MSE Top 100 National Player Rankings for 8th Grade (Class of 2018) rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside.Jaedon LeDee Middle School Elite 8th grade No.1 rank player

In middle school basketball, 8th grader Jaedon LeDee sits atop every player in the graduating class of 2018, regardless of position. Ironically, MSE was first to rank LeDee as he isn’t mentioned on other national lists. With help from Take My Talent, we gave wind of LeDee in this article, Amazing 8th Grader – 6’5″ Jaedon LeDee. The stories subtitle properly advised fans, scouts and coaches to ‘Say His Name’. Nowadays, he’s the best upcoming high school freshman, and basketball followers from across the world are saying, JAEDON LEDEE!

Rank, Name, Position, Height, State

No. 1 Jaedon LeDee, Point Guard, 6’5″, Houston, TX

No. 2  Marvin Bagley, Forward, 6’9″, Phoenix, AZ

No. 3 EJ Montgomery, Forward, 6’10”, Fort Pierce, FL

No. 4 Nazreon Reid, Center, 6’9″, Asbury, NJ

No. 5 Damon Harge, Point Guard, 5’9″, Orlando, FL

No. 6 LaDarius Marshall, Guard, 6’3″, Jackson, MS

No. 7 Will Dillard, Guard, 6’4″, Greensboro, NC

No. 8 Deshang William-Weaver, Center, 6’8″, Cypress, TX

No. 9 Chase Adams, Point Guard, 5’4″ Chicago, IL

No. 10 Jalen Preston 6’2″, Guard, Pearland, Texas

No. 11 Jordan Brown, 6’9″, Forward, Roseville, CA

No. 12 Jamie Lewis, Point Guard, 6’1″, Atlanta,GA

No. 13 D’marco Baucum, Forward, 6’6″, Landover, MD

No. 14 Oumar Kieta, Center, 6’9″, Jackson, MS

No. 15 Michael Feinberg, Guard, 6’2″, Chatsworth, CA

No. 16 Sharrod Amari, Forward, 6’4″, Indianapolis, IN

No. 17 Javonie Bickham, Center, 6’5″, New Hope, MN

No. 18 Cassius Stanley, Guard, 6’4″, Enico, CA

No. 19 Nikolas Bonitto, Forward, 6’4″, Pembroke, FL

No. 20 Spencer Freedman, Guard, 5’10, Los Angeles, CA

No. 21 Atiba Taylor, Point Guard, 6’3″, Central, NJ

No. 22 Gavin Schoenwald, Forward, 6’4″, Brentwood, TN

No. 23 J’Raan Brooks, Center, 6’8″, San Diego, CA

No. 24 Javonte Smart, Guard, 6’4″, Baton Rouge, LA

No. 25 Montez Mathis, Forward, 6’4″, Baltimore, MD

No. 26 Antwan January, Forward, 6’8″, Inglewood, CA

No. 27 Shakur Daniel, Guard, 6’3″, Ont, Canada

No. 28 Solomon Uyaelunmo, Forward, 6’7″, Miami, FL

No. 29 Myles Dread, Forward, 6’4″, Bowie, MD

No. 30 Jordan Morris, Forward, 6’6″, Chicago, IL

No. 31 Qon Murphy, Guard, 6’5″, Huntersville, NC

No. 32 Ethan Henderson, Center, 6’5″, Little Rock, AR

No. 33 Cameron Reddish, Guard, 6’1″, Philadelphia, PA

No. 34 Ernest Williams, Center, 6’10”, Middletown, OH

No. 35 Riley Battin, Forward, 6’5″, West Lake Village, CA

No. 36 Greg Williams, Forward, 6’3″, Lafayette, LA

No. 37 Andrew Tuazama, Forward, 6’3″, Raleigh, NC

No. 38 Reginald Cheney, Forward, 6’5″, Tulsa, OK

No. 39 Armoni Sexton, Forward, 6’6″, Paterson, NJ 

No. 40 Reginald Perry, Forward, 6’7″, Tallahasee, FL

No. 41 Cedric Washington, Forward, 6’3″, Houston, TX

No. 42 Simisola Shittu, Guard, 6’4″, Toronto, CAN

No. 43 Michael Barber, Forward, 6’6″, Jackson, MS

No. 44 Joe Bush, Forward, 6’5″, Los Angeles, CA

No. 45 Justine Winston, forward, 6’4″, West Orange, NJ

No. 46 John Newman, 6’5, Guard, Charlotte, NC

No. 47 Cameron Woodall, Guard, 6’5″, Jackson, MS

No. 48 Kendric Davis, Point Guard, 5’11, Texas

No. 49 Jordan Simmons, Point Guard, 5’10”, Maryland

No. 50 Cameron Johnson, Guard, 6’1″, Nashville, TN

No. 51 Coulter Dotson, Forward, 6’5″, White Bluff, TN

No. 52 Marquise “Kezo” Brown, 6’0″, Guard, Chicago

No. 53 Robert Woodward, Guard, 6’5″, Columbus, MS

No. 54 Brandon Slater, 6’3″, Forward, Fairfax, VA

No. 55 Justine Gandy, Forward, 6’3″, Orlando, FL

No. 56 Jahvon Quinerly, Guard, 6’2″,  New Jersey

No. 57 Tony Johnson, Guard, 6’3″, AL

No. 58 Darrell Simpson, Forward, 6’6″ Justin, Texas

No. 59 Walter Talley, 6’7″, Manhattan, NY

No. 60 Kevin Easley, Forward, 6’5″, Indianapolis, IN

No. 61 Luther Muhammad, Guard, 6’2″, Trinton Falls, NJ

No. 62 Joseph Jones, Center, 6’8″, Buffalo, NY

No. 63 Antoine Davis, Guard, 6’1″, Guard, Texas

No. 64 Alex Jones, Guard, 5’10, Alpharetta, GA

No. 65 Brandon Thomas, Guard, 6’3″, McDonough, GA

No. 66 Carteare Gordan, Forward, 6’6″, St. Louis, MO

No. 67 Bol Bol, Center, 6’6″, Kansas City, MO

No. 68 Carlos Sadifer, Point Guard, 5’11, Memphis, TN

No. 69 Elijah Brown, Center, 6’4″, NC

No. 70 Che Evans, Forward, 6’3″, Baltimore, MD

No. 71 Connor Vanover, Center, 6’11, Little Rock, AR

No. 72 Brandon Slater, 6’3″, Forward, Fairfax, VA

No. 73 Stephon Wynn, Center, 6’2″, Greensville, SC

No. 74 Devonta DJ Brittian, Guard, 6’0, Lithonia, GA

No. 75 Courtney Ramey, Guard, 5’9″, St. Louis, MO

No. 76 Josh Searcy, Guard, 6’4″, Forest City, NC

No. 77 Jalen Redmond, Forward, 6’3″, Oklahoma City, OK

No. 78 Michael Speight, Guard, 6’5″, Washington, DC

No. 79 Darius Garland, Point Guard, 5’10”, Merrillville, IN

N0. 80 KJ Henry, Guard, 6’2″, Wiston Salem, NC

No. 81 Taeylr Gatlin, Guard, 6’2″, Memphis, TN

No. 82 Moses Brown, Center, 6’7, Brooklyn, NY

No. 83 Willie Hill, Guard, 6’2″, Lousville, KY

No. 84 Russell Barlow, Forward, 6’7″, Richardson, TX

No. 85 Terrence Moss, Forward, 6’6″, Memphis , TN

No. 86 Roderick Smith, Forward, 6’6″, Crystal Spring, MS

No. 87 Justin Boyd, Guard, 6’2″, Chicago, IL

No. 88 Justin Winston, Forward, 6’5″, West Orange, NJ

No. 89 Deavion Washington, Guard, 6’1″, Terre Haute, IN

No. 90 Gavin Lewis, Forward, 6’4″, Madison, AL

No. 91 Jomaru Brown, Guard, 6’2″, Raleigh, NC

No. 92 Rashad Williams, Guard, 6’0, Michigan

No. 93 Jamal Bienemy, Guard, 6’2″, Houston, Texas

No. 94 Jose Lara, Forward, 6’6″, Lawrence, MA

No. 95 Louis King, Forward, 6’5″, Mount Holly, NJ

No. 96 Bailey Rice, Center, 6’7″, Corbin, KY

No. 97 Rechon Black, Guard, 6’2″, Concord, NC

No. 98 Maka Ellis, Guard, 6’4″, San Diego, CA

No. 99 Tony Johnson, Guard, 6’4″ , Alabama

No. 100 KJ Coleman, Guard, 6’1″, Indianapolis, IN

Honorable Mention

Jordan McCabe, Guard, 5’10”, KauKauna, WI

Terrence Washington, Forward, 6’3″, Florrisant, MO

Zion Young, 5’10, Guard, Dolton, IL

Ahmad Price, 5’11″Louisville, Kentucky

Jamal Edmondson, Forward, 6’5″, Charleston, SC

Eric Mobley, Guard, 6’2″, Long Beach, CA

Jerome Reed, Forward, 6’4, Kentucky

Elijah Hardy, Point Guard, 5’10”, Oakland, CA

Scooter Smith, Guard, 6’3″, Los Angeles, CA

Eden Holt, Point Guard, 5’3″, Houston, TX

Ja ‘Quae James, Point Guard, 5’10”, Englewood, NJ

Alex Serrano, Guard, 6’3″, Allentown, PA

Jamari Smith, Forward, 6’8″, Atlanta, GA

Sammy Duffin, Guard, Forward, 6’2″, Los Angeles, CA

Jamal Whittlesey, Forward, 6’4″ Wilmington, DE

Donovann Toatley, guard, 5’8″, DC

Tawan Grier, Guard 6’1″, South Orange, NJ

Paul Durkee, Guard, 6’1″, Shewsbury, MA

Jordan McAllister, Guard, 6’2′, Bronx, NY

Logan Dykes, 6’2″, Somerset, Kentucky

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  1. Bagley #1 says:

    I know you all won’t post this comment b/c you are ANTI BAGLEY! LMAO!!!! Video please????? Bagley has video. Who is the world is this kid??? MSE you are digging your own grave. KEEP YOUR CREDIBILITY!

  2. Loadofcrap says:

    After their height they need to put their DOB. Most of the top guys will be driving in 9th grade.

    • Tvown says:

      Some of them are driving to 8th grade lol. I see a top 10 that I know is about to be 16yrs old. You can’t blame MSE though, they didn’t hold the kids back so they can compete against younger kids, their parents did. Bottom line they are still 2018.

  3. twin says:


  4. TeamJamzElite says:

    Tyler Herro should atleast be on this list. The kid is a 6’1 guard out of Milwaukee,Wi. Tyler plays for Wi United. Tyler had 20+ Points and 4+ assist and 4+ rebounds on Chicago Select(Sherrod Amari), Mac Irvin Fire (Kezo Brown, Chase Adams, Jordan Morris) Wi playground warriors(Jordan Mccabe) Team Ramey (Courtney Ramey) Meanstreets(Justin Boyd) Rytes Warriors (Jamal Biemey, Eden Holt, Cj Washington) Sw jets( Careare Gordon) Add him to the list. His mixtape from ballislife drops soon.

  5. twin says:

    thx… LOL..but we just going 2 put this 1 in books as lack of seeing both players. never want charity work….. I RESPECT THE PLATFORM u and others make for the younger kids and would not want to hurt that.. keep it up… luv

  6. J.Andrew says:

    Jordan McAllister is from Newburgh,NY

  7. Jordon Austin says:

    Carteaire Gordan is by far top 15 in this class kid has talent

  8. DMV Man says:

    You are crazy to put Brandon Slater that low on your list. Give me 5 reasons he cannot be to 20 in the rankings.

  9. DC Elite says:

    Where is sheriff Kenny? This list is garbage.

  10. NC says:

    You completely missed Devon Dotson. He was in the 40’s last year and then he falls off the list completely. Best point guard in North Carolina. One of the best in the nation. Played for CB Spiders. PG and led team to 2 top 10 finishes at Nationals. Now with Mugsy Bogues team in Charlotte.

  11. Coach southern in heat says:

    Matt Martin combo guard from Jennings county hr south of Indy should be in top 100 for sure averages 16.5 ppg 4 spg 4.5 rpg plays for southern indiana heat aau team! Hustles,smart, very coachable!

  12. I'm not biased says:

    Where is Isiah Kelly, Augusta Christian in Augusta, Ga. He was the best player at the Under Armour Grind Session in DC and made the top 20 game of the Fab Fresh and Best of the Best in Atlanta with a noticeable limp. Play’s with Team Power/Young Legends but will be at Nationals with Atlanta Celtics

  13. truth is revelant says:

    When you have 15 & 16 year olds competing against 13 & 14 year olds it’s going g to look like they are better than what they are. But in reality when you look at their talent they are just bigger not better players. In Illinois we have players that should be entering highschool competing with 7th graders. To not acknowledge that is to support cheating .

  14. hoophead says:

    Isaiah Kelly was at the DC grind session and was a top 5 kid at Atlanta grind session was hurt and was a top 5 kid, at the future 150 camp in Atlanta he made the top 20 game and was invite to the elite 24 camp, made the Dunk Dog All American Game at CP3RisingStars national camp – kid can go

  15. hoophead says:

    Some are sleeping on the guards for team Izod and the Woodard kid from MS, these kiss have that wow factor.

  16. Abhinav Cheruvu says:

    Haha!Where’s Reginald Chaney!This list is trash!

  17. coach anderson says:

    maxpreps high school basketball stats for 9th graders nationally has a kid listed zion williamson at spartanburg day school in leading the 2018class in scoring 28.5pts a game,top 10 in rebs, steals, field goal pct, and blks. 14 year old kid,6’4, high basketball IQ. you heard it first, numbers never lie. i’m sure all the kids are worthy of their rankings, base on the numbers, this has to be one of the top 9thgraders in the 2018 class.

  18. Cade Potter says:

    you guys should have a list for non hold backs

  19. Dewayne Brooks says:

    DULUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL IN GWINNETT COUNTY HAS A YOUNG MAN ERIC MCNARY JR WHO CONTINUES TO IMPRESS ME EACH WEEK BY 2019 HE WILL BE THE BEST HGH SCHOOL PLAYER IN THE STATE HE IS 5’8 14 years old and his basketball iq off the charts he makes great decisions running the offense and is a good on ball defender with great instincts he really lets the game come to him and can take over a game when he needs to THIS KID IS THE REAL DEAL KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN ON HIM GET YOUR POPCORN READY THIS KID IS LEGIT

  20. Jeff Thomas says:

    YES This young man Eric McNary JR is very impressive i saw him in person on Saturday against Lanier as my son plays for Lanier and he really went to work in the second half of that game he is a terrific player

  21. John says:

    Christopher Owens 8th grade SG from Olive Branch Middle school should be on this list… He’s great shot 7 (3’s) in one game

  22. John says:

    Christopher Owens 8th grade SG from Olive Branch Middle school should be on this list… He’s great shot 7 (3’s) in one game… From Olive Branch Ms

  23. Pick and Pull

    MSE Top 100 National Player Rankings for 8th Grade (Class of 2018) | Middle School Elite

  24. Angie says:

    Greensburg guard Matt Martin 18 Indy top 80 kid can play

  25. Jalen green says:

    I think he is one of the top players in California

  26. JJ says:

    I think jahreed isles should be on here, the kid is amazing

  27. Patrick says:

    Jahreed isles from Susquehanna valley in New York should be on here he is only 5’8 and has the best handles I’ve seen

  28. Antwan Ridges says:

    Eric Mcnary is the best guard in the south east

  29. Madison Peaster says:

    You guys need to check out this kid from little rock Arkansas! 6’2 point guard Madison Peaster III 8th grader probably the state top 8th grader!

  30. Coach joe says:

    Have you guys seen 6’3″ guard JT Kuhn play from carlisle PA? Slamming it home and breaking ankles. Averages 16 6 and 3 and is moving up to varsity. @jtkuhn_15

  31. Coach Robert says:

    Have you guys seen this kid Sidi Sannoh well he’s 5’5 out of Nj currently averaging for my team 12pts, 7ast,3rebs, 3stls. He is hardworking and likes to drive and pass and score in the paint or mid/ also has a solid 3 point shot

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