No Limit Baller Hercy Miller (Master P’s Son) From Los Angeles

Cali’s Cream of the Crop

An elite point guard to focus on is Hercy Miller. At 5’3 Hercy is one of the nation’s top true point guards and comes to the court with a load of weapons. Not only does he have the ball on a string, he also shoots it with accuracy. Hercy will go up against anybody-and I mean anybody-offensively or defensively! He plays this confidently the full length of the court. This kid can play. Hercy is  definitely a young man to place your eyes on when you are naming the top players in the nation in the class of 2020. Coming from a family of hard working athletes, his upside is amazing. Hercy has a Damian Lillard type work ethic and game. Having a long wing span at the point guard position allows him to play at a higher level than other players in his age group.  The last kid I saw with this type of confidence and chip on his shoulder was NBA player Brandon Jennings. Another thing that makes Hercy special too, is his ability to  balance being confident yet still remaining humble and respectful on the court. This kid is always working to become better. A student of the game since age two, Hercy Miller may be young but is very exciting to watch because of his amazing ball handling skills and Chris Paul like vision.

Q: How big of a role did your brother and dad play in your basketball?

A: They put the ball in my hand. By them being around basketball and playing, it made me want to play it and love the game.

Q: Plans for the rest of the summer as far as developing your game?

A: I’ve been working with different coaches on my ball handling and my defense. Also, I’ve been going to several basketball summer camps and playing on traveling teams.

Q: NBA players you study?

A: As a point guard, I’ve studied Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Tim Hardaway

Q: What do you think is the best part of your game?

A: Playing hard, both offense and defense as well as being able to score off the dribble.

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