Jalen Miller Is One of Many Players To Attend This Almost Sold Out Camp

It Takes a Nation to Hold a State Back!

Jalen Miller’s skill level is off the charts, his strength and jets allow him to attack the opposing team’s defense in a variety of ways. He can hit threes from deep, score in transition as a finisher, and go get put backs on the boards. Miller possesses a scorer’s mentality, looking to put the ball in the basket at every opportunity with his Lamar Odom-like skill set.

He handles the ball very well, passes with equal effectiveness and is a extremely unselfish teammate that makes the players around him better. Another coach on the floor who can do anything you ask offensively or defensively, which is something every coach loves to have at their disposal.

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  1. LOL says:

    When is the hype going to end?

  2. Never That says:

    The Hype will never stop if you are talking about the top players in the DMV! A true basketball fan would know that!

    Keep it coming MSE we can’t wait to see all this talent under one roof – thank you for picking Maryland to make this happen.

    Show up and see there is nothing to LOL about PLUS I saw this player recently at a tournament at the MAC and he brought it. MSE is on point with this one too!!!!!!

  3. Bball Mom says:

    This boy is the real deal!!

  4. Aau parent says:

    Whoooo? Stop pumping up these averagr players.

  5. Supporter says:

    I have this player compete as well, and his accolades are well deserved. He can go with the best of them anywhere! Not sure who is evaluating these players in the area but from the list I have seen this company seems to have it right as far as the top players in their respective age groups. I must commend them for that. My only question would be were are the Assault players….besides that their info is 100% accurate including Miller of the Playmakers!!! His brother can also roll too…

  6. Fan says:

    MIT tournament soon hope all these players and teams there.

  7. bigstinker says:


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