MIT Tournament Preview 2013 (Internet Radio)

 No More Talking – Win or Go Home

Maryland Invitational Tournament, pre-tournament show with Tournament Director Gary Pinkney. In its 19th year the M.I.T is arguable the best youth basketball tournament in America. A proverbial who’s who of the nation’s top players and teams play in this even annually. Pinkney discusses the tournaments rich culture and history; some of the premier possible match ups and even gives a few of his predictions for the weekend! Tournament sites, amenities, and features are also announced.

MSE also “leaks” some of its national player rankings live on air – many of which will be playing head to head this weekend. From Seth Wilson to Zion Hammon; the battle of the backcourts Jersey vs. DMV, and much much more….even MSE CEO J. Love will be in the building this weekend to view some of these games.

This is how big this is!

All the talk can now cease, as everything will be proven on the court; (click link) “The Hoop Guru” delivers another powerful show that true youth fans will not want to miss – Including a guarantee in the 7th Grade Tourney that a DMV team will take the chip!

Listen now to find out all the pre-tournament favorites –  MSE will see you in the gym!

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  1. Cant Wait says:

    This weekend is going to close a lot of mouths – CAN’T WAIT! Moment of truth for a lot of teams….BE WARNED: Don’t get exposed on this big stage!

    • Show me says:

      Wow !! I made it my business to go out and watch this Seth Wilson last weekend here at the MIT . This kid got it ! He is the man he played D rebounded scored from inside and out and he is strong with great size for a guard. The difference with us in the DMV is if someone can play we give them the love unlike so many haters that hate on Zion and don’t want to give him credit. Watching Wilson play reminds me of Lebron James I saw him and the Lion supporting each other at their games as Zion was putting up 30point games and Seth putting up double doubles . It’s coming those two will be playing together soon !

  2. MIT 3rd Grade Championship says:

    Real talk – for sure Jaden Johnson is the best 3rd grade defender in the country. Nice size, weight, quickness, and a respected 3rd grade age (10 after Sept 1st).

    His team needed him at MIT against Team Charlotte and one of the top 5 scoring guards in 3rd grade – Dylan Williams who is also 10 after Sept 1st.

    The Bowie Annex gym with sidelines on the court was not worthy of these future stars play.

  3. Fan says:

    3rd grade MD Finest scared. They put all the rank teams in the bottom part of the bracket so they could beat each other up and they would have a easy path to the ship. Team Charlotte, Glory, Banneker Kings, and Gauchos. It’s their tourney so what do you expect. Orlando is going to be the place to be.

  4. The realist says:

    Big shot outs to Andrew Brelsford and his SORRY ASS ETU team. Congratulations on stinking it up at the 2013 June MIT. To have the best backcourt in the nation, at least make it past 1st round in bracket play. Izod and prep have better backcourts by a long shot. I seen it with my own 2 eyes Tyler chokes under pressure.

  5. No More Realist says:

    We love you haters. Etu loves its haters It only makes them stronger. Question who the fuck will remember who won the 6th grade mit or who lost in the mit a year from now. Don’t worry come watch tyler n Lil tee in the nybl all star game sept 21 in ohio with all the top players in the country. How about you do that. Boy you dudes going to be so mad when these etu KIDS go to high school AND COLLEGE FOR FREE. LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO A FREE DEGREE

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