Beautiful 6’8″ Marvin Bagley Under Watchful Eye of Clark Francis

Marvin Bagley Is Something Special, Ask Somebody

[Read this May 7 article about Marvin Bagley by Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo]

MSE currently has 7th grader Marvin Bagley ranked No.1 in the nation and most likely he’ll remain on top of our 2013 MSEilte 50 player rankings to be released in August. Now, 5’5″ Chase Adams, who’s ranked number one in Bagley’s class, according to Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop, is a very unique person and player. I had the opportunity to meet and speak briefly with Adams. “I’m a battle player”, he said. He’s mature for his age and has a warrior mentality. He’s a coaches son.

Not only does Francis consider Adams the best player, but Adams believes himself to have the best skill for his size.

On the other hand, Francis currently has Bagley ranked No.2, a spot behind Adams. Still, both players are the best in their own right. -Sensational Bagley is a hop, skip & jump away from shattering backboards and showtime Adams uses slick moves to captivate the crowd- So, which one is really better? Hoop Scoop must rank Marvin Bagley No.1 to officially make him the top player nationally in the highly touted class of 2018.

[Click here to watch Marvin Blagley’s most recent highlight video by CityLeagueHoop]

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  1. JOE BALL says:

    Man.. This site takes down posts.. if you cant have an opinion for others to see then why have a website. It says alot about this site and the person running it. I heard this wasn’t a legit site by many..

  2. George says:

    Awesome, once again the 7th grader who is as old as my 10th grader..

  3. mommy says:

    I have a 6-3 6th grader myself and he is TWELVE. He pretty much grows about 3-5 inches a year so possibly next summer, when he’s between 7th & 8th grade, he could be upwards of 6-6. Sometimes children are just tall and gifted and no one is lying about their ages

    • loadofcrap says:

      There are guys who are 6’10” and up in college. I guess they are that tall in 7th grade. There are tall kids that are legit. I hope yours continues to grow.

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