the kid from 916 and he wrecked shop. I come to Nationals this year and there is like 6 kids that size. For all those teams with those 4ft kids and #1 rankings your days are over. If you dont have the size and if you arent athletic you better get off the court and pick another sport. If you got a big that is damn near 400lbs in the 4th grade your better get a helmet and some shoulder pads because your about to get run out the gym next year. All you coaches can see that style dont work no more like it did in 2nd and 3rd grade. Interesting to see how many teams went to Nationals thinking that same old style of basketball was going to work. GET BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to a camp and pay for a ranking. See What that gets ya. We are just going to use that money and stay home and get skilled. Its all about them genetics.

  179. so sad says:

    Guess you didn’t get the memo, our 5th grade girls “choked” in the National game and the 2nd grade team “choked” and got 3rd at Nationals. Just a bunch of young chokers. Still waiting to see what the 5th, 6th, and 3rd will end up at. I am sure you will be watching. Damn, what are we gonna do? You think it was bad this year….we just got 40 million reasons to stick are chest out for 5 more years…yeah we choked all right. Went from 12, 40, and then 80 kids this year. Looking to add more teams next year. You didn’t get the memo bro, its bigger then basketball and your ignorance keeps are fan base growing. Let’s clean up the language since kids be reading “can’t we all just get along?” Send me your address and I will make sure you get a pair of the G3 Rising Stars tennis shoes coming from China in September to show are appreciation. We just a bunch of ignorant people that don’t know how to act maybe next year we can get lucky and win, but damn if losing hurts this bad maybe we should keep losing…that 2020 team, will you please stop choking before this guy turns into the next Jerry Sanduscky all over the next top pheonom.

  180. prove it says:

    @so sad yeah I would be sad too if I was apart of the G3 2020 team which is becoming the former lebron with no ring…No one wants your clown ass shoes either your organization is not humble at all look at the whole blog everytime someone brings up a kid other than the G3 chokers you guys bashed em..called yourself you all are talking about well yeah we still got 5th.grade 3rd grade 2nd grade..when we are clearly talking about 2020!!! God Damn I feel like punching whoever it is that’s bringing up other I said Jalen Suggs is the #1 player in this class proved it at nationals…and for the third year in a row G3 2020 you chookkeedd!!!!

    • Stand up says:

      g3 no hate from anyone over here you guys represented with class love watching your team on that championship stretch you guys played 916 manchild handled him well and tnba’s man child last one probably drove to the venue not much anyone could of did. no one on wpge was a threat to your team except an oversize kid that should of not been playing he played 4th nationals as age exception last year with someone else and he is back playing 4th. aau is a joke, straight up but continue to represent that orange and black, my son was super excited to get a autograph from george and will be looking for you guys next season. Way to go george hill rising stars!! definatley the favorite team at nationals…..

  181. Prove these says:

    Listen wpge hoe. You been hating on g3 since you saw them chantin and representing their state . See you been plottin for awhile.Couldn’t wait for a loss to hop on here runnin your hater mouth. Your weak crew posted a video claimin jalen better than mike when the video shows nothin of the sort. G3 defends and represents themselves when weak tricks like you step up. We get touted respected of our merits while your home school heroes beg for respect even after a national title. Still haven’t earned the respect g3 carries and you never will. You will take these shoes bitch and you will like them. I’ll throw in some sweats and t-shirts for ya. Make sure you wear themto bed dreaming about g3. You wish you could punch someone in the face but hoe all you can do is wish. You can’t touch g3. Ya won and you still mad. Lol. G3 will just get bigger and better. Such anger lol. See you on the court. Try to touch a g3er frankly….you will get jacked up.keep it on the court if you know what’s good. Take a nap.

  182. sit your ass down says:

    @prove these shut the fuck up what you are saying don’t mean shit bitch just know yall faggot asses lost and we won stupid fools why the hell would I sport some losing gear representing goofy ass people no thanks bitch ill beat the brakes off your stupid ass dumb bitch don’t ever say shit about winning cuz you clearly lost you goofy ass bitch…G3 uuuuu chhhookkkedd!!!!

  183. let the chips fall says:

    remember these are 4th graders. what is the big deal? do you see how many comments are on this blog for the 4th gr.? seems like the parents are on it way more then the kids. get big you sounds crazy all of the many colleges in the country d1 2 or 3 and you mean to tell me just because ur not tall in the 4th gr. to give up basketball. i know guys who were short as freshman and by jr yr the tallest on the team. these are kids and its a lot of life lesions in basketball that can carry you far in life. if my son gets a scholarship and graduates from college from any division i will be proud of him. remember the nba odds. you guys argue about who the best is and its very hard to tell. i seen some good talent on bad teams. every situation is not the same. some kids have game but no other kid in his area can play vs. a city with ballers to go. some of the kids were just threw in situations vs kids who been playing with each other when they were babies. my son was not on a good team and im from a bad area for basketball but he work hard on his game. if ur a real baller then you understand these situations and when watching a game you should take note. ez for a kid with talent and loaded team to look good. one or two good kids on a bad team is hard to tell how good a kid is. no rush for us take it day by day practice by practice game to game. with my boy being on a less talented team i watch the game and take away the pros and cons and try to work them out in the lab. good team or bad team i am a proud father and enjoy watching my son play and develop into a student athlete. bad team or not we use this as a measuring stick to get better. over all this is a very skilled group of 4th grs. by the way my son is mentioned as one of the best on every list which has came out for 4th grs its great for the hard work we put in but who cares for real no rush. i like to keep him off the radar and let his game speak for itself

  184. mad Rapper says:

    This isn’t about WPGE or George Hill, this must be some lil kid on the blog looking for attention. I know the parents from WPGE and I know nobody would talk this way. You are an emberassment to the organization. I know parents in G3, the coach, and the sponsor. Do you think losing at Nationals is really gonna stop them from playin ball next season? Hell, they finished 3rd last year and you hated them. They finished 2nd this year and there sponsor just signed for another 40 million dollars. Welcome to the real world. Young man do you know half the kids on this blog probably will not play basketball when they are 21? Why you wait till after they lose to hop on the message board? You had all weekend to hit someone in the face. You gonna wait till the lose and instead of congrats to WPGE you rather act big behind the board. You ain’t gonna beat nobody or stomp anything punk. Put your name on the message baby is it the little man behind the curtain on the wizard of oz?

  185. Chokes says:

    @mad hater I don’t give a fuck what G3 does or have done they can’t compete with wpge you goofy..and what you asking for names for its not like your gonna do something how about you go take a hike because you arent about not gonna do shit and don’t even start bout basketball because you all don’t have a leg to stand on….G3 uuu chooooookkkedd!!!

    • TNBA says:

      @chokes,@sit your ass down,@prove it. You don’t get it do you. We all waiting for you to give credit to WPGE, but instead you rather talk about G3. No shots at Memphis, WACG, Metrolina, AIA, Gouchoes, DC Assault? You have so much hate for G3. You think “claiming” your with WPGE to talk about them losing in the championship is gonna stop them from coming out again next year? You looking at the cup half full. My son has never made it to a final 4 and you have one team that has made it every year. Maybe I misunderstood what you was saying when you said they choked. Maybe you was saying they got “choked up” when George Hill signed for $40,000,000.00 the same day they got beat. Maybe you should mind your own business and go back to school.

  186. TNBA says:

    WACG vs Memphis, G3 vs 916, WPGE vs Havoc, WACG vs WPGE..4 of the best games of the tournament. Top player-Jason Askew-916
    All Tourney
    Center-Jason Askew(916)… aliitle more skilled then Donovan-WPGE right now
    Power forward-Morrow(TNBA)
    Small forward-Juwan Carpenter(WACG)
    Shooting Gaurd-Jalen Suggs(WPGE)
    Point Gaurd-Mike Saunders(G3)
    2nd TEAM
    Power forward-Kyrie(Memphis)
    Small forward-Hunter Jackson(G3)
    Shooting Gaurd-Brevin Jefferson(G3)
    Point Gaurd-Lonnie Ray(WACG)

    What happened to the Memphis Wareagles? Was they OVERHYPED or OVERRATED? I also have a question for the guy cussing on the blog bashing G3. Why you hating on them about chanting when Havoc, Memphis, WACG, Gauchoes,and others all chant during games and they finished higher then all of them. If your a parent talking like this on the blog, we will pray for you and yours. If your a kid, we will excuse you for being immature but will let you know MSE can track your computer by your URL. Also explain to me how WPGE, 916, and WACG don’t win any tournaments all season but show up to nationals with a bunch of bigger older kids from different states and make it to the final 4. Is this what AAU is all about now?

    • I like the power forward from tnba much more polished then other bigs in tournament, thats a type of big g3 needs to be looking for they have a solid team just need to get that size down low to bang.

  187. Coach Money says:

    I don’t know what all the beef and hostility is all about on this blog.

    You win some games and you lose some games. There are no scholarships earned at 4th grade….maybe you can start to see some kids shine early and have good to great “potential” but that is all it is is without continued hard work and effort.

    Regardless of rankings or accolades; it is still about the kids. Players play, Coaches coach and parents cheer.

    Coaches, parents, fan bases, and supporters of all travelprograms have pride of where they are from (whatever State or region they live) and who they are and what they represent.

    I would hope that all Wi. PGE family members and supporters continue to rep the class, dignity, and respect that we always show and don’t get caught up in this negativity.

    Look forward to seeing most of the Nationally recognized and the up and coming teams at future National events and events also in Milwaukee.

    There are big tournaments hosted in Milwaukee as well and maybe we can get a few of top travel teams to come to an event or two next year to compete.

    Win or lose – we are always ready to compete.
    Keepin it 100.

  188. Chokes says:

    @TNBA mind your own damn business bitch

  189. a kid says:

    chokes response just lets you know its a kid…

  190. TNBA says:

    CONGRATS to Wisconsin Playground Elite. We can’t let one ignorant fan take away your achievement.

  191. Heart of a Champion says:

    There are so many qualities needed in order to have the heart of a champion: discipline, perseverance, dedication, endurance, focus, and the ability to overcome any obstacle. I admire all of the players who competed at 2012 Nationals, accomplished their goals and become champions. They all need a coach who understands what it takes, a parent who can see the big picture and who loves them. As badly as players want to win, as hard as they are willing to work, they would always quit unless a coach or parent was there to push, encourage, motivate them. Can’t till next year!!!

  192. Chokes says:

    @TNBA Goofball Jocky

  193. Mind your damn buisness says:

    @TNBA Man mind your own damn buisness you fucking pussy..I don’t give a fuck about your son not making final four..hell I dnt care if he never plays another game mind your own damn buisness and hop off the G3 bandwagon stupid punk bitch

    • TNBA says:

      I will find you little boy and spank you..give me your name and phone number..chicken.

    • lol says:

      Haters come a dime a dozen. Mama must not have held you close as a child. You’re not feeling the love? Just admit you want to be like G3, you follow their every move. Wishin they lose. Don’t say nothing about other teams. Bottom line is talk is cheap. Lil kid keep runnin your mouth. At the end of the day …you will take these g3 shoes bitch and you will like them. lol.

  194. Correction says:

    The 916 center’s name is Jason Harris, not Askew.

  195. Grown says:

    @Lol and TNBA you guys are fucking pathetic I’m a grown ass man ill will whip your asses and Fuck G3 choking asses you can take your dumb ass shoes and shove them up your asses punk ass bitches why don’t you state who you are I will beat yall asses silly goofy ass clowns

  196. Luv of the game says:

    You parents are embarrassing …….I feel bad for your kids…..

    Good for you…youball have ranked teams and ranked kids in the game of basketball, but you as parents are ranked dead last in the game of sportsmanship, professionalism, and parenting.

    Rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t say the posts you make in front of your coach, your kid, or your own mothers…..then don’t post….its not trash talk, it’s just people being trash themselves….

    Thank god your sons got your athletic ability and not your brains…..

  197. Grown says:

    @luv of the game shut the fuck up and keep your comments to yourself bitch

  198. All Tourny says:

    Like the all tournament team…you have to give the kid from Team Texas props…#7…He can shoot…take you off the dribble…and plays good defense. Did not see many kids his size that can run the floor like he can and take the ball the distance of the floor if need be. Tremendous athlete. Seen him run down the big kid from TNBA and block his shot. Going to be a good one if he keeps developing. Also like the guard from Guachos #5..going to be a good PG

  199. D2 says:

    How is The Division 2 nationals looking in Charlotte NC

  200. AAU says:

    The buzz around Cocoa Beach this week at 5th Grade AAU Nationals was about that 4th Grader Hunter Jackson. Total domination with The 2012 AAU Champs Indy Storm, He averaged double digits this week including a game high of 21pts. He’s definitely in the top 3 in the nation!!!

  201. East vs West says:

    Congradulations to all the players and teams as they concluded their 4th grade year with nationals…the next big event will be the East vs West combine coming this September..the event will take place in Illinois California and Kentucky..this will give everyone a chance to settlie all battles from a individual view..event will feature the nations best in the classes 2020 2019 2018 and 2017…Don’t Miss Out!!!!

  202. d2 says:

    d2 nationals

  203. dublebuble says:

    I cannot believe the way parents go on and on about this age group. I have seen many of the teams play and my son ahs played against G3 a few times. Saunders is great as a one man show! #12 seems to hold the team together, they fall apart when he is not somewhere on the floor. #4 has got to be older. He is a beast but not a true 4th grader, gotta be an age exception. might be why he did so well at D2 5th grade nationals I like #7 too. and #15 is the most athletic.
    Havoc is a great team too but I hope the players grow. But they love the game and the passion they have will take them far. along with great coaches
    the other teams all seem to add HUGE players to beat the legit teams. so good luck to all the players and teams that play the game at the correct age level!

    • dang another hater everything got to be about saunders kid. season is over leave the boy alone. grown azz people jealous of him. they are all talented nobody on that team shines without the other I have seen them all get off on one game or another give me a break.

  204. g333333 says:

    I hear ya…they are all good and all legit quit hating on G3. We played Team Texas and I remember the #7 kid he is a beast and can really move for his age. Hes the tall white kid that can shoot and handle the ball like a guard. He is the only one who stood out on that team. G3 will be in the lab getting better and adding pieces for next year trust me.

  205. Unc says:

    Wait … How old do u guys think Jalen Suggs really is?


  206. Illinois 2020 says:

    Can someone tell me or give me their opinion on who are the top players in the class of 2020 from Illinois

  207. Hilliard4us says:

    Oh Lyle Puma…U know who we r. we played twice this year. No Red…No Picktown…just an observer that thinks your a moron. And no one is hiding behind fake names, just trying to keep Coach Dave out of it because of the respect I have for him. Move up here to Hilliard if u think its so great!! WE GOT GAME!!!

  208. MR.SUGGS says:

    Official 2012 Player Rankings: Class Of 2020: Top 60 Players



    Jalen Suggs

    Marcus Bagley

    Michael Saunders

  209. 916 select says:

    #8 – Jason Harris is a true force to be reckon with!
    You guys send what he did in nationals!

  210. Scout says:

    Elijah Bull from Evanston Illinois is the best Point Guard in the class of 2021 as he led his 9u battlecats team to a national championship down in Orlando Florida..the week before that Elijah helped the battlecats 10u to a final four appearence finishing third in Charlotte North Carolina..Elijah is hands down the best pg in his class

  211. yeah says:

    Yeah Harris is a monster. Suggs game is good but not number 1 by any stretch. His team is number 1 for 2012.

  212. Scout says:

    @observer yes sir it was division 2 don’t matter if it was division 3 competition what other point guard led their team to back to back final four appearences as well as him helping his older team to two top ten finishes two years in a row

    • I know says:

      “what other point guard led their team to back to back final four appearances as well as him helping his older team to two top ten finishes two years in a row”

      In division 1 that would be Mike Saunders Jr. #1 PG in the nation.

    • lol says:

      it does matter because the level of play is different.. it matters a whole lot!

  213. REAL TALK says:

    Not better then Jalen Blackmon from Spiece(finished 6th and 8th at DIVISION 1 NATIONALS), Daron Smith from George Hill (finished 5th and 6th at DIVISION 1 NATIONALS), or Zion from Team Glory(Finished 2nd and WON DIVISION 1 NATIONALS). Not to mention the point gaurd for Memphis Wareagles is probably the top pure point. He won DIVISION 1 NATIONALS in 2011. Scout, you need to go to DIVISION 1 NATIONALS before you start hyping DIVISION 2 kids.

    • Good job dc way to represent, everybody on this list above is alright except the george hill kid that got into a fight. He is not a good point gaurd, I saw him turnover in most of his games and started a fight to which he got plugged! george hill you guys better get a better person to bring up the ball or you will be in trouble for years to come with him your starting point gaurd!

      • 3rd Grade Nationals says:

        I agree, I am not a George Hill fan but I will admit they have some talented players. We actually went to there tournament to support the organization. Even played the 2nd and 3rd grade team many times this season. NO WAY can you put the little PG on the 3rd grade team in the conversation. He fouls the whole game and his attitude is terrible. Keep the ranking/debate fair and realistic, don’t try and sneak a kid into the discussion.

      • Stephanie Darions mom says:

        Im grown and dont beleive in using code names so when you respond please address me by my name Stephanie or Darions mom (thanks) but anyway I usually have better things to do then address clowns on website but since you want to down grade my son I thought I would jump on here I really dont care about your opinion because its not like your a scout or anything especially since Im sure you were home schooled like the the rest of the team which is a crock but my son may not be the best point guard but he sure isnt the worst and hes only 8 what are the TRUE ages of the kids on your team cause Ill bet you they are 10 or 11 and if hes all that then why do the true 8 and 9 year olds have to come off the bench to set illegal screens for him. I would be embarrsed if my son came off the bench to set a screen for a player that should be playing in the 10 and 11 year old age group lol.Im not taking nothing away from him at all because he is a very talented player for his proper age group, but what I dont understand is why the fourth grade team cant seem to make it anywhere in any tournament? But my son doesnt go out looking for fights but in our household we dont let our son get slapped around like a 2 dollar prostitute just because your might let yours we dont let ours. Darion has alot of respect for alot of players in the DC area especially the kids from Takeover who we all know is the better team!!!!! and kids have respect for him too so if he has offended you or your child in some way and they didnt do nothing to him then I apologize but I wont apologize for him defending himself. But unlike most of the clowns on this site I dont live my life through my son as long as he gets good grades in school and does what he likes doing then I am happy. Oh and if you leave me your address I will gladly mail you a copy of his games because either your are blind or getting wrong info because he dont get called for alot of turnovers his job is to get the ball up the court which he does

      • Stephanie Darions mom says:

        As far as getting “plugged” Darion got elbowed twice and he turned around and stole the boy and the boy head bunted him and hes the littlest one on the court so check your facts son who hit who first and as for the other person you can get a copy of the tape just provide the address. Just have your son go one on one with Darion on the court and see who comes out a winner. Once again my son is an 8 year old playing against a 10 or 11 year old if he is all that then why does he have to have the bench players running illegal screens. Dont run any screens on Zion and play man to man and see what he can do. As you can see from G3 we dont run screens we play straight up basketball. And as you can see my 8 year old son isnt playing second grade because thats foolish. But since you obviously got my son on your mind you know there isnt any kid out there that plays harder defense than Darion. My son LOCKS DOWN all point guards.

    • whats up with george hill kid getting in a fight at nationals? Then we saw the momma try to get loud with I guess the mom of the boy that punched him. She is lucky george hill mom I mean because the other mom looks like she would of stomped the little woman down.. That was a show anyway Congrats on our D.C teams for being in the finals we took over this year… Home schoool lol

      • Stephanie says:

        I went to say something to the referee because she didnt have control of the game and the kids kept elbowing my son through the whole game and that lady who jumped in my face wasnt even his momma but dont let the smallness fool you I will defend mine any day and any time and there is no way that game should of been out of control like that but and further more Darion got into a fight because he had been getting elbowed through the entire game and by the fourth quarter he got tired of it and I dont understand why its cute to be home schooled is there something that I am missing here because I dont see nothing cute about it

        • Parent says:

          Stephanie, you have valid points,but on the subject of home schooling and grade exceptions; If i had the oppurtunity to home school my kid I would, it is proven that academically it can be better for kid in the long run! They are progressing at their own pace, and arent being left behind if it they dont understand something. and a lot of 1 on 1 time. I also understand your frustrations with grade exceptions, but it is what it is! Doesnt matter the true age or true grade, its based on their class! Some may do it for sports, academics, maturation issues or whatever the case. This is something thats been going on for AGES, and its not going to stop anytime soon!

          • Stephanie says:

            I dont care about the home schooling thing really everything should go by age, but they like to chant “homeschool” because they think its cute and they know by using that “homeschool” title they are able to get away with kids cheating. I dont care if someone home schools their kids or not but walking around chanting it looks kind of silly is all I was saying

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            Hi!! We chant Home School because ppl always throwing the fact that our boys get homeschooled in our face…..its annoying so we decided to bring humor to the phrase thats all…..
            #0 Glory Mom

  214. Team Glory Mom says:

    THK YOU!! I’ve been reading all these names and not ONCE did I see Zion’s (#1 Team Glory 3rd/4th grade) name…..or Lil Doug (#0 2nd/3rd grade)….Hands down two of the TOP guards in the Class of 2021 and 2022 if not THE best in their classes. Finished #2 in 2nd grade nationals 2 years in a row and just finished #1 in 3rd grade..All Division 1……Thx for the love and acknowledgement. Glory Boys!!

  215. Scout says:

    Elijah Bull is definitely a division 1 guard..sir the guys your naming resumes does not match up with Elijahs too well..remember Elijah and the battlecats finished #1 for 9u and #3 for 10u his 9u team went 42-4 this season and his 10u team finished with an 57-6 record also both of teams won state championships in one year and Elijah also competed in the MSE camp where he went against some of the top D1 players in the class of 2020 as well and came out with a decent ranking..not taking anything away from your guys but Elijahs resume this year was off the charts

  216. Scout says:

    Exactly Zion is not recieving the exposure because his resume has to build up not saying that he is not good or anything..don’t get me wrong a lot of these guys are talented so the players resume is what seperates them and that goes for all players at every age and grade for example Mike Saunders Jr is the # point guard because of his resume over the other players..there are other point guards that are just as good as him such as Keetan Wyatt Devin Tolbert Marcus Fitzgerald Devin Askew Marshaun Robinson but I don’t think they led all their teams to back back final four appearences

  217. All about hooping says:

    @Scout, when you come to Divsion 1, then we can talk, these other people from Team Glory and other teams have a legit beef.

    Top guards in the class 2021 not in order:

    Zion #1 Team Glory, Kennedy #1 Memphis Wareagles, #1 Blackmon #1 Speice Kentucky

    All these guards have one major tournaments and state titles, Zion & Kennedy are the only 2 that have on National Titles, and also play 4th grade as well!! Until you come D1, you wasting your time posting on the site about D2, no disrespect, that is an accomplisment, but it aint nothing like D1 player!!!!!!!!!!

    • 3rd grade scout says:

      Pump your brakes. Every knows that the #1 kid from Memphis is a grade exception so dont you come on here knocking anybody. If does play grade he should be because thats his right grade so dont act like him playing 4th grade is a big thing. Those other 3 kids are legit

      • All about hooping says:

        @ 3rd grade scout, #1 from Memphis Wareagles is not a grade exception, straight up 3rd grader, 9 years old, not 10, not going on 11, not already 11. I did my research, I know the guy personally that runs the organization, he has been training that kid since he was 4 going on 5. Thats real talk 3rd grade scout. I dont know if Zion is or not, but I know Blackman is straight 3rd grader. Every kid dont have to be held back, and if you do that is not a bad thing

  218. Team Glory Mom says:

    His resume isnt announced but its amazing…..Winning all tournaments in all areas (DC, MD, NY, OH, SC) USBA Nationals 2 years straight, D1 Nationals (back to back 1-1) and not to mention getting MVP overall at the Hoop group 6th grade camp as a 3rd grader….Im not sure how that isnt amazing…..Zion isn’t doing these camps so he isnt getting exposed to YOU guys but the circuit knows ALL about him. I agree with the other guy, you cannot compare D1 teams to D2 teams, there is a HUGE difference between the 2…..there isnt anything Mike is doing that Zion isnt besides these camps in HIS area, of course he will get more exposure that way and on this site, not taking anything from him however when you are listing top 3rd and 4th grade guards you MUST say Zion Harmon in that line up……….

    • held back says:

      Imagine how great all our kids can be if we home school them and throw a grade on them. play any grade sure I will play 3RD grade nationals and 4th grade, heck and 5th my kid is home school so we will play them all. Im sure if they could he would play 2nd grade too. hey g3 maybe you guys should home school #3 let him play 4th grade agian next year actually if you guys home school him he can play 4th grade another 2 years right… craziness you guys can keep aau come on with the jokes wait until they in 8th grade and it dont matter kids stop growing and will find another sport because they wont be big enough so enjoy your little young ships while you can.

      • Team Glory Mom says:

        LLS!!!!! picture that…..talent doesn’t grow on trees my dear… matter the grade they are VERY talented players and will be VERY successful…mock my words and remember the name….

        #0 Glory mom

  219. Scout says:

    That’s great!! That is an impressive resume although he May be known or recognized by a team standpoint of view..look up Elijah Bull on YouTube you can see his highlights for yourself..Zion and Elijah are still very young so It’s still plenty of time for both of them to raise their stocks and add to their the way the proper individual exposure is also important..I encourage you guys to send Zion to the MSE camp next year..the compettion and exposure is great for the kids and also keep having fun while their still young

  220. REAL TALK says:

    Zion Harmon would emberass Elijah Bull. Not even close. Again, what gaurds has he battled in the midwest. Has he even played against Spiece or George Hill? Those are two teams in the midwest with gaurds worth measuring against. Zion is a whole different animal. You actually have to game plan to contain him. Elijah not on the scouting report yet. Zion has earned his stipes like the Chicago Bulls..Elijah is a “baby” Bull. Let the Basketball Street critics give your child/player his Bball street credit. PS. Division 2 only gets you a half credit unless you play up. Even then you still must put a list of teams and players he has actually put in work against. PSS..a good video/game against respectable competition never hurts. Anybody can make a Youtube video the question is out of those 42 9u wins and 57 10u wins how many ranked teams did you beat? Go to if you need some help, Division 1 results are posted.

    • @ Real Talk any home school kid can out play an acutal kid playing his right grade.

      • Team Glory Mom says:

        I find it VERY disrespectful that the fact that any kid is home schooled has ANYTHING to do with his natural abilities to be a DOG on the court…how dare you bring that up, my son too is homeschooled and an AMAZING baller and his school has NOTHING to do with that, they were born this way…..Zion as well as Lil Doug play up to 7th grade and actually get W’s…..they work EXTREMELY hard EVERY DAY Sun- Sun starting at 6am to perfect their crafts yet we have people like you who wont just admit GREATNESS when you see it…..The resume speaks for itself….People can be so ignorant….

        • Home school says:

          Zion playing his right grade (4th) did nothing at nationals in Cincy so what does that say.. but 3rd he killed why is that.. just keeping it real…. Lets see some of these other kids that are on this list play down like zion and see what they do… exactly.. Dont come on here boasting because he couldnt make a good impression in 4th so he plays down 3rd.. shoot Im sure if he could get away with it he would of been at 2nd too….

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            I will be sure to show him this whole blog when he makes it….YOU GUYS are the motivating forces behind our boys being successful….Thanks! The hate really fuels the engine for us! 🙂

        • Of course he is a dog on the 3rd grade court but at 4th grade nationals he didnt do much. Imagine if some of these other kids get held back or just go home school like him and play down…

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            He didnt do much?? Finishing 13th with a team of 3rd and 2nd graders at D1 Nationals is MUCH to me, out of 52 teams, are you serious??….its not playing down when you are home schooled ALL your life, thats his grade…PERIOD…you have to know to judge. Our 4th grade team has only 3 4th graders on it….also ALOT of kids in different states start school a year later or are really held back for academic reasons and all of that STILL has nothng to do with their skill level…NOTHING at all, he can go to school at a farm and he is STILL going to be great. Homeschool is amazing and the best thing for Zion as well as my son, it gives them more time to WORK which is what they do to be able to be GREAT. Embrace your young black brother don’t knock him! He can be the cities next Lebron for all we know. Half of these D1 College kids and NBA kids ALL reclassed/homeschooled (i.e. Venus and Serena Williams, Tim Tebow, Jason Taylor, Balke Griffin,Jeremy Lamb to name a few) and they are very successful. I appreciate the ppl on here just giving props and acknowledgement not negativity. Hard work…dedication and a STRAIGHT A student.

          • oh no, now she claiming their 4th grade team is 2nd and 3rd graders here we go agian, pay attention they will have them playing 2nd, 3rd and 4th agian probably next 2years… lol good ole dc metro area…

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            You can look at ANY video from Memphis to Florida…we make ALL of our kids play up…my son played in ALL 3 Nationals this year as a 2nd grader because thats how you get better so its not CLAIMING my dear, it is what it is….PLEASE pay attention to what I said, you will see my son at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Nationals next year and possibly 6th IF we want to….Good Ol DC Metro area taking over, go look at the D1 rankings, Potomac Valley all thru that list in ALL ages from 2-8th…we taking over. You seem to have a negative opinion about EVERYTHING, Im reading your comments. Who DONT you hate on?? Team Glory 2nd grade #2 2011 and 2012, 3rd grade #1 and 4th #13….Division 1. Hard work and dedication.

        • Tupac says:

          This is the truest ish I ever wrote….
          All you eastcoast teams need to check yourself. Homeschooling kids and holding them back for a National title, shame on you. Here is the facts..Glory best kids are homeschooled, but only stand out when they play down. Lil Doug only did good when he played “Down” against 2nd graders. Zion only plays good when he plays “down” 3rd grade. When I say “down” it means they qualify AAU wise because as HOMESCHOOLED kids they have no grade. Since AAU gives you an extra year, they are eligible by age to play against 2nd graders in Lil Dougs case and 3rd graders in Zion’s case. This is all legal in terms of eligibility, but will always be frowned on when a parent uses the word GREATNESS.

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            They play good regardless…..they are true athletes who shine against ALL ages…you have to watch them year around to judge Tupac…they are GREAT for their ages NOT grades as far as Im concerned as well as whoever has eyes and can see…So NO ONE homeschools or holds back for a national title, this has been my method of education for my son since DAY ONE before he ever touched a bball or joined a team. Shame on you for assuming such….our boys are GREAT.

          • I dont think she realizes how talked about zion is by his peers when he walks into a gym I saw him have to break his neck to get out of one venue because older kids that know from d.c. make fun of him. why do you subject your kids to that. At mit he broke his neck to get out of a gym and keeps his head down. Is it really worth all that?

        • look, we know zion is older than the normal age of a 3rd grader, if dc teams are that confident of their teams and players stop playing them down. if you want to keep them in home school fine Im sure dc is not one of the better places to send your kids to school but playing them down is a disservice. most aau teams will never give respect to aau kid that gets bounced around like a ping pong ball to win by switching from 3rd to 4th grade. you did it in akron which was hilarious, you did it in indiana came down in a bus and was shipping kids in and out like cattle call depending on what team was playing but had to make a choice for championship games because they were both at the same time on seperate sides of town (more need to do that)and mit where you are from and people from there were talking about it too…

          • Team Glory Mom says:

            Zion is 10!! He doesnt break his neck to get out of a gym, he breaks his neck to go spend the night at his buddies house like EVERY other kid!! Are you ppl really this crazy?? Just acknowledge talent when you see it…..young talented black young man who works hard is ALL he is…..and as far as how we play our kids, we can do what we want how we want it…who cares how we have them play or on what team….I dont get your point….My son plays on 3 teams as well, thats called progression…playing 3 to 4 grades up….thats how you get better…thats why they are CHAMPIONS

  221. Zion Who says:

    Lmao who the heck is one even know his last name but yet your bashing another kid that you have yet seen play or know..smh do you not see at the top of this page that Elijah took on Seth Wilson the #1 rising 4th in the nation Mike Saunders and his crew..I’m telling you man, the kid can play you need to stop taking shots at kids and thank god for Zions health and ability to perform on the court stop getting mad at kids just because Zion is not getting the ink Elijah is getting

    • elijah went d2, go d1 before you want to know who d1 players are. elijah is not getting any ink from where I can tell most of it is from you trying to make him be in the same catagory as some of these other kids. all Im saying is go d1 if your team is not good enough to play d1 put him on another team that is.

  222. you guys are stupid says:

    It’s very hard to say who is best. Some kids are in great situations. NBA sponsored teams or by NBA athletes. Some kids have to play with bums cause the area there from. Reverse some roles and see what people say. Wait til you guys burn ur kids out and they don’t even hoop when the time comes. Just too hard to tell now let them get grades and have fun and develop

    • And some kids have parents that rather keep their kids at home so they can keep playing their kids down too. going to nationals twice sometimes 3 times it seems. If these parents put as much work effort in putting their kids in school and making their grades imagine all the scholars their would be. In the gym 6am wow, thats nothing to brag about Im proud my son is getting up to go to school to stay on that honor roll. Still puts it down on the court when he needs too.

      • Team Glory Mom says:

        Was your reply directed to Team Glory, it seems like it….6am is GREAT, because school doesnt stop for us on the weekends boo, our kids can go to school ALL day and night long, the joy of homeschool!! and they are all 3 grades above their level on EVERY subject because of that one on one time and attention. Whatever someones work regimate is again has nothng to do with their schooling or vice versa, you keep associating one with the other….Im just gonna let you have your lame ass opinion. The Glory Boys are talented AND VERY educated from HOME SCHOOL!! Thx!

  223. hardwork says:

    This is crazy you have 3rd gr. kids crossing state lines to team up with teams and still get beat. All the talent in the area you see hardwork just placed 2nd maybe 1st if folks would stop making more of this then it really is.

  224. burn out says:

    Time will tell who’s best. Right now way too early so many kids put in so many situations. One could easily be considered the best with talented kids around him. I see kids on bad programs that would be considered one of the best if roles were reversed. I see kids that would maybe struggle on bad programs thats mentioned as one of the best. This is a very skilled class and some teams are really loaded with talent. No kid at fault for who they play for . I love to watch this class and i wish them all the best i just hope us as parents will always put whats best for the kids and dont over push them no rush time will tell who’s best when it matters

  225. Team glory dad says:

    Zion Harmon is clearly the best 3rd/4th grade guard in the country!!!

  226. all about hooping says:

    Top guards hands down is Zion Harmon-Team Glory#1 and Kennedy Chandler-Memphis Wareagles#1- Both have won D1 national championships, state championships, and other major tournaments. Both players carry their teams averaging 25-30 ppoints per game and both play on both ends of the floor. I have never seen 2 third graders that get box n one, double team, and sometimes triple team all the time.

    • REAL TALK says:

      Zion and Kennedy are definantly the two top gaurds. Kennedy more of a pass first PG while Zion is more of a scorer. I would put Zion number 1 because he actually is more of the focal point of his team and you must game plan for him. Kennedy won a National title on a loaded(Wildcats) team and really has not beat any quality teams playing for the Wareagles. Blackmon(Spiece) was also mentioned but he is clearly the most selfish PG of the bunch. The Smith kid for G3 is solid, but I believe his height limits his decision making.

    • Real Talk says:

      Seeing Zion playing 4th grade this is not the case, put any kid playing down to 3rd grade they would be a beast too.

  227. funny says:

    hardwork got beat in pool was able to skip past tougher teams because everybody beat each other out and you want to talk now.. what did you do at state?? thank you, we will see you next season…

  228. DreamBig says:

    I’m so glad somebody from MSE said something about resume’s because I’m not sure how some of these kids get ranked, that haven’t done anything, I mean absolutely nothing. But no worries, it’s time for somebody to let it be known,, the production can’t be denied.

    Jordan “J-5” McPhatter – HAVOC –
    4 time D1 tournament MVP – one being MIT
    4 time D1 NC state champion – one playing up D2
    1 time D1 MIT Champion
    1 time D1 National Champion!!
    Since he started playing AAU 3 top ten appearances (#1,#5,and #6 in the country)
    So many city rec medals I can’t keep count. Straight A student. Leggo!!! Normally I wouldn’t do this, but just for a little exposure, I think it’s time I let it be known, it’s another PG out there that will claim his spot soon enough. One more thing, Jalen Suggs, great kid, definitely one of the best in the country, but after talking to him and his dad, he really is a good kid, pulling for him!!! Mike Saunders and Jay been going at for 3yrs, always pulling for him too, another kid that just makes it easy to root for him. We’ll see yall in the gym!

  229. Absolutely says:

    J5 is a vet like Rakim. He has the moxy and the production to prove it. He is definitely a kid to be respected and placed near the top. Can root for him and HAVOC all day any day. G3 got love for him and his squad so does the rest of the midwest. Dubs up!

  230. East vs West says:

    Look like there is still a lot of individual battles to be settled..again Toi Baylor’s East vs West combine will be held in Waukegan Illinois October 6th and 7th..this event is open to all players in the classes 2021 2020 2019 2018 and 2017…don’t miss out!!

    • Team Glory Mom says:

      Do you guys have a website for this combine?

    • Over priced says:

      If you are charging high like the last one or if you have just anybody coaching the teams that were a mess forget it. Many were disappointed in how it was ran and handled. Teams lopsided drug out waste of time and money.

  231. scared says:

    is anybody going to give up a website or info on the combine or is it a event you want to keep the best out of so your kid s can do well and then brag about resumes

  232. REAL TALK says:

    Follow the steps of your older brothers DC area, DC ASSAULT. 6th Grade team that won Nationals was the same 6th grade team from 2011(all reclassed). 4th grade DC Assault, most the same 4th graders from 2011(mostly reclassed). Exactly how many kids on Glory is HOMESCHOOLED? Like stated before, your 4th grade/2020 team has never beat another good 2020/4th grade team. You know why, beause your kids are actually playing the same age kids then. How many of the top 4th/2020 kids like Zion do you see at 3rd grade Nationals? How many 3rd graders do you see at 2nd grade nationals? Check Team Glory. How many times has Zion been to 8u Nationals? Who the hell is Lil Doug?

    • Team Glory Mom says:

      LMAO!!! How can you speak on ANY situation from fan and stands CONVO….Zion has been to the 2nd grade Nationals TWICE as has most kids because they start playing when they’re 7 so please get your info straight before you speak, and Lil Doug #0 is the guard who KILLED Memphis for 2nd grade Nationals. We have 3 Home schooled kids out of 45 since you asked and they are extremely excellent. DC AREA is great. EVERY state has reclassed kids…EVERY team has them….so miss me with the hate! Zion kills ALL ages and grades and does it with a 4th grade team that has only 3 fourth graders. Instead of you just saying yes he is a great young man who is exceptionally talented and will be successful, you say this…about a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds. It’s ok, you WILL read about alot of our kids again for all the right reasons.

  233. Scout says:

    @All about hooping…you know what man your right he’s a division 1 prospect and Elijah is out of his league Zion is the next Lebron James..Elijah just might get posterized by Zion if he Elijah steps on the court..All American!!!Lmao Derrick Rose!! We too Scared..Jordan!!! But seriously we’ll catch Zion at Phenom Jr All American John Lucas MSE and etc..those are where the individual battles are settled and I gurantee you it will not matter if the player is D1 D2 D3 or hell even if someone plays for their church..IF A PLAYER CAN PLAY HE WILL SHINE REGARDLESS!!!

  234. Sorry dad says:

    Zion would kill Elijah, not even close. Please stop talking about this kid. Tell me a good team he has played against and won.

  235. 3rd grade scout says:

    @all about hooping who ever is running that organization is not being honest with you. Or your parents are lying also. I asked about the #1 kid from Memphis and the other dark skin guard I believe #33 while I was in the stand and a few of them told me that #1 had been held back. Normally parents will tell the truth when their kid isnt getting a chance to play because of this situation. Funny how teams play grade exception kids and still dont win.

  236. 3rd grade scout says:

    As it stands right now Elijah maybe the only player without a doubt a true 3rd grader. Whether he is better than the other named kids or not time will tell, his team did win a D2 Nat Champ so thats a big accomplishment for any team.

    • Attucks Wolfpack says:

      D1 and D2 are both good the major difference I see there are more cheaters in D1 three of my D2 players played D1 this year and all of them are ranked higher than they were in D2 with YBR Elite and WACG All STars. There is truly a lot of talent but let the kids be kids 3rd and 4th shouldnt be an argument settle it on the hardwood!

  237. Express/JC says:

    I was able to watch many games last week at Nationals,and many good players like the kids named above.But Seth Wilson is a problem,he played every position and has great size the games that I saw he had to have a double double and very close to a triple double in the 3 games I watched.At Lebron James we felt like he was an older kid so we appealed, but he is not, I seen it with my own eyes a true 9yr old 3rd grader.I don’t know if he classifies as a pg but he is a basketball player!He was a joy to watch like these other ballers !

  238. All about hooping says:

    @ 3rd grade scout, #1 is a true grader, as I was told that whole team are straight 3rd graders, that was that team first time ever playing AAU basketball except #1, man parents will tell you anything when their kids are not getting the playing time they want. If you really want to know that bad, just go to the source, his mother and father. But dont talk down about any kid because he has talent, like I said earlier, everybody child that has talent is not a grade exception, I call it “STAYING IN THE LAB”

  239. 3rd grade scout says:

    @all about hooping I guess the parents and coach from Team Penny (they are from memphis right) lying also because they were watching your game also when I was asking not arguing with you about this. #1 kid from Memphis is good, the topic was who has been held back. So I thought I chimed in and let you know that small detail. Since you believe he is a true 3rd grader. I dont know the truth just as you dont know the truth because you said that you were told also. So lets leave it at that.

    Elijah from what I saw and heard in Orlando can easily be considered as one of the top “TRUE” 3rd graders at the PG spot

    • Parent says:

      3rd grade scout #1 from Memphis War Eagles is a true 3rd grader, He is 9yrs old and will turn 10 this school year! And if its true that you got your info from his former coach (Team Penny) It is truly ashame! Beacause yes they were lying, prob because he is not playing with them anymore! He is good because he gets a lot of reps and he is talanted! He mainly plays 4th grade (with whom his dad coaches) and they play up to 6th graders until aau season! If he was held back War eagles would have easily won 2nd grade nationals!
      P.S. The people from within your city are the ones who lie and hate the most. Especially when their best player leaves to go to another team? And when they were playing with 4th graders!


        • SMH says:

          Team Takeover didn’t you all lose to Team Glory in the finals so I guess somebody saw you alls first 10 just saying stay humble lil guy!

      • Tupac says:

        Kennedy is the man!!!!! He is a great talent and the guard that played with him in 3rd Grade Nationals #33 is going to be a force as well!!!

    • until he plays d1 where the real hoopers play there is really nothing else needs to be talked about. Playing at nobodies camp qualifies show me real time, at tournament nationals etc. that he did something. All this true grade stuff there are a lot of true grade kids still out there that are battle tested elijah is not one of them. d2 no matter how you try to slice it don’t cut it in any of the grades really. Thats like getting a letter of completeing your grade but not that diploma.. gotta pass istep 1st illinois battle cats! lol

  240. all about hooping says:

    I know Team Penny coach or parents didn’t tell you that cuz he played with them last year as a 2nd grader when they won Nationals, bottom line, not a grade exception! You don’t have to find an excuse to put Elijah over Zion or Kennedy, just play D1 next year!

  241. 3rd party says:

    I understand that Div. 1 means alot however we are comparing 4 diffrent type of players! Zion is older and should be playing with his age group but if they feel he has a better chance playing down so be it. But he is a great scorer(Westbrook).Elijah is a pg that scores but also sets his teamates up(CP3)and has played top comp. Kennedy is a deep threat and also can get teamates involved and is capable of making the BIG SHOT (young more athletic Chauncey Billips).I agree with Express Seth is a problem he is a tweener and does it all (LBJ A GAME CHANGER!)We dont know how these guys will turn out but it will be fun to watch. STAY IN THE LAB !

  242. this blog is out of hand says:

    I see stuff on here that is not true about my son. Ha ha funny all good things said but not true. Thanks for the props just keep it real

  243. KING of KINGs says:

    I wish they aau teams next to names if they play for one…

  244. KING of KINGs says:

    I wish that put AAU teams next to there names, if they play for a team.

  245. KING of KINGs says:

    I wish they put AAU teams next to the players name. If they play for a team.

  246. it is about the game says:

    I was in Orlando for nationals as well, I am here to let you all know that all the those kids were awesome. If those kids are the next chapter/generation for college ball and the NBA… I am staying tuned! I just want to give a shot out to all the parents there in Orlando … thanks for the support that you provide for your child and all other kids that was in Orlando too. Man shot out to Seth Wilson, I had a chance to meet that kid and his father in Cincinnati not too long ago. Not only is that kid talented and fundamentally sound in the game of basketball but he is a great kid !~ His father is a cool dude… he stays on the court with that lil man working with his game to make sure Seth is equipped everytime he steps on a court. Good stuff and like my man said… stay tuned.

    • Keep getting people together and hopefully your plan starts to show results. So many on this blog rip ideas and people that seek to support the masses. These short sighted individuals see the negative in every situation. Most of them run from team to team and wonder why their son has limited success on the basketball court. Surely they have productive students and are great parents, but they do not know nuts about basketball. Limit your discussions to people that share your vision and then grow out from there. These clowns will line up to pay when your plan is showing success- and trust they will promise you they knew you had a great idea all along.

      I want to thank everyone that seeks to make a difference in the lives of children, especially those that are not your own.

  247. East vs West says:

    East vs West Combine coming soon..don’t miss out in the biggest event this fall!! Class of 2021 committed players Elijah Bull Seth Wilson Darion Smith and others..Class of 2020 committed players Jalen Suggs Micheal Saunders Brevin Jefferson Langston Binns Kettan Wyatt Jr Zeb Jackson Hunter Jackson Devin Tolbert Nimari Burnett Elliot Sieger Reece Beekman and many more..class of 2019 committed players are Lance Jones Peyton Harris Jalen Jennings Ray J Dennis Keion Brooks Justice Ellison Devon Harge Isaiah Moore and others..class of 2018 committed players are Damon Harge Courtney Ramey Jordan Simmons EJ Montgomery Chase Adams Marquise Walker Marquis Brown Quam Desusomu Gavin Schdewald and others..Class of 2017 committed players are Cody Riley Alonzo Verge Reggie Crawford Mike Johnson Octavious Parker Joshua Roberts Nojel Eastern Jordan Riley and many more!!!

  248. east vs west says:

    I know at least more than 6 players on this list not going don’t lie about trying to get people to come to your camp. you did a poor job with the last one……

  249. rep ohio the right way says:

    2013 5th gr. if ohio came together like the other states and put the best talent on one team. it would be over. from tnba morrow kid hightower kid seth wilson conner otoole, TEAM TOLEDO keetan wyatt
    zeb jackson. the 2 bigs from king james, MarSaun Robinson,MEECH from hardwork, and tay tay from lorain. and 1 more that I’m not sure of. can’t see nobody getting with these guys I’m sorry. would be nice

    • g3 says:

      dont worry morrow and hightower coming indianas way, we will make sure he gets a chance to get to the final ship to play. regardless of how big you think you have you have to have gaurds that can beat a press and be able to feed the big kids. g3 gong to have a great year… vegas, st louis, Hit, cocoa beach. and wherever else we decide to throw in between that going to be a great season 1 love.

      • rep ohio 1st says:

        Feel that . Also feel sorry for the kids if they don’t win. Should be fun anyway

      • thirsty says:

        I guess if its that serious and means that much for you all to win 5th grade nationals knock urselves out. No worries if it was 12th grade when it matterand we wasn’t in position for a scholarship then maybe. No rush no race can’t control the game and measures people take,but when the time comes the ones who work to perfect their craft will shine and on that court you will get exposed can’t hid behind money and thirsty parents forever

        • Who's Hiding says:

          Check the resume before you say “can’t hide behind money forever”…same kids that started in the program, still in the…2009, started with 12 kids 2012-2013 gonna have 200 kids. 3rd-7th grade every team Nationally ranked. 7th grade your a recruitable athlete, so it does matter now. We don’t hide behind money like Indiana Elite and Spiece waiting to “buy” the inner city kids when they get to the 8th bro..not us. We play a National Schedule, never ran, never will. When will the hatin stop? Memphis Wareagles reclassed half there 5th grade team, people from non-bordering states playing together, teams like AIA..but you still talking stupid. Its all good. Just remember, we the good guys we not charging kids $450-$500 to wear green/orange or black/red. We don’t cut kids or give special “gifts” to the players in 8th grade to get them to leave the organization that put them on the map. We don’t hide behind the name and say “If you don’t play in the EYBL, no coach will ever see you!” We just try to give kids an oppurtunity and build a brand that is recognized for producing top talent. Even if 10 out of 100 kids in the program is from a boardering state, we still helping more kids then any other program in Indiana. Like the late Whitney Houston said” I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way”.

      • thirsty. says:

        its cool i just mentioned it because i notice ohio is loaded. I’m from ny and could really care less my son is in 10th grade and has tons of college letters and colleges interested in him already and he never once been ranked. so knock ur thirsty selves out cause you all make it about ur programs and parents more then the kid. ohio is loaded i don’t see why if you can go to another state why not just stay home and put ur own state on ur back instead of being on another states and programs jock. plenty gyms in ohio to meet. 1 love have fun selling ur sole

        • Talking crazy says:

          Ohio can still build a strong team minus Morrow and Hightower depending on when George Hill isn’t playing. Just because they playing tournaments with someone else doesn’t mean they not “reppin” the state. You don’t think people knew Marquise Walkers from Chicago, Lance Jones from Chicago, Seth Wilson from Ohio, Peyton Harris from Ohio just because they played for George Hill last year? WACG get Garland and Namari, Indy Hoosiers get kids from bordering states, Spiece, Elite, and everyone else does it, but when George Hill does it now its “selling your soul”. Its about EXPOSURE and giving your kid a chance to compete at a national level. Is Garland, Xavier and Namari “reppin” Chicago playing with WACG? Is Jordan Simmons “reppin” Chicago playing with Lebron James? Ohio is already on the map and kids crossing boarders is the nature of the beast. BTW Jalen Suggs and Langston Booogie both from Minnesota but won a National title for Wisconsin. Each parent has to do whats best for there child. If the oppurtunity is there, you can’t pass it up regardless the state.

          • ohio says:

            I feel you talking crazy. It would be nice to get Morrow,but honestly you g3 cats can have hightower ohio still have solid guard play lacking on the bigs

  250. True says:

    Ohio does have a lot of talent in middle school right now

  251. lol says:

    You cryin about kids crossing the border . Need to laugh about Memphis Wareagles reclassing the the whole 5th grade team into the 2020 class…now that’s selling ur soul.

  252. who cares says:

    morrow doesn’t play a lick of defense…and hightower cries everytime they are losing….

  253. I know says:

    Well said talking crazy parents got to do what’s best for there kids! Let these kids develope and have fun at the same time it’s about them.

  254. playground elite says:

    Its saturday and George Hill still sucks

  255. Trade Rumors says:

    I hear Seth Wilson will also be running with the Illinois Battle Cats 11u alongside Elijah Bull and Devin Tolbert

  256. Trade Rumors says:

    I hear Seth Wilson will also be playing up with the Illinois Battle Cats 11u team this upcoming season alongside Elijah Bull and Devin Tolbert

  257. NoHio says:

    Saw Ketann Wyatt and his camp sitting with Detroit Family the whole Buckeye Prep this weekend. Looks like Ohio is losing its best wing in Morrow to Indiana and its best point guard to Michigan

  258. Over Rated says:

    Ohio was the only state with 2 top ten finishers at Nationals. But I don’t think any other team even had one win. Those kids are better off leaving the state unless they play together. But that wont work. Morrow and Wyatt are both very good players but they are ball hogs.

  259. scout hoopscoop online says:

    ohio has a kid that played nationals with cleveland hts MarSaun Robinson.Talked to MarSauns father he said MarSaun only practiced with this team maybe 7 times. I watched 2 of the games and you would’ve thought that was MarSauns team. Played a lot of min.nobody could strip him without fouling him. He didn’t score much the team didn’t compliment him so it was tough. If you know basketball you should be able to respect his handle. Google his name looks like he been playing in camps all across the country all summer up a grade or two and been ranking well. Say what you want this kid can shoot and handle that rock. Ketann may be a little better but not much if at all.

  260. Ca$hville Ten-a-key says:

    All I got to say is if the best point in Ohio come from that Cleveland Heights team. Ohio is in trouble! LMMFAO. WAGC beat those boys by 60 wit the 3rd string boys in! Nobody on that team was any good

  261. father says:

    I’m MarSaun’s father thanks to mse and the other camps that ranked MarSaun.
    Also props to Keetann and his father met them at Buckye prep for the first time their doing great things so to mention my son in the same breath with him or any of the elite players in 2020 I’m honored. MarSaun is from a small town not known for hoops. These camps are our way of learning from former players and coaches also to compete against good players. Honestly we could care less about who the best is just trying to get the best we can get and let him be a kid as much as possible. Good luck to all the kids and parent in the class of 2020

  262. Anonymous Fan says:

    I have watched a lot of basketball games in Ohio this Spring and Summer. These are my top guards. The top 2 are proven winners and along with my #3 are the only lead guards that can compete on the highest Division 1 level amongst the elite kids in my opinion.

    1. Keetan Wyatt- Team Toledo. Led team to 8th place in the Nation. Excellent ball handler. High IQ. Pass first, streaky scorer. Nice pull up jumpshot. Controls game pace. Good on ball defender. Can be too unselfish. Needs to get stronger and attack more offensively.

    2. Daven Hightower- TNBA West Elite. Led team to 9th place in the Nation. Not far behind #1. Decent ball handler. Good shooter. Nice size. Strong body. Willing passer. High energy. Very emotional kid. Needs to improve left hand handle.

    3. Carter Mims- Dayton Pilots. Most entertaining. Fun to watch. Lightning quick. Very crafty. Tough. Nice range on shot. May be the strongest ball handler in State. Very Small. Sometimes he over dribbles.

    4. Taleik Walker- All-Ohio Red?? Good game manager. Clutch Shooter. Hits big shots. Decent handle. Has to get stronger. Played on at least 3 different teams in 2 years. Occasionally takes bad shots.

    5. Marshaun Robinson- Cleveland Heights. Poor man’s Carter Mims. Very Quick. Good handle. Hits open shots. Small. Doesn’t go left. Big fish, small pond. Plays against sub-par competition. Has to work on defense.

    Honorable Mention- Barker, Cincinnati Royals.
    Dominic Penn, All-Ohio Red

    Pretty good group! I like this Class of 2020

    • father says:

      Thanks cash thanks anonymous fan we will continue to keep ur thoughts in mind. No rankings or who is the best to me because its been time when I’ve seen my son out play kids get ranked lower or rank higher then kids I know out played him. I’m proud of him despite anyone’s opinion and we will continue to work.. Not to mention he was invited to play with Cleveland hts practiced a few times with them. They have a system where everyone plays. The 1st game MarSaun didn’t even start because he is not even from Cleveland. Those kids don’t even know him were talking 10 yr old kids. So it was kids that played together all year so they didn’t want a kid not on thier team to take their shine so it was kids that wouldn’t even give him the ball when clearly he was the only one who could bring it up. Go back look at that vid and see how they got their only buckets. Because the good plays he made. As far as comp were all over the country get on line and the places we been aren’t in our back yard. I still like his game so far

    • anonymous fan says:

      I too have watched a lot of games in ohio this spring and summer. these are my top guards. The top in my opinion are 1.Keetan from team toledo best iq. 2. marsaun .3.Carter Mimms Dayton Pilots 4. Taleik all ohio red 5 Daven Hightower he gets over because his team is very good. he is a good floor general can’t shoot blows a lot of lay ups.

      • Baller Fan says:

        No wait, you are missing probably the #1 PG in Ohio-Willeon Yates and a top 10 player in Ohio in Savon O’Neal. Yates from Springboro and O’Neal from Miamisburg.

        • Nope says:

          Carter is better than both of them by a lot. Sorry

          • Baller Fan says:

            You sound stupid?!?!?! Willeon Yates will do up any 2020 PG in Ohio, best believe that and Savon will just about do the same. I respect Carter Mims but you gotta look at the facts and check us out this summer. Comin for state.

        • Ohio says:

          What team do these two kids play for?

          • Baller Fan says:

            Gem City Thunder and they will be playing in a lot of good tournaments this year and we’ll see.

    • hoops dad says:

      This is y this stuff is so comical. I’m not here to talk up our team. I won’t do that. I’m not even going to mention their names. But the list above,is a list we haven’t beaten all 4 of the guards we played and not one got over 5 pts. The only one we didn’t play was wyatt. I did watch him at nationals..he is good. Mims made a foul shot against us and we beat the pilots by 16. He was in tears at half. Walker we have played 5 times and beat his team by 20 each time, and never got double digits. Barker from royals we beat 4 times in one tournament…never had had double digits and won everytime by 20-25 pts. Hightower..nice kid, but we also shut him and marsaun down at lebron and beat tnba.

      I’m not saying we r greAT. Please refrain from the bashing. I’m not a team or player basher…I know each kid well. Great young men, but since we don’t go to these camps our kids go unnoticed. Fair enough…but know there are more kids out there in Ohio. As Mid Ohio pumas we have played every team in stat e except Toledo, and won. Including tnba…Now we got smeared by wpg and metrolina, those are great teams obviously. We have work to do but realize Ohio will be fine this year without Hightower and morrow, we beat them anyway . It’s disappointing they left….good luck to each kid this year. Hopefully by the end of summer u will know more puma players by name. They work hard and have proven it obviously..facts show it against these guards listed above.

      • Wow. Really! says:

        That TNBA win was a fluke in my opinion dad. No disrespect. The Big kid was decent though. Can we get your TOP 5-7 then?

        • hoops dad says:

          The win was a fluke, but yet tnba wanted to merge teams with us for nationals…ok.
          Again, I think these kids are great players.
          I’m saying that there are kids you wouldnt know by name since they didn’t go to camps etc,…who have played these kids multiple times and beat them every time and hung with them . We have played all of them, except wyatt a combined 11 times and won every time. I just don’t see them as being much different than most kids I’ve seen. The idea of ranking them at 10 is silly.

          I get it though…we still suck, even though taliek walker wants to play with us this year. Jerry Watson who runs all ohio red has been asking for us to be their 5th grade team. The Ohio hoopsters having been begging us to be their team. King James asked us to replace their team. We have beaten every team in ohio, except Toledo..never played them. Yet we are a fluke. Tnba didn’t even score 30 points against us…morrow, Wilson, Hightower, Robinson…kids that are great players…they get a lot of pub on here if course….but ok. Again we aren’t saying we are in the class of wpg g3, metro, etc…not yet. But if tnba and Toledo are top10…then we arent far behind. Looking forward to playing Toledo soon…great coached team..good players, but we want our shot to Sweep the state. Only one left to play.

          • Over Rated says:

            Your team sucks. Did you mention King James beat you. Bring your pathetic team to nationals or stay off this site. Your team lost by 60pts? 30pts?

          • Top Ten says:

            I think your team was good hoops dad. Just thought you caught a team that had beat everyone in the tourney by 30+ points at an opportune time. The set up to that tournament was atrocious to say the least. To have the kids play 5-6 straight games in one day? Ridiculous. And even that victory is equivalent to an NCAA regular season win compared to an NCAA Tournament win. You seem like a knowledgeable guy, so I hope you can appreciate my analogy.

            But also, to dispute a team’s ranking when they actually competed and your team did not, makes you come off as bitter about another team’s success. TNBA or Toledo’s rankings can not be challenged because they are programs that competed and went through the fire. Not stand by as a bystander during the only tournament that matters and said we deserve a ranking though we aren’t competing. That’s called riding another team’s success. You have to put the work in yourself hoops. You should know that. And if its not done at Nationals? It doesn’t matter. To consider your team top anything is disrespectful to the many kids in the Nation that actually laced up the sneaks and at least tried to play.

            Also. If you got creamed by Havoc, the 6th place finisher. And you admit that you aren’t in their class. They were beaten by pretty good by DC Assault, the 5th place finisher. TNBA lost to DC by 4 and Toledo lost to them by 3, I think. So that would make both of the teams in the same echelon as the program that you admit you are inferior to.

            Wish your team the best though. Hope you make it to Nationals next year. No excuses.

          • Crybaby says:

            Did you mentioned King James beat your team. You are pathetic as well as your team. Did you take your team to nationals? You claim you have the best team in OH and didn’t represent your State? For real. You are a hypocrite.

          • Clown says:

            You are doin a whole lot of name dropping. No class what-so-ever

          • This guy says:

            Toledo beat the Metro Sixers by 15pts at Nationals. And I believe their main guard had either a sprained wrist or broken finger. So why do you give other teams props but hate on the Ohio teams

      • shut down says:

        This is false how could you shut a kid down at king James that wasn’t even at king james. Lol funny stuff

      • Who do you think you are says:

        You aren’t a player basher. Yet you mock a crying 10 year old in order to make your team look better. You need the shit slapped out of you. I hate people like you. You are what’s wrong with youth basketball. To the kid was singled out and tried to be portrayed as a punk. Keep your head up lil homie. And to this loser who negatively singles out everyone else’s kids. Watch your mouth before you get slapped in it.

  263. Who in the building says:

    @Father I’ve seen Marshaun play and he is talented you are doing a good job with him by getting him healthy exposure and not over doing it and coat tail riding like a lot of these parents are doing..however you should send Marshaun to the East vs West camp in Illinois this November, the competion will be great..players from G3 WACG Playground Elite and other elite players will be attending the event tv is fall

    • Scott says:

      Man I’m at the camp in Indy this weekend g3 got a kid dunking its crazy! And as far as 5th grade mike saunders #3 cold as hell! He stronger and faster running a clinic! Playing up and has not missed a beat! I don’t think he left the gym all year! They have some nice kids here from all over I’m glad we made the trip and i was able to see what they talking about.the kid dunking name its blue y’all be looking for they 7th grade team and 5th daaamn all i can say!

  264. ballin says:

    The kid that is dunking everything is Jordan Morris(7th Grade). Camp is Crossroads Elite. Check

    • Great tournout at this camp talent from everywhere people in the gym early this year. All I have to say is if you stopped for football you will be behind. Theses kids that came out are serious heard some kids from Wisconsin where in INDY this weekend. I doubt if mse or east west can get that much talent in the gym all at once..

  265. jr.phenom camp says:

    I was in san diego in august got a chance to see Marshan Robinson play. He played in the six grade division and did more than hold his own. The camp was stacked with talent check out the rankings on hoopscoop on line and you will see how he ranked and and the division he played in. Talked to his father and he is doing a great him. Only concerned with getting better and learning. Marshan is from ohio and i only seen one other kid from ohio at the camp and he was a 6th grader that didnt even get ranked. If I were Marshan and his father i would be proud of the work Marshan is putting in and wouldnt be too concern with what people say on here. I dont think someones opinion on this blog will decide what college Marshon will go to. keep up the good work

  266. john lucas camp says:

    marsaun keep up the good work. i seen you down in hampton va. at the john lucas camp you really represented ohio well. you played really well. you have a solid handle left or right and a nice jumper. anyone shoots as good as you has to have spent numerous hours in the gym. don’t worry about the critics mostly from your home state they will hate the most

  267. Team Takeover 9u has all grade exceptions. I am sorry I cannot respect a team that holds kids back to win…They cant get it done against their age so they play down and get 2 year older kids to win….SAD AS HELL…..I know the TRUTH……

  268. Crybaby says:

    Agree. You are a cry baby. You win a couple games and stick your chest out. It only counts at nationals son. Don’t care what your team name or who you beat. Are you ranked on any national site. AAU is a national site. Nationals was in your backyard and you have time to waste responding to grown people opinions but couldn’t pay the fee to represent your Own State. You are embarrassing yourself and your State. Save your pennies and go to nationals or shut up dude.

  269. Come on now says:

    Hoop scoop, Jr All-American and John Lucas camp scouts come to the defense of this one kid from ohio of all places. Yet they don’t defend any other kid on here that went to the camps. Another lying ass dad so thirsty for attention for his boy that he post comments under a fake name. Sad, Sad, Sad

    • real talk says:

      Don’t hate plenty of gyms around the country get in one on the regular and you will have a tru game and won’t have to hate or concern yourself with another man or his son your game will speak itself. Get ur money up and you too can attend any camp you want and get the ranking you think you or or son deserves. Ps. Jealousy is a female trait man up. I see a few things that people make up about my son on this site it just leaves me to believe he is ok at this point. It’s a lot of kids across the country that play ball and for some reason MarSaun’s name pops up from time to time to me that could be a sign that he can ball. So to come on now we believe in our game because we get reps in the gym and we go across the country and let our game speak for itself and so far so good. Don’t need to get on here and talk up nothing because almost every list that’s out for his class he’s on it and ranked ok and I don’t make up rankings so Noway I can be thirsty bra. I look on this site and I laugh at some of the things people put on here about him and I never mention how false they are. So soon as whoever sends us props don’t hate. Go back and look my son never played for Ohio red never was at the labron classic people make up stuff and just put it on here. Honestly we want to go under the radar for now anyway because we don’t want to burn out or have parents like you trying to do us like harge and others. Longway to go fam who knows this may not pan out for my son so I don’t want that type of pressure for him. He just loves the game for now he’s a kid and you only get one childhood bra

  270. lol. just kids says:

    sorry for stirring everybody up we are just kids having fun because we see how mad you parents are we don’t even know marsaun or his father we made up a lot of things on here for fun. sorry for everything. sorry to the site and marsaun and his family

  271. Baller Fan says:

    Top 2020 PG’s in Ohio

    1) Willeon Yates-Springboro
    2) Ketaan Wyatt-Toledo
    3) MarSaun Robinson-Oberlin
    4) Carter Mims-Dayton
    5) Tahliek Walker-Columbus
    6) Savon O’Neal-Miamisburg
    7) Devin Hightower-Cleveland
    8) Barker-Cincinnati
    9) Dominic Penn-Columbus

  272. L.S. says:

    But tell me what their grades are like? NCAA constantly making the requirements for entry into College more difficult. No matter how well he does at baskeball…will his academics get him in? Yet, “yall” fighting over who is the best basketball player.

  273. Baller Fan says:

    Savon O’Neal has 3 A’s and 2 B’s.

  274. OABC says:


  275. Showcase says:

    @OABC good job with your rankings..pretty fair and accurate..will you be at Toi Baylors East vs West camp? I checked out the website..the 2020 division looks good so far I seen Mike Saunders Juwon Carpenter Nick Hittle Nimari Burnett Marcus Fitzgerald Devin Tolbert Lonnie Ray Tyler and Jack Townsend so far

  276. OABC says:

    Yes I can see if I can get them by position and team. And @Showcase i’m not sure if I will be able to attend Toi Baylor’s East vs. West camp.

  277. Showcase says:

    @OABC ok cool..another question is why don’t you post rankings for other classes? Like 2019-2017?

  278. AAU FAN says:

    @ OABC what are your rankings based off and how do you get the players first and last names?

  279. CtSelect1 says:

    Where is Landon Printz. Class of 2021. He plays against 7th and 8th graders and dominates. He can hit the three and cross some kids up. You guys will see how good he is when you see him at the Nationals

  280. Amazed says:

    Saw this Savon kid play this past weekend, He has great handles and can score almost any time he wants. Will be the top PG in Ohio in 4-5 years.

  281. Coach says:

    Marshon Robinson is a very good ball handler but he cant depend on his sucky oberlin team to help him do shit but i like his game hes way better than keewee.

  282. Sean says:

    My little brother now is in 4th grade he’s about 5″11 and is a little uncoordinated but he’s working hard and growing into his body and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on here in a couple of years

  283. MIKE BZ says:

    is there a top 100 list anywhere

  284. Highlights of 2 of the top guards in the 4th grade….

    Kennedy Chandler and Jordan Mitchell of the Memphis WarEagles

  285. coach mirgon says:

    does anyone know if george hill is having the legacy classic tournament this year 2/4?

    I’m looking for a tournament that weekend around indiana, KY MI, or OH.

  286. Attks wlfpkcoach says:

    People get on here and talk about ranking there are so many kids that cant afford to play aau or go to nationals. 2013 there will be more ranked teams from Ky, Il, Tn, and In, because 4th grade nationals is close. Some of our kids play with some of the ranked teams already but now people are going to see their are plenty of ballers down here. No disrespect to other states but this year there are gonna be a plenty of upsets from teams from these states cause we got ballers!

  287. zbiornik says:

    Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Finding the time and actual effort
    to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and never seem to
    get nearly anything done.

  288. Dream says:

    Two of the BEST 11u guards are in HOUSTON TEXAS. PG/SG LJ Cryer of Houston Elite and SG Trumond the Truth of Gulfcoast Elite. These two kids can do it all. They both have great size and they can fill the stat sheet…

  289. Myles says:

    I have read so many articles regarding the blogger
    lovers however this paragraph is in fact a good piece of writing, keep it up.

  290. Wizzard Bailey says:

    Elite Basketball of Houston Texas has one of the best play making guards in the nation by the name of L.J. Cryer. This kid not only scores but he also defends. LJ has great awareness and court vision. The class of 2020 is stack with great talent.

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