4th Grade MSE National Select Team Roster [Class of 2022]


Damin Altizer MSE

This talented 4th grade bunch is strapped and ready for the P.A.T Invitational tournament in New York City, where they’ll accompany the MSE NATIONAL SELECT 5th GRADE TEAM. Both rosters consist of battle-tested players, who’ve capabilities to collectively determine the outcome of a given game.

Coaches: Coach Towns Sr., Coach Francis & Coach Byrd

Trainer: Damin Altizer @DamionAltizer

SarmartineBogues- Christian
C/o 2023 No.1 3rd grader Sarmartine Bogues whose grandfather, Muggsy Bogues is shortest ever NBA player

 1. Joshia Johnson (CA) (National Rank #2)

2. Sarmartine “FatMan” bogues (MD) (National Rank #1 Class of 2023)

3. Chris Winborne (MD) (National Rank #3)

4. Knasir “Dug” McDaniel (DC) (National Rank #5)

5. Andrew Reubottom (MD) (National Rank #6)

6. Farrell Crowell (MD)(National Rank #7)

7. Samuel Scott (MD) (National Rank #9)

8. Dejuan Lane (MD) (National Rank #14)

9. Evan Young (UT) (National Rank #16)

Utah's PG Class of 2022 Evan Young
Utah’s PG Class of 2022 4th grade Evan Young showed skill and athleticism at the MSE Maryland Mania Camp

10. Kamal Francis (MD) (National Rank #27)

11. Travis Upchurch (CT) (National Rank #4 Class of 2023)


Adam Angwofu (MD) (National Rank NR)

Jaeden Mustaf  (DC) (National Rank NR)





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  1. Monster back court says:

    Dug, Sammy, and Rell in the same backcourt. SCARY

  2. thanks says:

    Put Lil Doug in the same backcourt with those two G3 gaurds #1 and #3 and they would beat any team by 30. Those are the three best players in the class.

  3. How are these considered National rankings if everyone on here is from the dmv.(except 2 kids). Just wondering.

  4. Torun Andrews says:

    I’m from the DMV area and have observe several teams in that region. MD finest, Glory, and Banneker kings are the top teams. In saying that, I don’t see the center from MD finest (32), the other guard from Glory (25), and the guard from Banneker (2). I know for sure they should be on this list. Watching the match up between MD finest and Glory, (25) from glory outplayed (7) and literally kept the team in the game. (32) from MD finest was his usual self…..do any know these kids name?

    • Glory says:

      25 Glory- is Jay Johnson, and again he didn’t attend the camp to be considered in these rankings, had he done that I am certain he would have made the list as is the case for the other players you named

  5. Lol says:

    Man half theses kids not even in the 4th grade. DMV always Re-class so how can they be the best in the 4th grade when they not in the 4th grade ?

    • Mad or Nah says:

      Someone sounds salty…..have you read the AAU rules, trust and believe they arent in place for nothing….just get in the gym…DMV kids stay working….and ALL states have reclass kids buddy…..Load up!

      • loadofcrap says:

        These old kids will not be playing after age 13. You can hold them back but eventually the size of the younger kids will catch up and their skill will be better. So Mom and Dads of these reclassed kids better enjoy because your kids are peaking at 12 or 13.

  6. FYI says:

    Jaden Johnson, Jason Moore, Jared Turner of Md. Finest have all been invited to play at the 2022 level – its simply a matter of them contacting the coach and accepting the invite to a particular event. When players from Cali, Utah, Ohio, and other places agreeing to play I am sure its just a matter of time before the country see them in the red, white, and blue. I can’t wait to see them with these other top players thats for sure!

  7. Torun Andrews says:

    Ok, I understand. Basically you have to attend some sort of camp to be on this list. Thanks Glory. I really enjoy watching that little Jay Johnson. He gets in the paint with that floater, hit the threes, and is smart with the ball. I thought he was running with someone else last year, but I may be wrong. He looks different if that’s the same person. It seems like y’all are really developing the young ones over there.

    • Glory says:

      Yes he was with a different team but he came on over to get some of the best development in the DMV…I appreciate your kind words, its some very miserable adults that visit this site….Unreal….

  8. RepnDMV says:

    Glory has several kids who played for other teams last year. Most teams in the DMV recruit, don’t know if those kids were recruited but it happens all the time, it’s like a damn carousel around here.

  9. Best Fit says:

    Carousel? All coaches are constantly recruiting good players to help their teams win. Why can’t a player do the same thing? Recently a Baltimore team had players come in from Ohio just to help their team beat win the ship in their own tournament. What a player can’t look for a better fit but a coach can. What am I missing…please explain.

  10. RepnDMV says:

    Glory does have a nice thing going at younger ages. Will Glory have high school teams when these guys get to that age or will they go to sponsored programs?

  11. Pete says:

    When and where is the next MSE camp

  12. coach san miguel says:

    I got a kid named stixx who Is a 4th grader in san Antonio,tx who will run with any of these kids. 4’10 70lbs long and lanky, killer 3, strong left hand. But he can’t be ranked cause he doesn’t do tournaments lol

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