Ty Virgil Is Gunnin’ for No. 1

Glowing Lefty

3rd grade Ty Virgil from Michigan at the MSE Father's Day Challenge Camp in NC

3rd grade Ty Virgil at the MSE Father’s Day Challenge Camp in NC

Class of 2024, Ty Virgil is too impressive. During Virgil’s third grade basketball season, he made 252 three-pointers in games.  He’s breaking ankles, beating plays, and scoring acrobatic shots in his YouTube highlight video below.

Most people say that Virgil is the best shooter in the high school graduating class of 2024 — hands down.

If you don’t agree then try battling him along with his competitive bball peers at an upcoming MSE Camp in Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, Virginia and/or California.  At the MSE North Carolina Camp in which campers from fourteen states appeared, Virgil held his own against some of the top players in the country.

It was a pleasure watching Virgil get busy before our eyes. He’ll be a nightmare for shooting guards. Do whatever you possibly can to gain player exposure, but just remember the name — Ty Virgil.

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