Jordan Toles Is Coming For #1 Spot

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Jordan TolesLast July MSE introduced the nation to the ultra-talented Jordan Toles of the famed Banneker Kings out of Baltimore, Maryland in this feature story:

After impressing scouts at MSE’s “Maryland Mania” camp where he took down multiple top honors; Toles has been relentless in his pursuit of greatness.  Jordan has officially taken the country by storm and is impressing scouts, coaches, and fans each time he takes the court.  A true measuring stick of greatness is the ability of the top players to fine tune their games and bring new and added dimensions to their respective games; Toles is no different.  In the last year Toles has expanded his game to extend beyond the 3-point strip making him dangerous anywhere on the court – frankly he’s dangerous when he enters the gymnasium. Quickly emerging as a premier scorer in the class of 2020 his calling card lies in his versatility as he can display a myriad of skills on the floor. Lethal in transition, he has become just as dangerous at leading the break as he is at finishing ~ dunking in transition, going over, around and through opponents is a sick reality for helpless defenders. Catching the ball 25-feet from the basket teams are at his mercy; with a solid 3-ball, an improved high-percentage mid-range game, and the tools to finish at the rim stopping him at this stage ranges from highly unlikely to impossible.  His skill set is not just the opinion of MSE, as a member and leading scorer for the 2020 MSE National Select Team BBall Spotlight recently proclaimed that Jordan was the #1 player in the class.  Having been bestowed with such a high honor Toles remains relevant in this discussion by performing on both ends of the court.  With the ability to guard all 5 positions well  Toles is becoming a lock-down defender and offers help side assistance to his teams using is unnatural athletic ability to block, change, and alter shot taken anywhere close to him; especially as a trailing defender mastering the Lebron James – Like art of transition blocks. Coach of  MSE USA Team stated that Toles “is scary good and hasn’t come close to reaching his ceiling” meaning there is more of this to come for basketball fans across the country and unfortunately for the opponents he faces.  With Jordan Toles the Banneker Kings, MSE USA, Team and any team he suits up for, for that matter will be a force to be reckoned with. Clearly the cream of the 2020 crop Jordan is still improving; as MSE stated in 2013 and we will again for years to come – this is a D1 player and everyone in America should be watching as this special youngster will one day be a household name.

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  1. javier says:

    Congratulations keep up the good work im proud of you. Keep your head up and dont give up on your goals. Hard work and ambition pays off in time.

  2. 2020 ballers says:

    2020 ballers just dropped a preseason top 50 player rankings earlier in March..check it out at 2020

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